Safe baby, beautiful home: Stylish childproofing tips.


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Safe baby, beautiful home: Stylish childproofing tips.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Childproofing tips - Schlage

These tips can help childproof any room in your house, including your yard, simply and even with style.



Whether your little one is crawling, toddling or fast enough to really wreak some havoc, make sure your home is safe. These tips can help childproof any room in your house, including your yard, simply and even with style.


First, nothing beats a good pair of eyes. No matter how you choose to childproof your home, supervision is often the best form of prevention.

Be cautious with candles

It’s pretty obvious that babies and fire don’t mix. Candles and matches should be kept out of reach of tiny hands. You can also opt for flameless candles, like we often recommend for patio mood lighting.

Soften furniture corners

Watch those sharp edges and corners. Whether it’s your living room coffee table or outdoor patio furniture, there are plenty of stylish options and DIY projects to make them safer for toddlers. Check out this homemade ottoman from Sarcastic Parent, which looks great, is safe for her mini “Project Manager” and is versatile enough to be changed as the youngster grows.

Choose cordless

Blinds are great for a double dose of security, if you do them right. Choose a cordless version of your favorite window treatment so Baby can’t get tangled up in a choking hazard. Non-translucent curtains and blinds can also help deter prying eyes scoping out your home. Potential thieves like to check things out before they go to the effort of breaking in.

Update locks

Baby won’t stay a baby forever. If you’re updating your door hardware, consider Schlage Custom™ Combined Interior door locks. These allow you to switch between privacy and passage functions without replacing the entire lock. Why is that important to you? A bathroom or bedroom, which would normally have locking capabilities, can be changed to non-locking to keep your little ones from getting stuck in a room without you. When they get older, you can then easily switch back to the privacy function.

Get smart with security

Or maybe you actually want a lock on a door because of your little one. If you need an extra level of security somewhere – on a wine cellar, hunting closet or home office – try a Schlage electronic or smart lock. We know toddlers are getting better at figuring out technology, but if you don’t share the code with them, they won’t be able to access these high-risk rooms. Not sure which smart lock is right for you? Try our Get Help Deciding Tool.

Grow safe plants

Paying attention to your curb appeal can keep Baby safe, too. suggests choosing grass over pea gravel for a softer landing zone when they’re learning to walk or running around. And look for plants that are non-toxic and won’t prick. Those oleander and cactus will just have to wait until college.

Keep them close

If you’re worried about your kiddo wandering out of the yard, you can help by installing a fence. Choose vinyl, aluminum or wood composite for a stylish look that also lasts and requires minimal maintenance. (No one has time for that with kids running around.) You can also beautify your fence with climbing vines and other gorgeous green landscaping.

Secure the shed

It’s great to encourage your kids to get outside, no matter how old they are. If you’re concerned about all of the hazards – gardening tools, fertilizers and pesticides, lawnmowers or grilling equipment – try a secure shed. Not only will it deter the little ones from getting into trouble, but it could also prevent thieves from walking off with your tools, not to mention keep your yard looking clutter-free.

Childproofing your home doesn’t mean you have to give up style, so step away from the pool noodle coffee table bumpers. Let Schlage help you find safe and stylish solutions for protecting your home and everyone in it. And don’t forget to share your childproofing solutions with us on Facebook and Instagram.