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    What does that mean? Real estate terms defined.

    March 10, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 10, 2023

    Home for sale | Schlage

    Whether you’re buying your first home or have been around the block a time or two, knowing real estate terms will work to your advantage. Use this list to help you interpret real estate listings.



    Whether you’re buying your first home or have been around the block a time or two, knowing real estate terms will work to your advantage. Some terms and abbreviations might be familiar – 3BR/2BA is a three-bedroom, 2-bathroom home – while others could be a little trickier if the seller is trying to make a house look better than it is. Use this list to help you interpret real estate listings. It could mean the difference between looking endlessly at a bunch of duds and finding the home of your dreams.
    Light yellow suburban home with red for sale sign in front.

    Common real estate listing terminology

    All original details

    All original details: This could be original hardwood flooring, molding and other architectural details – perfect if you’re looking for a charming, historically accurate house. Make sure those original details are still in good condition, though.



    As-is: What you see is what you get. The seller is not willing to make any repairs before you move in, even for something that turns up during the home inspection. There could be several reasons a seller lists the house “as-is” and the good news is that not all of them are bad. The condition will usually be reflected in the price.

    Active with contract (AWC)

    Active with contract (AWC): If you see a listing or your agent says a home is active with contract, know that the seller has already accepted an offer on the house but is still entertaining other offers in case the original one falls through.

    Back on market (BOM)

    Back on market (BOM): The house has gone back on the market after issues with a contract on a prior pending sale.


    Conventional sale

    Conventional sale: This is often an easier transaction than other kinds of sales because there is no existing mortgage on the property or the homeowner owes less on their mortgage than what they could sell the property for.



    Cozy/charming/quaint: These can all be code words for a really small house with tiny, if any, closets.


    Easement: A property with an easement means that another person has legal rights to use that property even while the title is still in the owner’s name. This is often the case in situations like paths to public space or beach access.


    Gross living area

    Gross living area: Related to square footage, gross living area (GLA) indicates how much of the home is actual living space. An unfinished basement, for example, would be included in the home’s square footage but not the GLA measurement.


    Hidden gem/hidden potential/opportunity

    Hidden gem/hidden potential/opportunity: If you don’t want a fixer-upper, avoid hidden gems with hidden potential or that are full of opportunity. That’s sometimes code for “needs a lot of work.

    Lovingly maintained

    Lovingly maintained: A sign that the current homeowner has lived there for quite a long time, “lovingly maintained” often means the house is clean and well-cared for but not updated with modern appliances or décor.


    Traditional vs. Modern

    Traditional vs. Modern: There’s nothing wrong with a traditional home, but beware the listing that uses the word to hide that it’s old and unkept. A home described as modern can be any number of things. It could be an older home with updated plumbing and electrical systems. Or it could be one recently built in a suburban neighborhood.


    Motivated seller

    Motivated seller: The homeowner is trying to sell and move quickly, which could work to the buyer’s advantage in terms of price. A seller may be highly motivated because they’ve already closed on another house or need to relocate quickly for work. However, it could also be because of a problem with the house that they’re just completely over dealing with. Find out why they’re motivated before you sign anything.

    Priced to sell

    Priced to sell: This is usually a seller’s way of saying they aren’t open to negotiating or that they’ve already reduced the price. An offer below the asking price could prevent you from getting the house.


    Conventional sale

    Conventional sale: This is often an easier transaction than other kinds of sales because there is no existing mortgage on the property or the homeowner owes less on their mortgage than what they could sell the property for.


    Move-in ready vs. Handyman special

    Move-in ready vs. Handyman special: Move-in ready means that you don’t have to do a thing to make it livable. Appliances and fixtures up to code, although they may or may not be top-of-the-line. Expect to pay extra for this. A handyman special or investor special, on the other hand, is going to require lots and lots of work. You better have some serious DIY skills or be ready to get a contractor and pay the pros to make it your dream house. If there are only pictures of the house’s exterior, beware.

    One of a kind

    One of a kind: Pay attention to this phrase as a potential red flag. You might like unique and eccentric, but a “one of a kind” house can often mean there’s something so different about it that it’s difficult to live in. Similarly, “fanciful” means it’s just going to be weird.


    Real estate owned (REO)

    Real estate owned (REO): A house that is REO is owned by a bank, government agency or lender. You usually see this after a failed foreclosure auction or short sale.


    Real property

    Real property: You may see reference to real property, which in addition to the home, includes land with anything permanent on it, such as trees, fences and other buildings like a shed.

    Short sale

    Short sale: Not to be confused with a sale that takes little time, a short sale house is one in which the homeowner is selling their house for less than they owe on the mortgage. It may or may not happen with a foreclosure.


    Vibrant neighborhood

    Vibrant neighborhood: This sounds exciting, but it’s also vague. Vibrant could mean lively restaurants and fun, quirky shops nearby. It could also mean a bus stop on your front porch. It’s also worth being cautious about listings in a “quiet neighborhood” since that could mean any number of things in reality.

    Real estate acronyms

    While you probably know BD or BR is bedroom and HOA stands for Homeowner’s Association, a few other acronyms may be less obvious.


    • AEK: All electric kitchen
    • ATT: Attached garage
    • CH: Central heat
    • CPT: Carpet or carport
    • D/D: Dishwasher and garbage disposal
    • DK: Deck
    • EXR: Exercise room
    • F/Fin BSMT: Fully finished basement
    • FP: Fireplace
    • HDW: Hardwood floors
    • LA: Living area
    • NAT GS HT: Natural gas heat
    • SEC: Security system
    • S/P: Swimming pool or A/G PL for above-ground pool

    Find more real estate resources at and tips for moving and settling into your new home at the Schlage blog.


    Natural materials to weave into your home decor.

    March 07, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, March 7, 2023

    Decor with natural materials | Schlage

    We’ve gathered our favorite examples to help you envision the possibilities natural materials can bring into your home.



    If you’re tired of trying to keep up with the latest home décor trends, 2023 might feel like a breath of fresh air. With an emphasis on the unique, eclectic, imperfect and unexpected, styling your home in 2023 is all about expressing your personal tastes and elevating timeless staples. One simple approach to making your home more timeless and upscale is to begin weaving in natural materials. Natural wood, stone, and fabrics may seem like more of an up-front investment, but they will fill your home with classic character that only gets better with time. We’ve gathered our favorite examples to help you envision the possibilities natural materials can bring into your home.  
    Home decor with natural materials featuring a rattan chair, cane console, wicker basket with green plant and stone lamp.

    Natural woodgrain

    Wood has an organic warmth that brings peace and balance to home décor. A myriad of texture possibilities and wide variety of stain and finish options make wood an incredibly versatile choice for interior design. Light wood in a matte finish is a modern take on this natural material, while dark, glossy finishes can skew more traditional and vintage.

    Kitchen with wood cabinets, white island and marble look quartz countertops

    Wood cabinetry

    When we think of wood cabinetry, often the first thing to come to mind is a dated kitchen from the 80s or 90s – glossy, yellowed wood that looks dated and heavy. Not a style most of us are looking to revive! However, wood cabinets are making a comeback in 2023 – but with a much more modern, timeless appeal. For kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, real wood can make a statement with modern lines and hardware.

    Wood flooring

    Timeless and kind underfoot, wood is a longstanding popular flooring choice for a reason. Hardwood flooring is always classic and lends comfort and style to your home. To avoid wood floor tones that may go out of style, stick to neutral stains ranging from very pale, light-colored wood floors to mid-toned brown or even a dark, espresso hardwood. Yellow, orange and gray-toned wood floors are more likely to feel dated rather than classic.

    Bold living room with matte black walls and natural materials, hardwood floors, wood cabinet, and green plants.

    Wood furniture

    To keep wood furniture looking fresh and contemporary, opt for light wood, matte finishes and simple shapes. Playful curves and modern lines provide the silhouettes to make your natural wood furniture hip and on-trend.


    A quick word of caution: because light wood is a popular choice for furniture right now, many fast-furniture suppliers are selling cheap veneers and faux options. Make sure to read the specifications to see if an item you’re considering is made from solid wood – if not, it is more likely to look cheapy and fall apart with use. If new wood furniture isn’t in your budget, scour estate sales, online platforms, and resale stores to find real wood furniture that you can easily breathe new life into. Stripping an outdated finish and re-sealing is a great DIY option for scoring solid wood furniture on a budget.

    Wood home decor accents

    If you’re not ready to commit to large-scale wood elements like kitchen cabinets or flooring, you can still incorporate wood home décor accents throughout your home to help create a natural, organic feel. Style shelving with wooden bowls, picture frames, candle sticks and other wood elements. In the kitchen, styling your counters with cutting boards, rolling pins, and wooden spoons can create a cozy charm that can lean as sophisticated or rustic as you prefer.

    Natural stone

    Stone can make a lovely statement in the home – with so many gorgeous varieties and applications to choose from, it can be hard to know how and where to add natural stone into your space. The most on-trend interior designs incorporate stone as an unexpected, dramatic way to usher in organic beauty. Look for unique hues, bold veining, and even imperfections that bring character.

    Kitchen with stone vases and stone backsplash.

    Natural stone countertops

    White marble countertops are perhaps the most common natural stone element found in modern kitchens. While this aesthetic is timeless and rightfully beloved, interior designers are often opting for more dramatic colors and less-common materials like soapstone, travertine, and limestone. Stone is also being used more and more as a backsplash material; think dark, moody colors and pronounced patterns.

    Stone flooring

    If you’re on the hunt for a super durable flooring that will patina over time, natural stone flooring is an ideal solution. Oversized slate or limestone tiles can ground your space and live up to harsh wear and tear. Yet, don’t expect your natural stone floor to always look as perfect as the day it’s installed. Natural stone flooring is intended to change with wear; a scratch from moving furniture or a slightly worn pattern from constant traffic are expected ways your natural stone floor will charm you with a lived-in, authentic appeal.

    Stone accents

    Another way to go bold with natural stone is to layer this material in throughout your styling of shelves and surfaces. Slate coasters, marble lamps, and stoneware vases are a fun way to lean into the trend of blending the old and the new. Look for natural stone accessories at antique stores, estate sales, and even flea markets. Once you find a vintage treasure, pair it with a modern design element in your home for a luxe visual impact.

    Dining room with stone flooring and wooden furniture.

    Woven Natural Materials

    Furniture, rugs and baskets woven from natural materials are an amazing source of texture and visual interest for your home. They provide an airy and light mood that can perk up dull spaces. You may hear terms like wicker and rattan and be confused on what makes each unique and desirable. Below, we’ve outlined the most common woven natural materials to make it easier for you to identify the styles you prefer.


    Harvested from climbing palms native to Southeast Asia, rattan is a natural material that looks a bit like bamboo but is more flexible and thus more suitable for weaving. Rattan can be used on its own to make furniture and is usually sealed or painted to protect against moisture. Rattan can also be processed to be woven into caning or wicker.

    Rattan chair


    Cane is processed from the outer bark of the rattan plant. Thin strips of cane are woven, usually in a flat, web-like pattern to be used in various furniture applications like the back of a chair or face of a cabinet.

    Cane attached to chair seat.


    Wicker refers to the process of weaving rather than the material itself. While wicker can be woven from the interior, reed-like part of the rattan plant, it can also be made from bamboo, reeds, willows, and other natural materials. For outdoor furniture especially, wicker is often crafted from man-made materials to better withstand the elements.

    wicker chair

    No matter your personal tastes when it comes to home décor and interior design, look to incorporate your favorite natural materials to increase your home’s value and aesthetic. As you begin to weave natural materials into your home, work to create a balance between old and new styles for a more lived-in, organic feel. If you’re struggling to make the look cohesive, consider what metal hardware finishes might be outdated, creating a clash. Natural materials tend to pair best with matte black (a nod to vintage ironwork), satin brass, and chrome finishes. For more interior design ideas to help elevate your home, browse our blog, Pinterest and Instagram


    Surprising ways to decorate odd corners in your home.

    March 03, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 3, 2023

    Reading nook corner | Schlage

    No matter where you live or in what era your home was built, we all have a corner that irks us. We believe that spaces like that are the perfect opportunity for a tiny detail that makes you smile.



    No matter where you live or in what era your home was built, we all have a corner that irks us. Décor doesn’t fit right, there’s a weird notch in the wall that’s not big enough or square enough to hold any furniture or it’s just dark and uninviting. We believe that spaces like that are the perfect opportunity for a tiny detail that makes you smile. Will it be 100% functional? Maybe. Maybe not. Will it be perfect just for you? Absolutely. Try these ideas.
    Cozy reading nook corner with bookshelf and chair.

    Kitchen counter corner

    When we think of decorating the kitchen, we often default to choosing attractive appliances and pretty cabinets. Those are important, but they don’t solve the issue of the unused corner. You put a fruit bowl there, but because it was out of sight, the produce went mushy before you could eat it. The toaster left all kinds of hard-to-clean crumbs. The mail stacks up for absolutely no reason. What now?


    Ask yourself if that out of-the-way corner would be a good place for a smart speaker or your voice assistant? Getting ingredient substitutions from Alexa while you cook is handy, but you don’t want to splatter on her. A Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite music or podcasts is another option.


    If the corner goes unused because it’s dark, add some undercabinet lighting. This could be as simple as an adhesive LED light strip or puck light. With a bit of illumination, you’ll be able to see forgotten fruit or even just a piece of artwork that brings you joy.


    We’ll leave you with this crazy idea: leave it empty. Filling every last inch of counterspace can make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. Just leave that corner alone.

    Miniature shower shelf

    Your shampoo and conditioner, their shampoo and body wash, everyone has a loofa. That tiny shelf just wasn’t cutting it, so you got a caddy to hang from the showerhead. These can be stylish, by the way, instead of just those standard wire eyesores. Unfortunately, now you’re annoyed by the wasted space of that unused shelf.


    Hear us out on this one. Add plants. Some house plants need a lot of moisture and humidity. Try varieties that thrive in steamy showers, like pothos, yet don’t get too big. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy that little bit of greenery while you start your day.

    Under the stairs

    We love those little reading nooks people are always building in the empty space under their staircase. But unless you’re ready to hire a professional or have some pretty high-level DIY skills yourself, that might be out of reach. Instead, try a simple, artistic route. If the nook is little more than a notch, paint the interior an accent color. Contrast it with the rest of the wall paint to help the visual interest pop.


    You could also turn it into a plant pocket . In other words, choose indoor plants that don’t require a lot of light or find some artificial plants to your liking, and fill the space. You can mount planters to the walls, install some basic shelving – a little corner caddy like this one might be nice – or simply stack them on some upcycled crates, depending on how large the space is. Then turn that awkward opportunity into a jungle oasis.


    Finally, make it storage. Maybe you put a boot tray or shoe rack underneath if it’s near your front door. Perhaps you install cubbies to hold toys, books or blankets and other linens. It could also be the “wine cellar” you’ve always dreamed of.

    Odd-shaped corner

    A chair won’t fit, artwork will never be seen by guests and it’s so dark and uninspiring. It’s the monster that is the weird wall cutout. You have more options for decorating here than you might realize. First, you could channel your inner child. Choose soft, formless seating – think beanbag – that will mold to the shape of the space. You might want to hang a floating shelf to house a book or two. Hang it lower than usual to use it as a side table for a drink. Try installing wire-free sconces for some extra light that doesn’t require floorspace or an electrician.


    Second, you could turn it into a meditation corner. So many of us are looking for retreats to escape to since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. A small meditation pillow or bolster, a floating shelf to hold a candle or incense, a small plant and maybe a bit of artwork won’t require a lot of square footage. And it doesn’t matter if those items aren’t on display for everyone to see because that’s not the point. This space is all about you.

    Split-level landing

    The house we grew up in was a split level with a small landing by the front door. There might have been enough room for a small corner table, but every time you walked by, you were bound to knock into it with a bag. Wall scuffs were the bane of my father’s existence. So what do you do when you have an entryway that can’t be built out and barely has enough room to maneuver in?


    The key here is to think flat, whether it’s storage like a narrow IKEA shoe cabinet or décor. Since we’re thinking specifically of solutions that bring joy – storage can make us happy, but still – try a mirror. It can make a space feel larger and brighter. If you or your little ones are constantly knocking into things on the wall, you might opt for patterned wallpaper or a mural to create some visual interest without the tripping and bumping hazard.

    Close neighbors

    Our current neighborhood has a lot of new construction and we’re always surprised by just how close the houses are to each other. Who owns that skinny patch of grass in between? Will a lawnmower even fit? When you have a postage stamp-sized yard, you need a way to keep it looking nice without expending an unreasonable amount of energy to do it.


    One idea is to skip the grass and go for low-maintenance stone ground cover. Something like crushed granite is attractive and easy to lay. The stone eliminates the need for frequent mowing and, depending on where you live, can be an environmentally friendly option in that in doesn’t require watering. If you want to keep the green, look for low-maintenance plant varieties like a “Fire Spinner” ice plant in the Midwest and south or creeping thyme if you live farther north. Think of all the other things you can do that you might enjoy when you’re not expending an unreasonable amount of energy on curb appeal upkeep.

    We hope this gives you some ideas for how you can turn a space that used to be a pain in the neck into one that brings you greater levels of peace and joy. You should feel comfortable in your own home. Find more ways to do that at the Schlage blog – you might like these tips for creating a calm home during stressful times – or check out some fresh ideas on Pinterest.


    How to add value to your home simply from the inside out.

    February 24, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 24, 2023

    Yellow front door | Schlage

    Make the right home design updates by choosing projects that are known to add value and resale potential.



    Your home should feel comfortable in all ways, from the day you move in to the day you finally sell it—if that’s in the cards for you. Maybe you’re upgrading your home because your interior design style has changed. Perhaps you’re staging your home for showings. In the grand scheme, it doesn’t matter why you want to increase the value of a home, but how you choose to do so. Many homeowners resort to landscaping first-thing, but here’s some advice and more ideas to help inspire a better home design.
    Suburban stone home with pale yellow front door and matte black front door handle.

    Upgrade your hardware finishes and trims

    Examine the hardware on doors, sinks, cabinets; is it worth keeping? Do you have a brand-new build to furnish? Chances are, you need new hardware to add any significant value to a home. Consider the paint colors and the shape of each room—do they have something in common? Which finishes compliment the entire home, if any? Do any two or three finishes work well together? Play around with your style and mix and match to add value with shiny new accents in your home.

    Make it energy-efficient and smart home ready

    Your home is worth more with smart technology already in place. Many home buyers look for a house with updated and connected devices like smart deadbolts, thermostats and more for easy comfort and security. The easier you make it for new residents to install and activate a smart home system, the more they’re willing to pay for the added value.


    Smart devices make life more convenient and help homeowners save energy by automating or sensing when someone’s home, for instance. Smart thermostats know when to pause and resume activity, lights go out when you leave and turn on when you return. Even preparing a home with more basic technology, like an in-wall surround sound system, to integrate with a smart home system helps increase its value. Before you buy any new smart devices, find which smart devices are best for your home based on what’s compatible and the features you wish.

    Paint your trims, doors and more

    A fresh coat of paint can make a room or your home look unrecognizable in the best of ways. But painting any part of your home, inside or outside, is a big job to tackle. What about refreshing your painted trims or the color of your front door?


    It’s not always necessary to paint a whole room or add brand new siding to increase the value of a home. We recommend mapping where in your home needs fresh paint and going from there. You may be surprised at what little needs done to make a big difference.

    Clear your space to make it more adaptable

    Add even more value to your home with brand new construction, a simple remodel or just decluttering. A free and open indoor space is more appealing to buyers and appraisers than feeling closed in. Consider making room with fewer decorations and furniture on the floors; shelves could be your new best friend for space-saving storage and decorating. A clutter-free home with plenty of room to move throughout is best for entertaining guests and easy everyday living.

    Your home doesn’t need to change much to be totally different. Take a good look around and realize a more beautiful, versatile space for the next resident or family to enjoy. Maybe your hardware needs renewed or it feels crowded in spots. Go beyond landscaping and increase the value of your home for longer. See more at


    When hardware met style: Schlage’s favorite couples.

    February 10, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 10, 2023

    Schlage Eller lever | Schlage

    These door hardware pairings will create a look that will have you falling in love with your home all over again.



    What better time to celebrate our favorite “couples” than on Valentine’s Day? These eleven door hardware pairings will create a look that will have you falling in love with your home all over again.

    Schlage Custom™ Eller lever with Collins trim in Matte Black

    Schlage Custom Eller lever with Collins trim in Matte Black;
    The straight lines in this pairing, along with the Matte Black finish, creates one of the most modern looks on this list. An Eller lever with Collins trim goes perfectly with Scandinavian design, so think of adding it when you are drawn to minimalist décor and furniture with clean silhouettes. The finish gives a pop of visual interest in neutral-colored rooms and especially against a bright white door.

    Schlage Custom™ Hobson knob with Collins trim in Matte Black

    Schlage Custom Hobson glass knob with Collins trim in Matte Black;
    The Collins trim becomes a bit more classic when paired with the glass Hobson knob. Because of the mix of styles, try it in a room with a more eclectic, transitional vibe. The details in this glass knob gleam when catching the light, so large windows and well-lit rooms will show off this pairing to its best advantage. 

    Schlage Custom™ Whitney lever with Camelot trim in Aged Bronze

    Schlage Custom Whitney lever with Camelot trim in Aged Bronze;
    This transitional pairing brings charm and comfort to your living spaces. Perfect for more traditional homes, the Whitney lever and Camelot trim are an architecturally-inspired pairing that reflects Spanish colonial influences – think wrought iron scrollwork, clean curves, and traditional warmth.

    Schlage Siena knob in Antique Pewter

    Schlage Siena door knob in Antique Pewter;
    For a truly traditional feel, try this oval-shaped combination, especially if you have a Federal-style home like those found most frequently in Virginia. In the Antique Pewter finish, it is particularly well-suited for homes with Old World character and stone accents.

    Schlage Custom™ Alexandria knob with Camelot trim in Satin Brass

    Schlage Custom Whitney lever with Camelot trim in Aged Bronze;
    The detailed glass Alexandria knob and Camelot trim in Satin Brass combine for a dramatic high-style look. Use it on Victorian-style doors and in rooms with decorative molding to help continue the classic feel throughout your space. This couple is perfect for ornate homes or eclectic spaces looking to bring some old-school character. 

    Schlage Georgian knob with Addison trim in Antique Brass

    Schlage Georgian knob with Addison trim in Antique Brass;
    When you need something understated but don’t want boring (because who does?), you can’t miss with the Georgian knob and Addison trim. They’re both simple and versatile yet have a sly elegance that is sure to enhance your home. With their traditional roots, try them in rooms with crown molding – a nod to the Georgian architecture that inspired these hardware designs – as well as in spaces with ornate windows and stained woods.

    Schlage Custom™ 3/4 trim Century handleset with Latitude lever in Bright Chrome

    Schlage Custom™ ¾ trim Century handleset with Latitude lever in Bright Chrome ;

    For homes with a contemporary exterior, try a Century handleset. The Bright Chrome finish pops against a dark, bold-colored front door to make a lasting first impression. The Latitude lever for the interior side of the door will continue the modern aesthetic inside and complement the clean, rectangular lines of the exterior grip. Pair with simple, minimalist décor for a sleek aesthetic throughout your home. 

    Schlage Custom™ Plymouth handleset with Andover knob in Aged Bronze

    Schlage Custom™ Plymouth handleset with Andover knob in Aged Bronze;
    If you’ve chosen a Plymouth handleset, we recommend the Andover knob for the interior side of the door. This pairing is typically a good fit for transitional homes, but the Aged Bronze finish inches it closer to the traditional end of the spectrum. Because of this, we like this handleset and knob on Colonial homes with six-panel doors and neutral colors.

    Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century trim and Century front entry handle in Matte Black.

    Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century trim and Century front entry handle in Matte Black

    Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century trim and Century front entry handle in Matte Black

    Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century trim and Century front entry handle in Matte Black ;
    Sleek and contemporary, the Century trim stands out as the perfect choice for modern homes. When matched with Matte Black, you have a fashionable pairing that makes a bold impression. One unique quality of Matte Black is that it can bridge between modern and traditional styles, so don’t be afraid to use this combo to modernize a dated traditional exterior.

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim and Camelot front entry handle in Satin Nickel

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim and Camelot front entry handle in Satin Nickel ;
    This pairing is ideal for bringing a smart solution to a transitional home. The Camelot trim draws on colonial inspiration, while the Satin Nickel finish looks stunning against dark colors. When you need a versatile solution that blends effortlessly with both modern and traditional styles, this is the perfect combo.  

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt on the front door and Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Lever on the side entry door

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt on the front door and Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Lever on the side entry door ;
    For a match made in smart home heaven, pair WiFi-enabled Encode™ locks on your front and side entries. With a Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt on your front door and an Encode Smart WiFi Lever on your side door, you can easily control and monitor both locks from anywhere using the Schlage Home app on your smartphone. Managing multiple locks in the same app gives you peace of mind to know your smart locks are working to keep your home secure. And for those with compatible smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it is easy to manage your Encode locks with simple voice commands.
    Of course, these aren’t the only pairings we offer. See our complete list of styles at And if you need more inspiration for giving your home a look you love, find us on Pinterest and Instagram.

    Round out your home design with this playful trend.

    January 16, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Monday, January 16, 2023

    Curvy living room furniture | Schlage

    Pick and choose from these design ideas to add a sense of movement and calm to your home through curved shapes.



    Sharp corners are taking a back seat in 2023. Instead, look for ways to incorporate circles, arches and playful rounded shapes to keep your home fresh. For a trend that can skew as timeless or funky as your tastes prefer, curved motifs in home design are more popular than ever. Pick and choose from the ideas below to add a sense of movement and calm to your home through curved shapes.
    Living room with rounded velvet couch.

    Rounded accents

    The easiest, most cost-effective option for bringing curves into your home is through décor and accents. Think vases, planters, pillows, rugs and wall art – rounding out a room with soft shapes will make it hip and on-trend. Circular, pill-shaped and arched mirrors create a dynamic and modern presence on a wall. More playful interpretations of the trend include stacked circles for lamp bases, wavy parallel lines and subtle references to moon and mushroom shapes. Get creative by mixing design eras; a trip to the local antique store or flea market might just turn up the perfect curved accent to make your space pop.

    Modern blue bathroom with pill shaped mirrors.

    Curved furniture

    If you’re looking for a statement furniture piece, curves provide interest and exude a sense of cozy. Curved couches can be both fun and sophisticated; the perfect opportunity for you to express your personal style. When paired with extra soft upholstery such as bouclé or velvet, rounded furniture appears cloud-like and inviting. Curved backs, cylindrical cushions and rounded edges are all design elements to prioritize when picking your next piece of furniture. From coffee tables and shelving to armchairs and ottomans, curved furniture is a sure staple for 2023 interior design.

    Round luxurious neutral living room couch and furniture

    Arched doorways

    Open doorways with an arch at the top create extra height and can really open up a room. They add visual interest while still being timeless. Though it isn’t the easiest DIY (you may want to call in the pros for this one!), upgrading a square doorway to an arch is a small project that can make a big impact to your home’s aesthetic. If you want to really add some personality to your home, paint an arched doorway with a bold color that makes you smile. And if a construction project isn’t in the budget, you can mimic this look by simply painting a half moon above the top of a square door in the same color as your trim!

    Bedroom with arched doorways and velvet drapes.

    Soften corners in the kitchen

    Develop extra warmth and movement in your kitchen by softening corners and adding curves. Consider swapping out old lighting for globe or half moon shapes. Pill shaped kitchen islands are also trending. They’re a unique way to add both functionality and sculptural interest to your kitchen layout. Arched oven hoods are another fun way to keep your kitchen ahead of the curve. For a more subtle impact, consider adding a round rug, circular stools, or an oversized globe vase.

    Modern kitchen with rounded island and arched doorways.

    Playful wiggles and waves

    2023 interior design is all about self-expression. If you want to up the fun and embrace the playful, infuse your home design with wiggles and waves. Modern wallpapers, scalloped borders, abstract shapes and marbled textiles can all bring a lighthearted vibe to your interiors.

    Playful living room with velvet furniture and abstract wallpaper.

    Our favorite thing about the curve interior design trend is that it can effortlessly blend into any personal style. Whether your home is traditional, modern, maximalist, minimalist or anything in-between, adding rounded shapes throughout your home will bring a fresh wave of inspiration.  


    To keep your home up to date in 2023 and stay on top of the latest trends, check back for more tips at the Schlage blog or follow us online. We’re on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


    Looking at home design trends of the past, present and future.

    December 20, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, December 20, 2022

    With a nod to Charles Dickens, we give you the ghosts of design trends past, present and future as we look toward 2023.



    Ebenezer Scrooge needed some ghostly guidance to show him the error of his ways and lead him to a better life. Schlage isn’t paranormal, but we can help you see the opportunities – and avoid some of the pitfalls – in popular home décor. With a nod to Charles Dickens, we give you the ghosts of design trends past, present and future as we look toward 2023.
    Woman interior designer sitting in office next to computer.

    Ghosts of design trends past

    Whether in clothing, hairstyles or home décor, there are always some old trends you wish you’d avoided. Although they may have served us well for a time, these home design trends went out of fashion in 2022.

    Empty modern farmhouse bedroom with shiplap wall and sliding barn door.

    The modern farmhouse trend

    While the cozy, relaxed feel that the modern farmhouse trend celebrates is here to stay, the more on-the-nose elements of this trend like barn doors, buffalo check prints and shiplap accent walls are gradually fading in popularity. Expect to see this trend evolve from a purely country aesthetic to a more sophisticated, classic take on lived-in comfort.

    Grey interiors

    It’s clean, it’s modern, it goes with everything…and it’s boring! In 2023, designers are ditching gray as the one-size-fits-all neutral for interiors. In fact, neutrals in general will be taking a back seat as we welcome more vibrant hues into our homes.

    Fast furniture

    During the pandemic, quick fix solutions to home organization and furnishing were the name of the game. If the suddenly necessary work from home desk could be ordered online and delivered within a week, who cared how long it would last? Despite the convenience of fast furniture, many consumers are pivoting to shop for quality pieces with solid construction that will stand the test of time. Whether that means saving up for a top-quality couch or scouring flea markets and Facebook marketplace, fast and cheap are no longer the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing furniture.

    Open floorplans

    COVID clearly changed the way we see and use our homes. After more than a year of everyone occupying the same space, we learned we needed a bit more privacy. All the expansive sightlines of open floorplans seemed like a good idea at one time, but they proved to be a challenge when Kiddo Number 1 was watching TV, Kiddo Number 2 was trying to do homework, Mom was taking a work call and Dad was cooking dinner – all in the same room. Even back in 2021, The Spruce called open floorplans “the worst.”


    In 2023, the focus is on floorplans that work efficiently for a variety of purposes. The connectivity and flow created by open floorplans is still valuable, but thoughtful design within those spaces is more important than ever. An open concept living room/kitchen is no longer desirable as the central place for everything. Instead, there is a shift to more dedicated spaces and room dividers. Pinterest saw a 150% increase in searches for “bookshelf room divider” and it wasn’t because of our growing collection of novels. Enclosed spaces for a bit of peace and quiet are now a must-have.

    Ghosts of design trends present

    If some trends made their exit in 2022, others took root. When we look back decades from now, these home décor trends will stand out.

    Bathroom with black tile wall and brass finishes.

    The modern-organic trend

    Fewer people cringe when they hear the word “wallpaper” now that it’s easier to work with and more beautiful than ever. From subtle patterns to bold palm-themed botanicals to entire murals, matching a wallpaper to your design tastes is easier than ever. And with temporary wallpaper options, you’re not locked into the look forever like you were with papers of old.


    This wasn’t just a bedroom or living room trend, either. An accent wall with bold wallpaper was one of the hottest trends in bathroom design, especially in small powder rooms.

    Black accents

    In the wake of maximalism, we’ve become more comfortable with bold statements and in few areas is that more obvious than the use of black. Black accent walls gained popularity, as did smaller accessories like plumbing fixtures, lighting and tilework in this dark and moody hue.


    Studying hashtags on TikTok and Instagram, Plumb Nation determined the most popular home improvement trends in 2021. Among them was “Black Bathroom” with more than one million posts. Also making the list of top-20 bathroom trends was #blackbathroomdetails and #blacktilebathroom. In 2023, black kitchens are also trending as a dramatic alternative to more subtle neutrals, especially when paired with wood and natural fibers.


    At Schlage, our Matte Black finish became one of our most highly desired finishes for all our door hardware from smart locks and front entry handlesets to bathroom and closet door knobs.

    Ghosts of design trends future

    Without an actual ghost to reveal the future, making style predictions is always a bit risky. But based on what we’ve seen at the tail end of this year, we’re confident that these design trends will gain more attention in 2023. You just might want to try them in your own home.

    Moody maximalist bedroom with velvet textiles.

    Bold colors for self-expression

    Looking to make our homes a source of calm and peacefulness, we’ve spent the last few years painting in nature-inspired colors. In 2022, it was all about green. Tones like Evergreen Fog, Desert Sage and Breezeway were each picked as paint companies’ colors of the year. But for 2023, bold colors for self-expression are taking center stage. Pantone’s Viva Magenta is a vibrant red/pink that makes a powerful statement. Other colors of 2023 like Raspberry Blush, Redend Point, and Vining Ivy all celebrate an energizing, playful approach to color in the home. So if you’ve ever been tempted to try a bold color you love, 2023 is the year to have fun with paint projects!

    Natural materials

    This might not seem like much of a prediction at this point as many homeowners have been on the environmentally friendly train for a while. What we do anticipate is that incorporating more sustainably produced materials, and energy efficient solutions in the home will become easier and more cost effective. Sustainable practices won’t be limited to new home builds, either. Renovating homeowners will increasingly choose upgraded appliances that put less strain on the environment and seek new ways to make their existing home better for Mother Nature, whether it’s fixing drafty windows and doors or improving insulation around pipes and water heaters.


    We’ll also lean further into natural materials for furniture and accessories. Rattan, wicker, cork and upcycled woods will be featured. We’ll continue to use plants – houseplants and outdoor gardens filled with native species – to add beauty to our homes and the environment and blend our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

    Soft shapes

    Look for shapes with curved edges and playful curves in 2023. From round wall décor to pill-shaped accents, gentle curves create a minimalist appearance that still exudes warmth and comfort. If you’re shopping for new furniture or décor, look for pillowy textures or playful, undulating waves to stay on trend and create a sense of natural movement that puts you at ease. This “meditative modern” vibe is sure to help keep you grounded and at peace as you enjoy your home.


    Given the two previous emerging trends, it’s not a big leap to predict the rising popularity of Japandi. A mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian style, Japandi, also known as Scandinese, is often described as a warm minimalism. To get the look, you want to combine natural materials – live-edge wood features or natural stone, for example – with artisanal touches that shun anything that looks mass-produced and too perfect. Natural lighting and earthy colors like brown, green and charcoal is what warms it up beyond your typical Scandinavian décor.

    If you liked this Christmas classic twist on home décor, be sure to read our version of The Night Before Christmas or why Santa needs his own smart lock code.


    To stay on top of the latest trends in home design, keeping your home looking and working perfectly, check out more tips at the Schlage blog or follow us online. We’re on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


    12 doors of Christmas: Easy front door decor updates for the holidays.

    November 21, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 21, 2022

    12 doors of Christmas | Schlage

    Tune up your vocal cords and prepare for the Twelve Doors … we mean, Days … of Christmas, Schlage-style.



    Not sure what to get your true love for Christmas this year? Tune up your vocal cords and prepare for the Twelve Doors … we mean, Days … of Christmas, Schlage-style.
    Schlage satin brass door locks with snow, pinecones and greenery.

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a sense of home security.

    There are lots of ways to give your loved ones peace of mind when it comes to protecting their home and everyone in it. Schlage, with our secure and durable deadbolts for exterior doors is a good place to start. There’s also video doorbells, shatter-proof window film, keyless locks and countless other ways to help keep the family and house safe.

    On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two smart deadbolts.

    Smart locks are a safe and convenient way to give that gift of home security. Not only are Schlage electronic locks rated Best by the BHMA for Security, Durability and Finish, but they’re also easy to install. And when you connect them to your home wireless network, you can control them from anywhere using your smartphone. Schlage smart locks are great for more than just front doors, too. Consider them for a back door, garage entry or even a home office where higher security and privacy are needed.

    On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me three French doors.

    Three sets of French doors might sound a bit excessive, but once you see what they can do for the look and feel of your home, you’ll quickly change your mind. French doors add an extra touch of sophistication to both interior and exterior entryways. Plus, with their glass panes, you can enjoy the extra light they let in without the extra noise from the rest of the house.

    Black french doors with satin brass Schlage door knobs.

    Photo by

    On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me four glass door knobs.

    Speaking of sophistication, glass door knobs are a prime example of how a little extra shine can elevate any room. The Schlage Custom™ Alexandria is a classic glass knob inspired by Victorian architecture but with modern functionality. There’s also the Schlage Custom™ Hobson glass knob, which with its smooth finish and subtle details, looks just as stunning on transitional homes as it does on traditional ones.

    On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me five cans of paint.

    Your hardest decision will be where to use all that paint. Will you paint a room? Give your trims and doors an update? Upcycle some old furniture to give it new life and your personal stamp? Let your kids show off their artistic skills?

    On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six gorgeous levers.

    No matter what style your or your true love’s home is, Schlage probably has a lever to suit it. With countless designs ranging from traditional to contemporary and somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find the gorgeous lever that puts the finishing touch on any room.

    Claire Brody Designs bedroom door with Schlage Birmingham lever.

    Photo by

    On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me seven hacks for hosting.

    Even pros who host frequent get-togethers love a good hack that makes their job easier. And when you’re hosting at holiday time, those shortcuts become even more important. Get inspired by these holiday hosting hacks.

    On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eight homemade dog treats.

    Pets are family, too. There are plenty of homemade treats that are both tasty and healthy for your furry true love, not to mention a number of other gifts perfect for porch puppies of all sizes.

    On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me nine hygge blankets.

    Winter calls for snuggling into the comfort of your home with the ones you love most. A cozy throw blanket that gently whispers hygge—you don’t want to ruin the relaxing vibe with loud décor, after all—will help you enjoy that quality time.

    The Coastal Oak living room with indoor wreaths, white couch with blanket.

    Photo by

    On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten tools for gardening.

    Because gardening tools are out of season in the winter in most regions, you might find some great deals as opposed to stocking up in the spring. The right tools make all the difference, and don’t limit yourself to just spades and rakes. Think high-tech like smart irrigation or low-tech like a flower pouch. Find more on these gardening tools and similar ideas with our Curb Appeal Gift Guide.

    Famhouse 905 Christmas front door.

    Photo by

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eleven mini door wreaths.

    A beautiful wreath for the front door is a showstopper, but small wreaths for interior doors are an unexpected twist that is at once gorgeous, festive and easy to DIY.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me twelve cabinet pulls.

    When a major renovation isn’t in the plans but your true love wants to give a room a facelift, new cabinet pulls can help. Instead of replacing an entire bathroom vanity, ripping out all the cabinets in the kitchen or trashing the tired-looking dresser, replace the pulls and see how it transforms the overall look. You can even choose pulls that complement your door hardware or other fixtures for some top style.

    I Spy DIY Christmas tour kitchen.

    Photo by

    Now everyone sing along...

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
    Twelve cabinet pulls, eleven mini door wreaths
    Ten tools for gardening, nine hygge blankets, eight homemade dog treats
    Seven hacks for hosting, six gorgeous levers, five cans of paaaiiint
    Four glass door knobs, three French doors
    Two smart deadbolts and a sense of home security.

    You can catch our Twelve Doors of Christmas special on social media this year by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And if you’re still not sure what to get your true love this holiday season, try the gift guides at

    7 reasons gold knobs and handles are here to stay.

    November 17, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, November 17, 2022

    Gold knobs and handles | Schlage

    Is brass hardware a fleeting trend or a timeless essential? These décor ideas show that gold fixtures make perfect additions to any home, classic or modern.



    Looking for an alternative to the satin nickel or matte black hardware that’s common in so many homes? Many DIY interior designers are finding modern ways to incorporate brass door hardware. Instead of the bright, shiny brass that was so popular in the 80s, say hello to satin brass. The trending version has a softer texture and muted hue. It adds an appealing touch of luxury and class to any piece of door hardware. Are these gold door knobs and handles likely to stick around for a while? We think so. In addition to adding a touch of glam, gold complements on-trend warmer colors. Here are seven reasons we believe satin brass finishes can suit a variety of personal tastes.
    Schlage Satin brass gold handle on office door.

    Easily complements other finishes

    If your home is currently full of nickel or chrome finishes, you don't have to swap out all your hardware just to add a gold door knob. Choosing a modern finish like satin brass is perfect for mixing finishes. Get inspired by this trendy bathroom from @sincerelysarad. The gentle gold of the Bowery knob goes great with the gleaming chrome of the bathroom vanity handles. What's the key to mixing and matching finishes? As Sincerely Sara D explains, you just have to focus on a unified color palette. The gold knobs highlight the light flooring, the silver handles echo the gray vanity, and the rug ties the contrasting hardware together. For best results, pick a satin brass finish because the slightly matte finish pairs well with satin nickel. This thoughtful design allows you to end up with a refreshing, modern room where metallic finishes add light and charm.

    Makes neutral color schemes more interesting

    Gold isn't just for flashy, busy spaces. If you love minimalist homes filled with blacks, whites, beiges, and tans, brass door handles are the way to go. This thoughtfully decorated bathroom by SMT Designs shows just how much impact gold hardware can have. The natural warmth of gold brings some softness to a room that could otherwise appear too sterile. It balances the contrasting black and white shades and adds some liveliness to the simple color palette. Unlike black or oil-rubbed bronze, this door hardware finish will not disappear into the background.

    Adds interest to muted colors

    If you enjoy delicate, soft décor, gold is the perfect finish for you. It's got an extra bit of class and luxury that makes it an ideal complement to lovely pastels. This post from HGTV shows how you can use gold to create a gentle, refined look. The sparkling gold adds a graceful touch to the dainty porch furniture and pale blue paint. To tie all the elements together, the brass door handles coordinate with the letterbox and porch lighting. We particularly love the way the warm hues complement the yellow and pink floral accents.

    Coordinates with bold jewel tones

    Gold tends to be an eye-catching door hardware finish, so it pairs nicely with rich colors. While subtler finishes would get completely overlooked next to a vibrant room, brass holds its own. In this example, Designer Ursula Carmona proves that brass is the perfect companion to rich cabinetry. The jewel tones of the shelving seamlessly set off the brass hardware of the door. To add even more rich color, the desk is styled with peacock blue candle holders and emerald green plants. When using golden hues to create a stylish, maximalist vibe, it's important to design your home thoughtfully. Make sure to use a harmonious color scheme and balance the busier décor with some simpler pieces.

    Highlights your architectural details

    Do you have a home with an unusual, appealing feature? This bathroom from Darling Down South demonstrates how gold fixtures can really call attention to your home's best traits. This home had a gorgeous console sink with gold legs that the designer wanted to emphasize. The combination of a soft color palette and gold-tone hardware makes this unique bathroom shine. This post also provides some helpful tips on using hardware to enhance your home's layout. The bathroom is a little small, but the matching gold provides a peaceful look that makes the space seem bigger.

    Harmonizes with modern decor

    Don't make the mistake of assuming that brass door knobs are only for antique homes. Though gold is certainly traditional, it's timeless enough to work with chic, modern homes too. This post from Mackenzie Craven provides some helpful tips for getting a modern look with gold. First of all, it's important to pick a sleek, simple door handle or lever without a lot of decoration. Next, make sure you're pairing gold with darker colors that help ground the sparkle. Finally, select larger gold pieces that add some bold, artistic flair to your decor.

    Gives your home some vintage charm

    Tara from The Carneys Bloom showcases bright brass door knobs in her renovation of a historic home. What makes gold so perfect for restoring vintage houses? Compared to modern chrome, brass is far more authentic. Over the centuries, it's been one of the most popular metallic options for door hardware. This makes it ideal for adding a vintage touch to your home no matter how old it is. You can pick paint colors and furniture that match your personal style while still using a few time-honored accents. As this cute post from Tara shows, gold hardware pairs particularly well with other historic accents like antique frames. This is a great way to emphasize the classic nature of gold and keep it from seeming too trendy.

    As you can see, gold and brass are ideal finishes for your home's hardware. They provide a little modern glam while still maintaining traditional elegance. Looking for more ways to create a home that showcases your unique style? The Schlage blog features many ideas to customize your house. Explore our site now to start your next project.


    Guide to understanding door hardware finishes.

    November 17, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Friday, November 18, 2022

    Matte black bathroom door knob | Schlage

    Schlage wants to make your decision easier so that when you choose the high-quality door hardware you need, you also get a look you love. Here’s our guide to understanding door hardware finishes.



    Choosing the right door hardware finish sounds simple until you realize how many options there are. It’s great that you have lots to pick from. Everyone’s personal taste and the style of their home is different, after all. Schlage wants to make your decision easier so that when you choose the high-quality door hardware you need, you also get a look you love. Here’s our guide to understanding door hardware finishes.
    Matte black bathroom door knob.

    What is a matte finish?

    You’re probably more familiar with matte finishes when it comes to paint. A paint with a matte finish absorbs light rather than reflects it. It’s the same with door hardware. If you’re not a fan of the glitzy and shiny look, matte is for you.


    Schlage’s Matte Black is one of the most popular finishes for door hardware. For starters, it’s extremely versatile. The dark tones make it beautiful on more traditional homes where you might expect to see wrought-iron details, but because the finish is matte or flat rather than distressed, it also has a bit more of a modern feel. The matte finish is also less likely to show fingerprints, particularly compared to some brighter finishes.

    Satin brass living room lever.

    What is a satin finish?

    If finishes were on a spectrum, satin would be next. It’s more reflective than matte but still less so than a bright finish. Satin finishes are frequently described as “lustrous” or as having a “medium sheen.” It might help to think of satin as a finish with a subtle shine.


    Not all satin finishes are the same, though. You also have to consider the tone – gold versus silver, for example – when choosing your door hardware. Schlage’s Satin Brass finish is typically seen on more traditional homes, especially those inspired by the Victorian Era. It works in these homes because of the gold undertones mixed with the softer, almost patinaed, satin quality.


    Schlage’s Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes, on the other hand, are more contemporary. You’re more likely to pair them with Mid-Century Modern style, particularly when using colors popular in the 1950s and 60s, such as olive or turquoise.

    Bright chrome bathroom lock.

    What is a bright finish?

    A bright finish is even more reflective than satin. The lighting in the room will bounce off your door hardware to give sparkle and shine. This makes bright finishes especially popular to fans of the Art Deco or Hollywood Regency styles.


    Bright Brass, which many of us associate with the 1980s and 1990s, is gaining new life in the 21st century. Its gold tones means it pairs beautifully with those glamorous accessories and rich jewel tone colors. Bright Brass door hardware is perfect whether you want to add a single pop of glamour or take your room over the top, maximalist style.


    Schlage’s Bright Chrome has a mirror-like finish that was inspired by the roaring 20s – 1920s, that is – but it also works with less flashy styles as well. Today, you might see it in contemporary, Scandinavian design, where measured amounts of shine add warmth to an otherwise minimalist décor.

    Polished nickel kitchen door knob.

    What is a polished finish?

    Polished finishes are usually associated with countertops and other stone features. When it comes to door hardware, a polished finish is another highly reflective option.


    The Schlage Polished Nickel finish offers the most amount of shine. This silver-toned finish can sometimes change color slightly depending on the room’s lighting. It’s also popular to mix other finishes with a polished nickel to balance the high sheen.

    While these are some of the more common door hardware finishes, they certainly aren’t the only ones. You can see all of Schlage’s finishes on our website. And when you’re ready for more inspiration, check us out on Pinterest and Instagram.