DIY projects from TikTok you’ll regret not trying.


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DIY projects from TikTok you’ll regret not trying.

By emily.bailey

Friday, October 16, 2020

TikTok home diy projects | Schlage

Whether you’re trying to fix some walls, decorating a new place or want to replicate a high-end designer project on a budget, here are some helpful TikTok home DIY hacks you won’t want to miss.



If you’re on TikTok, you know there’s a lot of ridiculousness out there, but you also know there are some really intelligent DIY ideas and life hacks. Whether you’re trying to fix some walls, decorating a new place or want to replicate a high-end designer project on a budget, here are some helpful TikTok home DIY hacks you won’t want to miss.
Woman hanging picture frames.

Hand sanitizer in disguise » @rachelarcher

Sweet, simple and sanitary. We all have an extra bottle or two of hand sanitizer around these days, but that doesn’t mean we want to stare at unattractive packaging. This is a great hack for hiding ugly bottles, whether it’s in the entryway, bathroom or anywhere else in the house.


Picture hanging hacks » @zoeyno

Getting your pictures level, especially if you’re doing a gallery wall or if the frame is large, can be tough. Stop struggling and try this hack for hanging straight pictures. All you need is a pencil, painter’s tape and a ruler. The same DIY hack works for hanging large mirrors, or you can try this idea with toothpaste.


DIY LED mirror » @ianmadethat

Speaking of mirrors, backlighting can be a stunning way to add drama to a room. Unfortunately, LED mirrors often carry a big price tag. You can make your own for less by adding stick-on lighting to a basic mirror. This TikTok DIYer chose multicolored lights, but you could also stick to classic white if that’s more your style. See Part 2 for the final unveiling.


Hacks for better painting » @sharnshouse

One video, multiple tips. Check out this super quick list of hacks for nailing fine details while painting, mixing a slightly different shade of paint yourself and more. They’ll help for when you want to do more than simply roll a single color on the wall.


Chipped paint patch up » @louiburke

This hack for fixing walls isn’t much of a hack at all, but it’s something every homeowner should know how to do. See how this DIYer repaired a wall in a rental property when one of those adhesive hooks didn’t unstick like it should have.


Upcycled nightstand » @lovexkiim

Take second-hand furniture and turn it into something that not only looks nicer but is also uniquely you. It’s not just about the paint, though. The new cabinet pulls in this video make a huge difference! Plus, what’s not to love about a good before-and-after?


Hidden wires » @lisaherland

How do you hide wires for a wall-mounted TV? There are a lot of ways, but we love that this one goes the extra step for a truly clean look.


DIY bed skirt » @louiburke

Creative solutions are some of our favorite, which is why we love this table runner-turned-bed skirt. It’s the perfect way to hide clutter underneath the bed or to simply give your bedroom a more finished look. All you need is some basic sewing skills.


Tighter door hinges » @mrfixitdiy

A loose door hinge can be noisy and annoying. It can also be unsafe. The good news is that you don’t have to tackle a major carpentry project to tighten your door hinges again. Here’s one way, using dowel rods.


House numbers made easy » @eternalharvestdecor

Like fixing your door hinges, updating your house numbers can solve a lot of issues. It boosts your curb appeal and helps guests find your home more easily, for starters. But sometimes drilling new, modern house numbers directly into your home’s façade isn’t the right route. This home DIY hack is one of our favorites, especially when you consider the different colors, stains or accessories you could also try.


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