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    The smart Father's Day gift guide

    June 7, 2017 6:46 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, June 9, 2017

    Smart home Father's Day gift guide | Schlage

    Father's Day is just around the corner, but have you found the perfect gift for dad yet? Get him something he will use every day of the year.



    Father’s Day is just around the corner, but have you found the perfect gift for Dad yet? He doesn’t need another tie, and he has plenty of socks. This Father’s Day, get him something he will use every day of the year.


    There are two types of dads in the world: the ones who love electronics and the ones who really love electronics. With smart homes becoming more and more popular, why not get your dad a gift he will love and one that will make his life easier?

    Smart Home - Father's Day - Gift Guide - Schlage

    Smart home hubs

    Apple TV®


    Apple TV is a great, all-in-one piece of technology for any tech Dad’s home. It is TV customized to you. Apps like Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu allow you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. You can listen to music, use Siri and play games, too.


    Apple TV also connects with HomeKit®, the latest smart home technology from Apple, allowing you to have remote access to HomeKit-enabled devices. Using compatible products, including the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, you can create custom scenes to control your home settings, like locking your door at 9pm every night. And if you have other compatible smart home devices, those custom scenes can include things like turning your thermostat off when you leave for work in the morning and back on before you get home.

    Wink Hub


    If Dad wants to have a smart home, but wants the versatility of using either Apple or Android products, the Wink Hub is the perfect choice. It condenses all of your smart home products into one app for easy access. The app also allows you to create shortcuts, so when you unlock your front door, your Wink will know to also turn your lights on and thermostat down.

    Samsung SmartThings®


    If you think that Dad is going to love his new smart home and will want to start customizing everything, SmartThings might be the right choice for him. With similar compatibility options as the Wink, SmartThings really stands out with its level of customization. Not only can you set routines (similar to Apple TV’s scenes), you can use SmartApps. SmartApps allows you to create even more customizable scenarios, like Gentle Wakeup, that increases the brightness of your lights over a period of time.

    Amazon Alexa


    Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Dot, have voice controlled speakers that act as your own personal assistant. Want to listen to music? Just tell Alexa what you want to hear. Curious what the weather is supposed to be today? Alexa knows. Want to request an Uber or order Dominos? Ask Alexa to do it for you.


    Alexa is also compatible with many smart home devices including Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt, when paired with either the Wink Hub or SmartThings. When you’re ready for bed, ask Alexa to turn off the lights and lock your front door. If you start to feel cold, but aren’t anywhere near your thermostat, ask Alexa to turn the temperature up.


    Smart locks


    Schlage has locks that work with all three of the smart home hubs we’ve mentioned. The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt works with Apple HomeKit and the Schlage Connect™ lock works with both the Wink Hub and Samsung SmartThings, and can connect with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices through those home automation systems.


    Give your dad the gift of going keyless for Father’s Day. Now he will never have to worry about losing his keys to the house or if he locked the door before going to bed. He will be able to control the lock through his phone.



    The Philips Hue lights are energy-efficient LED lights that offer a completely new lighting experience. Use these lights to customize the look and feel of your home. You can change the shade and intensity of your lights, automate them to run whether or not you’re home, or sync them to your music. Dad could even set them to a certain color when he is in “do not disturb” mode. This gift will keep Dad in the zone for hours.



    Honeywell has a range of smart thermostats so you can choose the perfect option for your dad this Father’s Day. Our favorite is the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. It’s full of features that make it perfect for any smart home, like scheduling, smart response and a touch screen, so you are able to control it from both your phone and the unit.

    Do you already have some of these smart home devices? Share your experience on our Facebook page, or check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.

    Smart and safe home sharing

    May 30, 2017 8:20 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, May 30, 2017

    Eliminate worrying how your guests will make it through the front door when you home share. 



    Home-sharing sites like Airbnb, VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) and HomeAway are popular choices for travelers looking for an authentic experience in a new city or something a little more price friendly than a hotel. But as a home-share host, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before opening your home to renters. Most sites provide thorough home-hosting checklists to ensure that you will be comfortable as a host.  A lot of those things revolve around making sure your guests will be comfortable and have all of the amenities they need. When hosting, it is generally smart that you include basics like bed sheets, a wi-fi password and where the extra toilet paper is. But the most important consideration is getting your guests through the front door.


    Are you planning on being home to let them in? Will they need you every time they want to come in and out? Will you give them a spare key to your house? That could lead to a lot of problems, like them copying your key, guests waiting at your door, or you losing sleep. Thankfully, Schlage’s keyless locks are the perfect solution for these problems.

    AirBnb - Smart locks - Schlage;

    Don’t worry about being home for check-in

    You won’t ever have to be home for your guests to check-in again. With an electronic lock, you no longer have to give your guest the keys in person. For example, with the Schlage Sense Smart DeadboltTM, you can program a different code for each guest from your smartphone. With their own personal code, your guests can get in and out without you giving them a key or needing a lock box.


    Pro Hosting Tip: Using the Schlage Sense iPhone App,you can be in total control of your home using the device that’s already in your pocket.

    No learning curve

    One of the best things about Schlage electronic locks is that there is no learning curve for your guests. You don’t have to ask them to download and familiarize themselves with an app prior to arriving at your house. And you don’t have to teach them any difficult technical skills to interact with your lock. With many of the Schlage locks, like the Schlage ConnectTM, all your guest needs to do to get in the door is enter their code into the illuminated touchscreen.


    Pro Hosting Tip: To keep codes organized, memorable and personal, program the guest’s code as the final four digits of their phone number.

    Know your house is safe

    The best part about using an electronic lock when putting your house on Airbnb, or similar house-sharing sites, is the added layer of safety that it brings. Locks like the Schlage TouchTM take electronic locks one step further by eliminating keys entirely. Not only will your guests feel safer in your home, knowing that you created a lock code specifically for them, but you can also feel safer knowing that with no keyhole, there is no lock for intruders to pick. Schlage electronic locks make hosting home-share guests an easy experience.


    Pro Hosting Tip: With Schlage locks like the Sense and Connect, you can set time frames for each code so that as guests leave, their code will expire and they cannot get back into your house.


    Have you used a wireless lock while hosting with Airbnb before? Share your hosting tips with us on Facebook.

    12 reasons why a smart lock may be the perfect Mother's Day gift

    May 5, 2017 10:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, May 5, 2017

    Mother's Day gift ideas

    Give mom the gift of convenience and peace of mind this Mother's Day. Here are 12 ways a smart lock can make her day a little easier.



    We all know that moms deserve so much and more for everything they sacrifice and do for their families. This year, let mom know how much you care by giving her the gift of convenience and peace of mind with a smart, keyless lock. Here are 12 reasons why this could be the perfect gift for Mother's Day.
    Smart Mother's Day gift ideas

    1. For the working mom

    Help mom know exactly when the kids get home from school by setting up alerts that notify her when the door is unlocked. She can even have a custom code for the nanny, dog walker and grandparents so they can easily come and go.

    2. For the mom always juggling a million things at once

    With a smart lock, mom doesn't need to worry about juggling the kids, groceries, shopping bags, mail and fumbling for her keys. With the touch of a button on her smart phone, she can command her deadbolt to lock and unlock. With the Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt, she can even ask Siri to unlock the door as she approaches.

    3. For the mom on the go

    Schlage's connected locks are each equipped with a customizable auto-lock feature. Mom can set her deadbolt to automatically lock after being unlocked for a certain period of time which means she can continue her day without worrying whether or not the last kid out the door locked the deadbolt.

    4. For the tech loving mom

    Help mom get one step closer to a fully automated home. Whether she's a HomeKitTM fanatic or prefers a voice activated smart home with Amazon Alexa, there's a smart lock that's perfect for her.

    5. For the mom with older kids

    Remove mom's worry that one of the kids will lose their key at recess or on the bus and get rid of that spare key that's never hidden really well. With a smart lock, each child can have his/her own access code that's easy for them to remember and gives mom peace of mind.

    6. For the exhausted mom

    There's nothing worse than for an exhausted mom to finally crawl into a warm cozy bed only to worry she may have left the front door unlocked. With a smart lock, she can easily command her door to lock from the comfort of her bed and avoid disturbing any sleeping children at the same time.

    7. For the active mom

    Give your mom the freedom to go for a run or walk without getting weighed down by keys. With Schlage's keyless locks, there's flexibility to choose how you access your home so she can leave the phone behind and use a keyless code instead.

    8. For the mom with a vacation home

    Make it easy for your mom to give access to guests via custom keycodes that can easily be added and removed from the app. She can even apply a schedule to the codes so they automatically become inactive upon checkout.

    9. For the mom who just moved to a new home

    Give mom the peace of mind that comes with a lock graded best in security, durability and finish by the BHMA. Just look for the AAA on the BHMA certified secure home label on packaging.

    10. For the mom with curious toddlers

    With Schlage's built-in alarm technology, mom can set her lock to activity mode to alert her anytime the door is opened. She also never has to worry about accidentally getting locked out - whether the kids are inside or on the outside of the door with her just waiting for the impending meltdown.

    11. For the brand new mom

    Make it easy for friends and family to swing by with food and gifts for the new parents by unlocking and locking the door from anywhere. No need for a recovering mom with a sleeping baby to answer the door.

    12. For the empty-nester mom

    Set up mom's smart home automation so she never walks into a dark home when unlocking her door. She can also assign a custom code for the handyman or other service personnel that may be in and out of her home, freeing her to enjoy the empty-nester life away from the home.

    How are you planning to show mom how much you care this year? Share your gift ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook!

    3 reasons smart locks are your best move when moving

    April 28, 2017 1:36 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, April 28, 2017

    3 reasons smart locks are your best move when moving

    See how a smart lock can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and add convenience to the home selling process.



    There are a lot of things to think about when putting your house up for sale. But have you considered getting a smart lock? Not only can it make your home more attractive to buyers, it can also provide peace of mind during the stressful process.

    1. People in and out of your home

    When you’re selling a home, people are coming and going constantly. Whether it is the realtor showing prospective buyers around or service providers coming to make repairs or clean, it’s impossible for you to be home every time someone needs to get in. Instead of leaving your door unlocked or leaving a key under a plant, a smart lock can keep your house secure while still allowing access to those you trust. You can use an app to program new access codes into the lock, even setting schedules for when those codes can be used. And because you’re notified when they are used, you can keep a better eye on who is in your house and when.

    Why smart locks are great when moving

    2. What buyers look for

    Smart home devices are becoming more in demand and expected for buyers. In a 2016 report, The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) said that 37% of clients find smart locks very important. Installing a smart lock on your front door is a simple and affordable first step towards making your house “smart.” With 42% of surveyed clients saying they are interested in smart home devices, a smart lock is a great way to spark buyers’ interest in your home.

    Importance of smart home devices

    3. Curb appeal

    The first impression is sometimes the only impression when it comes to a potential buyer. While there are plenty of major upgrades that will increase your curb appeal, updating front door hardware is one of the easiest and most noticeable improvements you can make. Use the product selector to find the perfect door hardware for your home and refresh the front of your house in minutes.

    Smart locks increase curb appeal
    Have you already gone keyless or are ready to make the switch? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook why you are going keyless with Schlage or check out our keyless options to see what would work best for your home!

    How the Internet of Things is opening possibilities beyond the smart home

    April 19, 2017 2:15 PM by Rob_Martens

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    The IoT is going beyond the Smart Home

    Futurist Rob Martens explains how the convenience of a smart home is made possible with an open platform.



    By Rob Martens, Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Allegion, maker of Schlage.


    Most people have heard of the Internet of Things by now, but few are familiar with the possibilities this platform opens for businesses and consumers alike. This platform, that has long been associated with the smart home, offers real and tangible value beyond the cool factor. Consumers and businesses fail to recognize that the Internet of Things acts as a key component to the daily operations of companies in several industries, such as fitness, agriculture and fashion. 


    A sensor does not make a product or technology part of the “Internet of Things”, it’s all about creating a holistic experience for the end user. It’s time consumers and businesses drop this notion and realize the positive impacts this technology has or could have. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the IoT is creating new conveniences and helping us maximize our resources every day.

    Beyond Fitness Trackers, IoT Taps into Equipment

    Most people are familiar with wearables that track fitness like Fitbit. The IoT is also taking exercise machines a step further into the future by creating realistic and tangible user experiences. The Peloton Cycle Exercise Bike, for example, comes with a screen that allows you to connect to real-life classes hosted by fitness trainers, giving users access to world-class instructors and allowing them to compete with other users from the comfort of home. With the busy schedules many of us keep, it’s easy for self-care to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Connected fitness machines make it easier to prioritize fitness by saving time spent traveling to the gym, and encouraging healthy competition between users all over the world.


    Hotels are even catching on, providing Peloton bikes within the room so guests can get their exercise without heading down to the gym. This is a smart idea in that it differentiates those hotels and draws guests away from the competition by offering a premium experience. The bike’s ability to import data from your wearables means you have access to the latest health metrics whether you’re using a hotel’s bike or your own. And perhaps best of all, when Peloton added tech, they didn’t sacrifice good design. The bike is one of the most attractive fitness machines on the market, and sturdily made so it can handle intense exercise sessions.

    IoT Provides Solutions to Farmers and Harvesters

    The IoT is even helping to maximize our agricultural resources. Farmers face immense challenges in creating a steady crop yield year over year – unpredictable weather, water shortages, and limited availability of land can impact the yield significantly. Brilliant IoT innovators have been focusing their expertise in this industry for years to create some pretty amazing resources to help solve those problems, increasing the quality, quantity and sustainability of agricultural production.


    Large farms can now use remote sensors to monitor the amount of moisture in the soil and even the amount of growth the crop has achieved. Harvesters can now be controlled from anywhere in the world, provided there’s an Internet connection available. Inventors have even begun using artificial intelligence to analyze metrics about the crop and even weather patterns to make predictions about the future, taking some of the guesswork out of a traditionally unpredictable industry. This is not just great news for farmers – it’s great news for everyone because it increases crop yields to make food more widely available.

    Fashion Meets Technology

    The fashion world is even beginning to catch onto the many benefits of the IoT. Most people today appreciate the ability to customize; we want our clothes, our homes, our cars, everything we own to not only behave in ways that make the day go smoothly and conveniently, but to reflect who we are as people. We live in an increasingly connected world in which we interact with new people more frequently. First impressions are more important than ever, so the ability to express who you are through the clothes you wear has become equally important.


    Services like NikeID allow you to customize your product (in their case, shoes) from the ground up. You start with a blank canvas, choose the basic structure of the shoe based on the functionality you want, and then you get to customize the fun stuff – materials used, colors and graphic prints. You can even choose how the bottom of the shoe looks. Another service called Trunk Club behaves as a personal fashion assistant, a luxury typically reserved for the rich and famous that’s becoming available to all thanks to the IoT. The service shows you several style combinations and asks for your opinion, building a profile of your tastes that allows it to make suggestions based on what it knows you like. It even seeks out the clothes that are best for your body type, as well as those that fit within your budget, so you aren’t pressed into spending more than you normally would.

    The reason these innovations work is that they create a holistic experience for the end user. It’s not about the latest gadget or simply adding sensors to everyday items – it’s about integrating technology into your lifestyle in a way that makes sense and creates convenience and efficiency. It’s about creating a beautiful user interface, in terms of both usability and design. It’s about providing you with the essential knowledge you need in order to be as successful as you can. In its simplest terms, the IoT is about making life better, and the opportunities to do that are boundless. Every industry on the planet, and even the planet itself, stands to benefit from technology used in this way.
    To learn more about Schlage’s stance on the tech landscape, please visit


    Rob Martens

    Rob Martens | Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships

    Rob Martens uses his unique talent for identifying patterns and associations to look for mega trends in technology, as well as the ways they can be used to improve the average person’s day. 

    The future of the smart home is accessible

    March 13, 2017 5:47 PM by Rob_Martens

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

    The future of the smart home is accessible

    A Futurist’s view on technology’s growing accessibility and the need to demystify for consumers



    By Rob Martens, Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships for Allegion, maker of Schlage.


    One of the things I love most about technology is that every device begins its life as an idea. In decades past, inventors, futurists like myself, and even science fiction writers have spent countless hours imagining ways the future can be better through the advancement of technology. But it’s not only about ground breaking ideas, major advancements, or that moment when the idea becomes reality. Technology has its greatest impact when it becomes accessible enough for everyone to benefit from – when the idea becomes practical.


    We may not have reached the age of flying cars, but now you can lock your car (or your front door) from the other side of the planet, so you don’t have to spend your entire vacation wondering if your belongings are safe. The technology used to do this is fairly simple and has existed for quite a while, yet using it in this practical way may seem like a new idea.
    That’s because it takes time for a new technology to grow from just an idea into an actual device, and even more time to become accessible enough for everyone to benefit from. When technology becomes more accessible, it evolves even further as we find alternate ways it can become practical in our daily lives. For example, in just the past few decades the smartphone has completely changed the way we live. We still use them to make calls, but as smartphones have become more and more accessible they’ve also made mobile access to the Internet widespread across the country, giving rise to new services and cultural behaviors that weren’t possible before.

    The smart home space is an especially exciting example of this evolution because advancements are happening so rapidly that the possibilities for real-world application expand every day. That moment when a new technology becomes affordable and performs well enough to make its way into the mass market is extremely important in opening up those possibilities. However, in order for a technology to become relevant enough to change the cadence of our lives and even our society, it must be truly demystified for the user.

    A lot goes into that demystification. Smart home tech is truly successful when it adds convenience to our lives, and it can only do that when it is simple for any user to set up and begin using. The smart home is no longer about investing significant time and resources into hiring a professional to set up a complex, whole-home system with a user manual the size of a novel. These days, it’s easy to start with one device that works with a smartphone right out of the box and is easily integrated into your daily routine. Smart locks are a great example of this.
    In other words, smart home technology is evolving from futuristic idea to practical application rapidly, and it’s no longer just for early tech adopters. It’s for your mom, your grandparents, your kids – anyone moving fast through the day who needs technology to make life easier without causing disruption. This level of accessibility takes smart home to the next level: no longer ‘smart’, but simply ideal. A home that is fluid and adaptable based on our daily, changing needs. No longer a luxury for a select few, but completely obtainable and customizable for all, one piece at a time.
    Part of the demystification process is also understanding how these devices can actually be useful and make life easier. Why would you want to be able to control your lock with your smartphone? Because I was in a hurry this morning, and it’s incredibly comforting that I can double check from my office whether I locked the front door behind me. Why connect it to another device? Instead of fumbling for the light switch in the dark when I get home late, the lights come on automatically as I unlock the door. I may be biased, but the easiest way to try smart home tech for the first time is with your door lock. It’s the entry point to your home, and where so much of the magic can happen.
    What’s most important is that it’s easy for me to set up my smart lock and integrate it with other devices without having to understand every detail of the technology. They work seamlessly, and they add a moment of convenience to my day without interrupting my routine. This convenience is exciting because it’s no longer just an idea for futurists to consider, but available today to everyone. That level of accessibility is the true future of the smart home –and it’s happening now. To learn more, visit


    Rob Martens

    Rob Martens | Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships

    Rob Martens uses his unique talent for identifying patterns and associations to look for mega trends in technology, as well as the ways they can be used to improve the average person’s day. 

    7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

    March 3, 2017 5:46 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 3, 2017

    7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa | Schlage

    Here’s what you need to know before you use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.



    Schlage is expanding its innovation footprint within the Internet of Things by integrating the Schlage Connect™ lock with Wink and Samsung SmartThings, two of the most trusted smart home hubs in the industry. Through these integrations, consumers can now access their Schlage Connect lock via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.


    Here’s what you need to know before you use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.

    7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

    1. Will current Schlage Connect models be compatible with Amazon Alexa?


    Yes, all current Schlage Connect lock models will be compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices through Wink and Samsung SmartThings hubs.

    2. What steps need to be taken to connect with Amazon Alexa?


    In order to utilize the Schlage Connect lock via Alexa-enabled devices, users must connect the deadbolt to a Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub. Once it is connected, users will be able to access their lock via voice activation. See this tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

    3. What can Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa do?


    Amazon Echo users can lock and check the status of their Schlage Connect deadbolt through their Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub. This offers consumers the peace of mind and convenience of knowing their homes are always locked and protected by one of the strongest, most convenient locks on the market.

    4. What can't Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa do?


    Schlage is committed to providing consumers with a suite of keyless electronic products developed to address their need for convenient, secure, and technologically advanced yet simple-to-use locks. With this in mind, Amazon Alexa is not enabled to unlock, check battery status or create/maintain secured codes.

    5. Why can’t I unlock my lock or check battery status with Amazon Alexa?


    Schlage has a legacy in producing the strongest locks in the industry that offer easy ways to add another layer of security, and even make it smarter. This legacy and commitment remains true with Alexa-enabled devices, therefore Schlage’s focus continues to be ensuring that the power of unlocking a home or checking battery status remains in consumers' hands directly, rather than relying on third-party components.

    6. Why can’t I add or delete user codes with Amazon Alexa?


    Already trusted in over 40 million homes, Schlage always aim to create carefully designed products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life – keeping you safe and making life easier and more connected. We are unwilling to compromise that, especially when it comes to Smart Home integration. Therefore, we always want to ensure something like adding and delete user codes remain in the users’ hands directly, rather than relying on third-party components.

    7. What hubs does Schlage Connect work with?


    The Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices via Wink and Samsung SmartThings hubs.


    For more information about the Schlage Connect’s integration with Amazon Alexa, visit to view our press release. 

    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

    February 28, 2017 2:40 PM by dustin.arnold

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

    Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started using your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.



    The Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt just became a little more convenient. Using an Alexa-enabled device customers now have the ability to lock and check the status of their Schlage Connect lock through their Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub. It’s just one more way this smart lock provides added peace of mind.


    Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started.



    How to link your Alexa app with Wink or SmartThings

     1 Select the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     2 If required, sign in to the Amazon Alexa app.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     3 In the Amazon Alexa app, tap the menu icon.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     4 Select Smart Home.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     5 Scroll down until you see “Get More Smart Home Skills” and select.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     6 Scroll down and find and select either the SmartThings or Wink icon to link the appropriate account (if necessary).


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

    How to use the Alexa lock functionality

    Once you’ve linked your Wink or SmartThings hub in your Amazon Alexa app, you’re ready to begin using Amazon Alexa to lock and check the status of your Schlage Connect lock.
     1 Repeat steps 1-4 above.



     5 Scroll down in the Amazon Alexa app to find and select “Discover devices”.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     6 Allow the app to find and discover connected devices that use voice commands.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     7 The app will then display devices it can control – including your Schlage Connect lock.


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

     8 You are now ready to use voice commands with your Schlage Connect deadbolt:
    “Alexa, is my front door locked?”
    Alexa: “The Front Door is unlocked.”
    “Alexa, lock my front door.”


    How to get started using Amazon Alexa with your Schlage Connect™ deadbolt

    Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt now works with Amazon Alexa

    February 28, 2017 1:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt now works with Amazon Alexa | Schlage

    Consumers can now access their Schlage Connect Touchscreen deadbolt via devices with Amazon Alexa. Learn more about this integration here.



    Schlage Connect™ is a sophisticated lock created to provide you with absolute peace of mind each and every time you leave home. With Schlage Connect, you don’t have to worry if the door is locked, or wonder if the babysitter has a back door key—you’ll know because Schlage Connect allows you to be connected, confident, and in control from virtually anywhere you go.
    Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt now works with Amazon Alexa
    Schlage is now expanding its innovation footprint within the Internet of Things by integrating the Schlage Connect lock with Wink and Samsung SmartThings, two of the most trusted smart home hubs in the industry. Through these integrations, consumers can now access their Schlage Connect lock via devices with Amazon Alexa
    This new integration comes as an addition to the Schlage Connect™ lock’s compatibility with Z-Wave®, which allows homeowners to secure and manage their home from anywhere using an internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer. Through multiple smart home platform offerings, the Schlage Connect lock makes it simple and convenient for consumers to join the Internet of Things and create a truly connected home.
    For more information, visit our press release.

    6 Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt features you may not know about

    February 24, 2017 8:00 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 24, 2017

    6 features you may not know the Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt has6 features you may not know the Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt has

    Home access anywhere. Learn more about the Schlage Connect Touchscreen deadbolt.



    The Schlage Connect Touchscreen deadbolt combines advanced features and compatibility with your home automation system, allowing you to control your home from anywhere. This lock frees you from the hassles of lost keys, being locked out, or hiding a spare for friends and family. Check out the infographic below for six features you may not know this advanced electronic deadbolt is capable of.

    Schlage Connect Touchscreen deadbolt
    To learn more about Schlage Connect and to find a retailer, visit