11 Small Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact


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11 Small Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact

By emily.bailey

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

11 Small Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact | Schlage

Updating your kitchen doesn't mean you have to do a costly renovation. Here are eleven small updates that will breathe new life in to your kitchen.


Are you feeling uninspired every time you walk in to your kitchen? It may be time for a few updates - but not the costly kind! Below are eleven of our favorite small updates that will breathe new life into your kitchen while avoiding the headache of a major renovation.

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a hot trend right now and for good reason. If your kitchen is small, they help open the space, making it feel larger by removing the bulk of upper cabinets. It also provides an opportunity to show off some of your unique kitchen items like family heirlooms or flea market finds while making it easy to access those items you use on a daily basis. Check out these tips from Houzz on styling your open shelves.

2. Paint or Wallpaper Interior Cabinet

It may not be visible to all your guests but painting the interior of your cabinets a bright and cheerful color can give you mood boost the next time you reach for a plate. It's a fun detail that will make you want to keep your shelves organized and beautiful. You might even consider removing the cabinet doors to create open shelving and show it off.

3. Update Hardware

Sleek new kitchen hardware can go a long way! Whether its your faucet, cabinet pulls or door knobs, the finish of your hardware plays a major role in completing the look of your room. Consider the matching route like the Polished Nickel hardware you see in the kitchen below or get adventurous by mixing metals.

4. New Lighting

Much like the hardware in the kitchen, your lighting fixtures have a major impact on the look of your kitchen. Take a moment to really look at your current lighting situation. Is the lighting old fashioned and outdated? Does it match the style of the room? Or, does it even provide adequate lighting for those late night or winter evenings of dinner prep? Look for styles that match the look of your kitchen and would meet your needs. If new lighting is not on the priority list, be sure to give your current fixtures a good clean to remove any dust you may have ignored.

5. Accessorize

Fun accessories can go a long way in adding personality to your space. Dress up your stove with a bright tea towel or add a bit of artwork above the sink. Accessories are an affordable way to switch up your personal style as it evolves.


6. Add a Rug

Patterned rugs like you often see in the living room or dining room are quickly making their way in to the kitchen. It's a fun way to warm up the space and add visual interest. 

7. Paint the Refrigerator

If a brand new refrigerator is outside your budget, consider this popular DIY hack. Painted refrigerators are an affordable way to pull off the look you're aiming for without spending thousands of dollars to upgrade. A simple search on Pinterest will offer up several tutorials for achieving the exact look you want.

8. Fresh Flowers & Herbs

With spring well underway and summer just around the corner, that means fresh flowers and herbs are abundant and patiently waiting to be used! Having potted herbs within reach makes it easy to add a bit of flavor to your meals while also contributing to the style of your kitchen.

9. Add a pop of color

Take a look around your kitchen and find an object that could benefit from a bright, pop of color. Are your bar stools looking drab? Give them a fresh coat of paint! What about your pantry door? Could it use a boost like the door below? Find something that is understated and don't be afraid to make it the focal point of the room.

10. Paint the lower cabinets

Two-tone cabinetry is one of the hottest trends in kitchen renovations right now. If you don't have the budget to replace all your cabinets, it's an affordable way to take old boring cabinets and give them style. Check out the weekend kitchen renovation below that Jessica Quirk of What I Wore completed with less than $500! The transformation is stunning.

11. Get Organized

These days, there's a gadget for almost every kitchen task. Before you know it, your coffee station and blenders have overtaken your counter tops. Suddenly there's no room to prep meals and the clutter is overwhelming. Take a moment to think about all the gadgets you own. Are you using all of them? If not, it's time to scale back. There's no reason to continue storing that electric griddle that never made its way out of the box after your wedding day. Next, find a new home for all of your appliances that is easily accessible but keeps the clutter at bay.

BONUS* 12. Try a new recipe and enjoy!


Once you've made your updates, don't forget to take some time and enjoy it! Cook a special meal or bake something new for family or friends and be proud of your almost new kitchen.


What are some ways you try to change up the look of your kitchen? Comment below to let us know and show your photos with us on Facebook.