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    5 ways to heat up your outdoor winter party.

    December 3, 2019 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, December 3, 2019

    Winter party ideas | Schlage

    You don’t have to quit having backyard parties and outdoor dinners just because the temperatures drop.



    Summer is over, so it’s time to pack up the grill, stow away the patio furniture and bid farewell to outdoor fun for the next few months. Or is it? You don’t have to quit having backyard parties and outdoor dinners just because the temperatures drop. Keep the outdoor entertaining hot with these five tips.
    Outdoor winter party ideas

    1. Set the stage for a grand soiree.

    Get your deck or patio ready for winter by fixing any protruding nails and lose boards. You can also weather-seal your deck to protect it from impending snow and rain.

    Once you’re structurally sound, get the décor in order. Potted plants like evergreens or winter rose that do well in low temperatures, holiday garland and haybales that double as seating are just a few outdoor party decoration ideas. And consider updating your door hardware while you’re at it to spruce up the entryway, even if it’s for the back deck.

    2. Warm your guests from the outside-in...

    If you can safely install a firepit in your yard, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only will it help keep guests warm, but you have the perfect opportunity to roast hotdogs or make s’mores for warm eats. Few things are more welcoming than a toasty roundup of your closest friends around the fire.

    If a firepit isn’t in your future, investigate outdoor space heaters like you often see on restaurant patios.

    3. … and the inside-out.

    If you can safely install a firepit in your yard, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only will it help keep guests warm, but you have the perfect opportunity to roast hotdogs or make s’mores for warm eats. Few things are more welcoming than a toasty roundup of your closest friends around the fire.


    • Be prepared to use extra fuel. Your grill will use more in cold temperatures, regardless of whether it’s charcoal or gas.

    • Keep the grill lid closed or prepare to wait a very long time to eat. Get a meat thermometer that you can run from inside the grill to where you can see it without letting heat escape.

    • Tuck scarves inside your coat so the ends don’t get caught in the flame. And use grilling gloves instead of fuzzy mittens for safety.
    Help guests wet their whistle with some warm drinks as well. Hot chocolate, warm ciders or mulled wines are always popular. You can always create a self-service bar for partygoers to mix their own concoction, much the way you would lemonade and cocktails in the summer.

    4. Set a moonlit mood

    Because it gets darker earlier, winter backyard parties are perfect for playing with dramatic lighting. Twinkle or string lights are always gorgeous mood-setters as are candles. For something a little different and perfect for the season, try a DIY ice lantern.

    5. Snuggle up

    Take a cue from those carriage rides and provide your guests with plenty of warm, snuggle-worthy blankets. also suggests layered rugs to protect feet from the cold seeping up from the ground. And if you want to go a step further, combine cozy with generous by gifting guests with slippers, mittens or handwarmers they can use at the party and take home as a party favor.

    Want more? Find backyard entertaining ideas based on your party style on our blog. Then share your winter partyscapes with us on Instagram.


    Unwrap a new idea with this gift guide for a simple holiday.

    November 26, 2019 10:01 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, November 26, 2019

    Holiday gift guide | Schlage

    These 11 gift ideas will help you choose the perfect present for the special people in your life.



    Red presents wrapped with green ribbon with gold ornaments and greenery.
    Lucky are the people whose love language is gift giving. They always know exactly what to get others for the holidays, birthdays or “just because.” For the rest of us, here’s a guide to help choose the perfect present for the special people in your life. For more ideas, check out our complete gift giving guide at

    Smart lock bundle

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt + Brilliant

    Schlage’s latest integration pairs our only lock featuring built-in WiFi with Brilliant Smart Home Control. The wall-mounted control from Brilliant allows your loved one to control their lock, lights, music and more from one spot. There’s also a Brilliant app so they can manage those remotely for the ideal bundle of convenience and peace of mind. Perfect for those early adopters who like to try the newest tech as it comes out and anyone building a smart home.


    Bluetooth shower mirror and speaker

    The obvious solution when trying to get ready in a hurry in the morning, this Bluetooth speaker lets your loved one answer a phone call even when they’re still soapy. But think about the spa-like treatment that also comes with hours of music in a fog-free, water-resistant device like this one. Perfect for multitaskers and those who sing in the shower.



    Your favorite DIYer needs a lot of tools. We recommend a good screwdriver, and not just because that’s the only thing they’ll need to install Schlage door hardware. This Klein Tools Stubby Screwdriver and Nut Driver includes multiple tips to tackle different jobs, and its short length will help them work in tight spaces. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, handymen and -women, and new homeowners.

    Curb Appeal

    Schlage Handlesets

    A front entry handleset is one way you can help your friend or family member smarten up their porch. Schlage offers handlesets in a variety of styles and finishes to match their home’s architectural style or existing lighting, house numbers or other accessories. Perfect for homeowners who want to make a welcoming statement without a major remodel or who enjoy the combination of superior style and security.


    Bike Lift Hoist

    They love to bike and you wish you had more room to park your car in the garage. Make everyone happy with this lift hoist that lets you store the bike on the ceiling. Perfect for cyclists and those who need better garage storage.

    For the family

    Echo Dot Kids

    Maybe your own little one is asking for a smart device. Maybe your friends have adopted an older child and you want to welcome them to the family. This Echo Dot is designed specifically for kids so they can still ask Alexa to play music, call approved family and friends, and have fun with select skills. And parents have peace of mind with additional privacy protection and controls. Perfect for pint-sized techies.


    Personalized Memento

    Whether your loved one has moved into their first home or upsized to accommodate their growing family, they might appreciate personalized décor like a framed map of their old neighborhood or a cutting board in the shape of their home state. Perfect for new homeowners or those who have relocated long distances.


    Kinetic Power Bank

    Charging a phone is tough when you’re always on the move. Your loved one can use their own body energy to keep their devices powered up with this wearable motion charger. Perfect for backpackers or city explorers, cyclists and runners.


    Stylish Bed

    Everyone will look good when you gift a stylish pet bed for Fido and Fluffy to sleep on. Try something like this Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture for canine companions or this cave for feline friends. Perfect for sleepy pets and style-conscious humans.

    Budget (under $30)

    Home Spa

    Not everyone can afford a day at the spa or even a gift card to help them get there. If that’s the case, try creating an at-home spa basket with bath oils, bubbles and a candle in their favorite relaxing scent. Perfect for overworked parents, new homeowners with sore “box-lifting” muscles and the luxury-on-a-dime set.

    Just for Fun

    Silicone Wedding Ring

    DIY projects, remodeling, car repair and gardening can be rough on the hands (and sometimes a marriage). Silicone wedding bands won’t bend, break or scratch, no matter how rugged the task. Perfect for married couples who like to get their hands dirty.

    Need more holiday inspiration? Find all our best ideas for gifts and décor at Pinterest.

    11 Holiday gift ideas.


    How to make your overnight holiday guests feel right at home.

    November 25, 2019 10:01 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 25, 2019

    How to Make Your Overnight Holiday Guests Feel Right at Home

    Take hosting overnight guests off your list of stressful items this holiday season. Follow our tips to make your overnight guests feel right at home.



    The holidays are upon us and you may be one of many homeowners anxiously awaiting the arrival of out-of-town loved ones. Make your overnight guests feel comfortable and right at home with a few of our favorite tips.

    1. Provide the essentials

    The first step to making sure your guests feel comfortable is supplying them with essential items like fresh sheets, towels and plenty of toiletries. If you have available space, clear off a closet shelf or a couple of drawers so they can stow their belongings. They'll likely need to charge cell phones and other devices, so make sure there is an outlet or power strip available.


    Bonus: You can even supply them with books and magazines for some relaxing entertainment. A take-home postcard would also add a nice touch to help them remember their trip.

    2. Give them privacy

    Sleeping in a new environment is hard enough for some people, so make sure your guests have adequate privacy to allow them to relax. Add a few window coverings and check that bedrooms and baths are equipped with locking knobs or levers. With Schlage Custom™ Combined Interior, you can easily switch between locking and non-locking functions on any door depending on whether you have guests staying with you.

    3. Make them feel at home

    Show your guests where they can find all items they may need like food, drinks, tea and coffee. There's nothing more uncomfortable for a guest than to have to ask every time they need a glass of water. Also make sure there are a few simple snacks for when hunger strikes. Keep things easy for yourself by providing grab-and-go breakfast items like bagels, fruit and granola bars. When it comes time for dinner, let your guests help you with food prep. This is a great time for conversation and makes them feel comfortable and useful rather than like a burden.

    4. Make it easy to come and go

    Unless you plan on spending every minute with your guests, it's a good idea to make sure they have access to come and go from your home. Either provide a spare key or consider a keyless solution. With a smart lock, you can create a unique access code for each of your guests and not worry about them waiting in the driveway if they arrive before you get home from work, losing a spare key or getting locked out. At the end of their visit, simply delete the code. Try our Get Help Deciding tool to find out which of our smart locks is right for you.

    5. Give “Santa” secure storage

    This tip is based on a true story from one of our employees. If your guests or Santa need to hide presents, you may actually want to consider a smart lock for an interior door. It might sound extravagant or overkill, but a lock like the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt or the electronic keypad lever work great for interior rooms that need extra security like a home office, wine closet or basement where you might also store paint or toxic materials within reach of curious kids and pets.

    6. Leave a list of best local spots

    If you're not able to give your guests the local tour, provide a list of your favorite spots for various activities, stores and restaurants. This gesture is thoughtful and will help make sure they're having a great time in your city.

    7. Provide important numbers and WiFi password

    You may find yourself needing to head in to the office or can't always be around to help your guests. Leave a handy list of numbers should they need to reach you along with any other information like WiFi or device passwords.

    What are some of your must-have items or tips for hosting overnight guests? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

    How to make your overnight guests feel at home.


    Impress your guests with quick and easy holiday curb appeal.

    November 22, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, November 22, 2019

    Quick holiday curb appeal | Schlage

    With these quick, easy holiday curb appeal ideas, your home will be holiday ready in no time



    Holiday surprises are usually great. Unless they’re surprise guests. What do you do when you have limited time but need to get the house ready for unexpected holiday visitors? First, don’t panic. Then, quickly make these nine curb appeal updates. We bet you’ll still have time for these simple interior updates for when you’re in a holiday hurry.
    Quick holiday curb appeal projects


    • Yardwork often goes by the wayside in colder weather, so use your unexpected guests as an excuse to trim evergreen bushes and trees. The last thing you want is a wayward branch hitting someone as they walk into the house or falling on a car parked in the drive.

    • Tighten handrails and banisters. This is another great way to reduce falling hazards if screws have worked their way loose. In most basic cases, all you need is a screwdriver.

    • Keep Great-Aunt Gertrude from taking a fall by making sure your driveway, patio and stairs are free of snow and ice. If you live in a warmer climate without the white stuff, break out the broom and clear away leaves, mulch and other debris. If nothing else, it’ll give your curb appeal a little boost.


    • Few things say “winter holiday” better than garland, and you have so many options. Choose evergreen foliage or fall leaves as your base. Then embellish with berries, small pumpkins and other seasonal décor to give it your own unique twist. Depending on your entryway and personal taste, you can then wrap the garland around porch railings, drape it over doors or string it under windows.

    • Potted plants can instantly liven up a porch, no matter how big or small it is. If you’re in a real rush, most home improvement stores sell evergreens and other hearty plants already arranged in gorgeous containers. Fake plants and branches are good-looking options if you lack a green thumb.

    • Lighting is the perfect opportunity to get both security and style. Your guests will be able to see when they arrive in the evening, and it can really set the mood. Twinkle or string lights are an attractive alternative to a standard porch light.


    • If you’re in a real time crunch, find items in the house that can be repurposed or loaned to the front porch. A plush throw blanket from the couch draped on patio seating is an instant seasonal update. A lantern from the fireplace mantel quickly becomes festive porch lighting.

    • Your exterior door locks are obviously important to security. But did you know they also make hosting guests simpler? A smart lock like the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt offers convenient options for granting and managing access to your home. For example, if those guests plan to stay overnight, create a unique access code for them so that they can come and go as they please without needing a spare key.
    • Install new house numbers for a double-dose of simplicity. These are typically easy to install, partly because they can be placed in a variety of places – on the house façade, a porch pillar or a large planter. It also makes it much easier for visitors unfamiliar with the area to find your home.

    Hosting for the holidays doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get more entertaining tips and décor inspiration at the Schlage blog or on Pinterest.


    10 ways to “make” hosting your first Thanksgiving a hit.

    November 20, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    Tips for hosting first Thanksgiving | Schlage

    These 10 tips, including some of our favorite hacks and “side dishes,” will help you make it a holiday to remember.



    The scale of a Thanksgiving dinner can make even Grandma sweat a little, so you might be questioning why you agreed to host the big meal for the first time. These 10 tips, including some of our favorite hacks and “side dishes,” will help you make it a holiday to remember.
    Thanksgiving table with pumpkin pie and drinks.

    1. Make a plan

    This is not a dinner you want to wing and hope for the best. Create a plan – who are you going to invite and will that include children, how many and which dishes will you make, will you prepare everything yourself or delegate some duties? You’ll need some lists to stay organized, too. This includes the grocery list as well as a rundown of other tasks like cleaning the house, preparing the guest room and getting the dog groomed. Once you know what you need, plan out your time, for both the weeks and days leading up in addition to when dishes need to go in and out of the oven.


    Side dish: Put personal prep on your timeline. You’ll want to shower before receiving guests.

    2. Make sure you have the right equipment

    Just as with DIY projects, the right tools make all the difference. Buzzfeed has a helpful Thanksgiving equipment checklist for what you’ll need while cooking. But don’t overlook your table setting. Count your silverware, plates and glasses to make sure you have enough for all your guests. Inventory your serving dishes and spoons. Items our own staff said they didn’t realize they were missing until it was too late were a rolling pin, carving fork and ice. We also like the tip from Allrecipes that says to make sure you have enough chairs.


    Side dish: Spices count as a tool. This is a good time to get the essentials like kosher salt, pepper and cinnamon.

    Thanksgiving turkey in a roasting pan.

    3. Make it a group effort

    There’s no rule that says you have to do everything yourself. Thanksgiving is a time for gathering, so it’s the perfect opportunity to accept help from friends, family and even the baker down the street. Let them contribute potluck-style, have them chop some vegetables or arrange for them to make the dessert for you.


    Side dish: Don’t be shy about making specific requests of your guests. Assign the pie to Aunt Barbara and the stuffing to Great-Grandpa Albert.

    4. Make only the tried and true

    This is not the time to experiment with a brand new recipe, now matter how amazing it looks on Pinterest. Stick to things you know how to make (or that Mom can talk you through over the phone). If you really want a signature dish, make it a unique cocktail instead of a classic like the gravy.


    Side dish: If you’re especially nervous about a certain dish or dishes, do a trial run. Make adjustments when necessary and use it as an opportunity to test wine pairings while you’re at it.

    Black pug staring at pie.

    5. Make the drinks

    Sometimes we get so focused on the food, we forget the beverages. A pitcher of sangria, a cooler full of your family’s favorite sodas or chilled wine all contribute to the overall festive feeling. Many of these can be done in advance too, just like the rest of the food.


    Side dish: A self-serve buffet table or well-stocked bar cart is a good way to provide drinks without adding more work to your already full plate.

    6. Make some of the food ahead of time

    There’s plenty of food prep – clean and cut vegetables, assemble stuffing but don’t bake it – and actual cooking you can do before the big day. You might be able to make your rolls in advance. Appetizers like roasted nuts or cheese spreads can be done a few days early.


    Side dish: Get a store-bought dessert in advance and add your own personal touch later. Dust the baker’s pie with powdered sugar or make your own berry compote for a store-bought pound cake.

    7. Make your home welcoming

    Whether your guests are coming for the afternoon or staying overnight, make sure your home is ready for company. Clean the kitchen, and empty the dishwasher and trash. If you have rambunctious youngsters visiting, move breakables out of harm’s way.


    If your holiday guests are staying the night or through the weekend, stock the guest bedroom and bath with essentials like fresh bedding, towels and toiletries. Clear out a shelf in the closet or a dresser drawer so they have some room to stow their belongings. And make sure they have the WiFi password and a place to charge their phone overnight. Find more tips for hosting overnight holiday guests on the Schlage blog.


    Side dish: Set the tone for your gathering before guests even cross the threshold. Try these tips for decorating your front porch for Thanksgiving.

    Brown duffel bag, boots and jacket on fall porch.

    8. Make the meal

    It can’t be said enough: Thaw the turkey and start days in advance, especially if you got a big bird. Consult your timeline early and often so that you don’t accidentally put the sweet potato casserole in too late or forget the rolls entirely.


    Side dish: Don’t feel guilted into making a dish nobody likes just because it’s “tradition.” If no one eats the cranberry sauce anyway, why spend time on it?

    9. Make merry

    Enjoy yourself. Holidays are about making memories and you want those of your first Thanksgiving to be good ones. Your guests will enjoy themselves more too if you aren’t running around like a turkey with its head cut off.


    Side dish: Make a Thanksgiving playlist to help set the mood before and during dinner. Pumpkin Spice State of Mind, anyone?

    10. Make it easy

    Sometimes you need some helpful hacks to make family gatherings run even more smoothly. Here are some of our favorite tips.


    • Divide your grocery list into perishables and non-perishables for easier shopping and storage.

    • Store food creatively like in the microwave (it’s insulated and will help keep food warm), a thermos (perfect for gravy) or a crockpot (to keep the mashed potatoes ready to eat and serve).

    • Consider these seating arrangements when you set the table. Place yourself nearest the kitchen rather than at the head of the table, seat kids in between their parents and put lefties at the corners where they won’t start an elbow war.

    • Double-bag the trash can. When one gets full, you can pull it and instantly have a fresh bag ready.

    • If you’re putting people’s coats on the guest bed, cover it with a spare sheet to protect the comforter from any dripping rain or snow.

    Thanksgiving might be a big deal, especially if it’s your first time hosting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’d love to hear from you. Find us on Facebook or Instagram and share your holiday traditions, hosting stories and tips with us.

    Thankgiving hosting tips


    10+ ways to get your vacation rental ready for the holidays.

    November 13, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    Holiday vacation rental | Schlage

    Take care of these details to have a major impact when accepting bookings for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.



    Is your vacation rental ready for the holidays? It’s easy to imagine what your guests might need for a summer getaway, but as a property manager, making this festive time of year special for them can pay off big for you, too. Take care of these details to have a major impact when accepting bookings for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

    Deck the halls … or not

    If you know your guests are staying with you to celebrate their holiday, there’s no reason you can’t deck the halls. Some will appreciate being able to enjoy a Christmas getaway without missing out on their favorite traditions.


    But when you have multiple bookings coming and going, or if you aren’t sure why someone is staying with you, it can be a good idea to keep your décor more neutral. Instead of a giant Christmas tree or a menorah, for example, try a simple wreath on the door, garland around a fireplace, candles with holiday scents or snowmen.

    Give a welcoming gift

    No one will turn down a thoughtful gift. A welcome basket is a good idea for any time of year, but you can tailor it for holiday time. Lodgify suggests a basket of hot chocolate or cider mixes. If you’re local to your vacation rental, you could offer a plate of fresh, homemade cookies.

    Offer the ultimate package

    Try promoting a holiday package to potential guests. As part of their booking, offer a wine or Champaign basket, reservations to a nice restaurant for a holiday meal or tickets to a local theater production. Guests will appreciate your inside knowledge and ability to arrange the details so they don’t have to.

    Provide in-home entertainment

    Even if guests plan to get out of the house during the holidays, there might be some stretches where there just isn’t anywhere to go. When restaurants, museums and stores are closed for the holiday, give guests something to keep them busy. Board games, movies and books or magazines are a good start. Families might appreciate this as well as it gives them more opportunity to have fun quality time together.

    Stock up with holiday supplies

    Just as you might supply sunscreen and beach towels for summer guests, think about the things people need at holiday time. Maybe it’s gift wrap and extra tape. Maybe it’s extra cooking supplies like sugar, flour, roasting pans and measuring cups.

    Accommodate the whole family

    Holiday travelers come in all shapes. You’re likely dealing with entire families booking your rental at this time of year, so consider supplying kid-friendly accommodations like a portable crib and high chair. Use these child proofing tips while you’re at it. If you’re rental is pet-friendly, be sure to make that clear to potential guests so they know they can bring Fido instead of paying for a kennel.

    Get the word out

    If your holiday bookings are lagging, consider sending a newsletter to past guests letting them know that you are accepting Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s reservations. Make it extra enticing by reminding them of the fun things there are to do around town, especially if they’re holiday-specific, and include festive photography.

    Take seasonal photos

    Whether it’s for a newsletter or your booking site, show off the holiday ambience through photography. Stage your vacation home with festive décor, highlight an accommodating kitchen that will cater to family gatherings or capture snow-covered views. Make it easy for people to imagine themselves being cozy and spending quality time with loved ones at your vacation rental.

    Help them shop

    There’s always someone you never know how to shop for. Promote your rental as the perfect gift. Lodgify recommends special discounts or gift certificates for bookings to attract gift-givers.

    Set a minimum stay

    A three-night minimum stay is a good rule of thumb, whether you’re managing a property during less-popular holidays or during peak season. According to, this can deter people looking to check in or out on The Day, making it harder for you to enjoy your own holiday with family.

    Price appropriately

    Figuring out what to charge for your vacation rental is often a tricky endeavor and the holidays are no different. If you’re in a location that caters more to the holiday crowd, you can afford to upcharge visitors a bit. Just don’t be too ambitious or they’ll look elsewhere. If Christmas or New Year’s is down-season for you, consider lowering your rates.


    Managing a rental property successfully means taking care of all the details so that others enjoy their stay, return for a repeat visit and continue supporting your business. Visit the Schlage blog for more tips on managing a vacation home, including how to use smart locks to simplify home sharing and how a strong welcoming statement makes for better business.


    Holiday vacation rental tips.


    7 must-follow rules for a welcoming entryway.

    November 8, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, November 8, 2019

    7 Must-Follow Rules for a Welcoming Entryway | Schlage

    Whether you have a grand foyer or have to fake an entry, here are seven rules you should consider to create a welcoming entryway.




    After a long, hectic day away from home, there's nothing better than a beautiful and clean entryway to help you unwind. Whether you have a grand foyer or need to improvise one, here are seven rules you should consider to make this space work time after time.
    Collage of entryway images with blog post title Rules for welcoming entryway.

    1. Prepare for landing

    Think of all the items you walk in the door with: keys, phone, mail. A landing strip – usually a small table or narrow shelf – provides an organized space where you can set those items down and keep your foyer looking gorgeous. You might also have room for a bit of decoration to put a smile on your face when you come home.

    2. Get organized

    Once you've made it through the front door, you need a designated place for every day items. This will help you avoid leaving them cluttered all over a chair or kitchen table. Have hooks ready for jackets, coats, dog leashes, umbrellas and purses. Keep an organizer for important mail you need to follow up with and a wastebasket to recycle junk mail. A boot tray or bench can keep shoes out of the flow of traffic and puddles off the floor.

    3. Clear the floor.

    As you and your guests enter your home, it's important to have a clear path, especially in small entryways. This will help the entryway to appear larger and more polished, not to mention reduce annoying tripping hazards.

    4. Accessorize

    Don't be afraid to welcome your guests with your personal style up front. You'll also give yourself a mood boost each time you walk in the door to find your favorite flowers, rug or mirror. For more tips on styling your entryway, check out our six must-have elements to unlock your foyer’s décor potential.

    5. Direct traffic

    Sometimes you need to create your own entryway, like when your door opens to the entire home. Place a large plant or piece of furniture to divide this space from the rest of the space. This will help guests move through your home in a way that is welcoming and natural. Will they have to pass in front of a TV while friends are watching a big game? You may want to rethink the flow of traffic so everyone feels right at home.

    6. Have a welcoming scent.

    Smell is a powerful sense. Use candles, fresh flowers or a plug-in scent to create the perfect ambience for you and your guests. Try citrus scents to feel clean and invigorated, baked goods-inspired candles for something homey or cinnamon, which is thought to fight mental fatigue and improve concentration.

    7. Update for the seasons

    There's a big difference between storing flip flops and snow boots! Make sure your entryway is ready to change with the seasons so you don't miss a moment of family fun.

    What rules do you follow in your entryway? Share your ideas with us on Instagram and Twitter.


    5 easy ways to add color to a neutral color palette.

    November 5, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019

    Transitional color palette | Schlage

    If you find yourself stifling a yawn with transitional style’s focus on neutral colors, Schlage offers you five ways add more vibrancy while still staying true to your design.



    Concrete floors are too stark for you, but curly-cue wrought iron is too ornate. That might mean your style is transitional, with a little bit of modern complimenting a touch of traditional. It’s a great style when you want to use elements from different eras (or when compromising with others during a redesign). But if you find yourself stifling a yawn with transitional style’s focus on neutral colors, Schlage offers you five ways add more vibrancy while still staying true to your design.
    Collage of transitional rooms with headline - 5 ways to add color to neutral palette

    What is transitional style?

    Transitional is the happy medium of styles, classic with an updated flair. You might see a vintage chair with contemporary wall art in the same room. Or it could be a traditional brass faucet paired with modern marble countertops. Although there’s a mix-and-match quality to it, don’t be tricked into thinking transitional style is eclectic. You still want a look where every piece of the room, from furniture and artwork to textiles and lighting fixtures, works in harmony together.


    Some of the typical elements of a transitional room are minimal accessories although not so bare that it feels like a modern true-minimalist room, sophisticated furniture with gentle curves to find the middle ground between contemporary straight lines and traditional ornate flourishes, and, of course, neutral colors.

    Transitional color palettes

    Neutral colors is one of those elements transitional style takes from the modern end of the spectrum. Think hues that inspire calm environments: cream and ivory, beige, tan, khaki, gray and taupe. You don’t want the color palette to be distracting, which can be the case in more traditional styles such as Art Deco or Victorian. Here’s how to find the happy medium between monochromatic and eclectic.

    1. Select your color scheme.

    Choose a base color and then complement it with a variety of other hues in the same family. Your walls, furniture, window treatments, rugs and so on could incorporate tan, caramel, espresso and other shades of brown. You might vary your blues from ice blue to something smoky to sky blue, cobalt, then navy. Or maybe you opt for a range of greens. Stick with three to five colors from a family so you end up with a room that is neither Art Deco vibrant nor monochromatic.

    2. Focus on accent pieces.

    Let’s say you’ve committed to a comforting transitional gray for your walls and your furniture is similarly neutral. Kick in some color with a throw pillow, artwork, floor coverings or lighting fixtures. You probably don’t want a bright canary yellow or fire engine red, but a rich brick tone or deep hunter green can maintain the calm style found in transitional homes while still allowing you to enjoy some visual interest.

    3. Consider finishes.

    Capture a flash of color with hardware, plumbing fixtures and other metallic finishes. This is an obvious solution in kitchens and bathrooms where you’d find metallic elements like faucets and drawer pulls anyway. But don’t rule out metallics in other areas of the house. Pendant lighting or chandeliers (choose one with straight lines rather than those that are ornate or crystal) are an easy addition. You can also look for a coffee table with metal legs or other accents, as well as metallic vases, picture frames, candlesticks or other accessories.

    Door hardware is also a simple way to elevate the look of any room with metallics. Popular transitional pairings include the Schlage® Camelot trim with the Accent lever or the Kinsler trim with glass Hobson knob. Find more door knob styles and a variety of levers from Schlage here.
    The finish of your door hardware – or any metallic fixture, for that matter – is vitally important. You want a finish that is either neutral itself or offers some contrast. Consider Schlage’s Satin Nickel, Bright Chrome and Matte Black finishes for your transitional space.

    4. Add some contrast.

    We like this transitional kitchen highlighted at For contrast with the white tilework and marble countertops, the dark green cabinets and metallic drawer pulls provide a bit of pop. It’s the green that makes this work in transitional style. Green and brown hues, even deep and rich ones, are reminiscent of colors found in nature, a common characteristic in transitional homes. Some even call green nature’s neutral.

    5. Identify the details that make a statement.

    It can be difficult to find places to add color in a bathroom, no matter what style your home is. And if you’ve chosen white tile for that neutral base, it can feel stark and too contemporary for your transitional tastes. Houzz says you can soften that feel and get back to transitional by using a darker grout.

    Find the look that’s right for you and your home with the Schlage Style Selector Tool. Then head over to Pinterest to stock up on inspiration.


    A home improvement transformation to fall in love with.

    October 28, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, October 28, 2019

    Fall home improvement ideas | Schlage

    Fall is a prime time to tackle home improvement projects. Even Mother Nature, as she turns the leaves from green to gold, knows it’s the season for change.



    We think of spring, with deep cleaning and fresh starts, as the season for taking on home improvement tasks. But fall is an equally prime time to tackle those projects. Even Mother Nature, as she turns the leaves from green to gold, knows it’s the season for change.


    You can hit the reset button on your home in many ways, but for a major impact without a major investment, try new door hardware. Updating door knobs to match your style more closely, exchanging your knobs for levers or choosing a new finish can provide that sense of transformation fall calls for.

    Fall home improvement ideas

    Take advice from the experts

    If you’re thinking that new door hardware is too basic a change to make a noticeable difference or are asking why you would invest any amount of time and money into something as humdrum as door hardware, check out what these interior designers and real estate professionals have to say.

    • USA Today – “It's a small thing, often overlooked amid major items like furniture and paint colors when you're decorating a room. But don't underestimate the power of household hardware. These small items — doorknobs, drawer pulls, cabinet-door handles — are ‘the jewelry’ that can add style and sparkle to any space, says New York-based interior designer Young Huh. Just as the right necklace can turn a simple dress into a fashion statement, a striking new set of knobs on an old cabinet, or vintage crystal doorknobs can bring a huge dose of style to your home with minimal expense, she says.”

    • 99 acres – “Doors are not complete without complementary hardware. An old-world brass handle on a striking, contemporary Brazilian hardwood door will be a style disaster, as would a modern steel handle on a beautifully carved door. So choosing the right companion for your doors is an important, aesthetic and integral part of giving that complete look to your home interiors.”

    • Blue i Style – “I knew I would love this modern door hardware, but I have to admit that I was blown away buy what a major impact it actually has throughout the house. Our new door levers really are the final accessory that we needed to tie together the look of our home!”
    Schlage offers a variety of styles and finishes to help you tie everything together and have it looking beautiful. Our Style Selector Tool can guide you in finding the right design for you and your home. With the right choices, you can make a striking statement, from the front door to the back porch and everywhere in between.

    Take inspiration from the season

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to update your home merely for the sake of doing something different (although that can be reinvigorating). Be inspired by some of the other symbolism of fall. Focusing on preservation means this is our chance to create a home that will comfort us through the upcoming winter months. Protection directs us to be more aware of our surroundings so that we can make them more secure. And comfort is all about creating a cozy home we can hunker down in as if we were getting ready to hibernate.


    When preservation, protection and comfort are top of mind, remember Schlage’s commitment to quality and premium metal construction. Our exterior door hardware, including Schlage smart locks, is among the industry leaders in security, so you know your deadbolt will help keep you and your family safe. And, because style is great but functionality is vital, our interior door hardware is built to provide the reliability and privacy you expect.


    Explore Schlage’s range of door knobs and levers at Or for greater security on your home’s exterior, look into our stylish handlesets, deadbolts and smart locks. Change doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Embrace fall, embrace the change, embrace your new look.


    Master fall décor, inside and out.

    October 23, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019

    Fall decor inside and out | Schlage

    Here are some of our favorite examples of how you can capture the perfect fall décor inside and out, across every area of the house, to give your whole home the look you love.



    Whether it’s seasonal décor, door hardware or a color palette for the master suite, a cohesive design exudes class and style. But sometimes when you’re decorating for the holidays, the excitement can take over and you end up with a disjointed collection of items. Your front porch says farmhouse, your living room expresses glamorous elegance and your bathroom is just a hodge-podge. Here are some of our favorite examples of how you can capture the perfect fall décor inside and out, across every area of the house, to give your whole home the look you love.
    Fall decor, inside and out.

    Setting for Four

    Sometimes matching your interior and exterior décor, no matter the season, is as simple as coordinating your color palettes. In their fall décor, Setting for Four displays pumpkins on both the mantel and the front porch, and in both locations, the color scheme incorporates white and glitter rather than traditional fall hues. It’s a great way to keep it cohesive throughout the entire home as well as stay true to your everyday décor is more glam.



    Liz Marie

    Liz Marie’s table scape and porch again show how complementary color schemes can keep your overall décor looking refined. It’s also a prime example of how using your favorite everyday style – in this case, shabby chic – can provide a solid anchor for your seasonal décor. We’re looking specifically at the natural wood dining table and porch chairs. What keeps this décor from getting predictable and dull is the switch from apples indoors to pumpkins outdoors. Both radiate fall without being too matchy-matchy.




    First of all, is there anything more inviting than that porch swing? StoneGable keeps that welcoming vibe running throughout thanks to the warm fabrics both outdoors and in. Candles on the mantle and in the lantern on the porch steps, mums in matching containers, and pumpkins in both orange and white set the scene for a well-thought-out design. That being said, we also like the varied use of vegetation – corn husks, berries, leaves and pinecones – to keep the eye dancing.



    Simply Southern Cottage

    Fall décor for the mudroom is a bit unexpected but no less gorgeous, especially when it coordinates so well with the front porch. Pumpkins and mums are the obvious common elements, but the wreaths show just how much planning Simply Southern Cottage put into the design. We think their natural, sunburst-inspired form adds a cohesive touch. It’s also a good reminder that your wreath doesn’t have go outside. Bring it indoors and enjoy it any kind of weather.



    Vintage Society Co

    This one’s a little different. If you scroll through Vintage Society Co. on Instagram, you’ll see plenty of cohesive design, but what we truly appreciate is the style continuity from one season to the next. No matter how you switch up your look for the fall, remember that your home should be an expression of you. That’s why we love Vintage Society Co.’s commitment to flowers at any time of year, from the white roses coordinated with pale pumpkins in autumn to the vibrant violet hues of spring.




    There are many ways to achieve a refined look in your home, no matter your personal style. For design inspiration, whether it’s for the fall or any time of year, your front porch or your favorite indoor space, find Schlage on Instagram or Pinterest.



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