7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

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7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

By emily.bailey

Friday, March 3, 2017

7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa | Schlage

Here’s what you need to know before you use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.



Schlage is expanding its innovation footprint within the Internet of Things by integrating the Schlage Connect™ lock with Wink and Samsung SmartThings, two of the most trusted smart home hubs in the industry. Through these integrations, consumers can now access their Schlage Connect lock via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.


Here’s what you need to know before you use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.

7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

1. Will current Schlage Connect models be compatible with Amazon Alexa?


Yes, all current Schlage Connect lock models will be compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices through Wink and Samsung SmartThings hubs.

2. What steps need to be taken to connect with Amazon Alexa?


In order to utilize the Schlage Connect lock via Alexa-enabled devices, users must connect the deadbolt to a Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub. Once it is connected, users will be able to access their lock via voice activation. See this tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

3. What can Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa do?


Amazon Echo users can lock and check the status of their Schlage Connect deadbolt through their Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub. This offers consumers the peace of mind and convenience of knowing their homes are always locked and protected by one of the strongest, most convenient locks on the market.

4. What can't Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa do?


Schlage is committed to providing consumers with a suite of keyless electronic products developed to address their need for convenient, secure, and technologically advanced yet simple-to-use locks. With this in mind, Amazon Alexa is not enabled to unlock, check battery status or create/maintain secured codes.

5. Why can’t I unlock my lock or check battery status with Amazon Alexa?


Schlage has a legacy in producing the strongest locks in the industry that offer easy ways to add another layer of security, and even make it smarter. This legacy and commitment remains true with Alexa-enabled devices, therefore Schlage’s focus continues to be ensuring that the power of unlocking a home or checking battery status remains in consumers' hands directly, rather than relying on third-party components.

6. Why can’t I add or delete user codes with Amazon Alexa?


Already trusted in over 40 million homes, Schlage always aim to create carefully designed products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life – keeping you safe and making life easier and more connected. We are unwilling to compromise that, especially when it comes to Smart Home integration. Therefore, we always want to ensure something like adding and delete user codes remain in the users’ hands directly, rather than relying on third-party components.

7. What hubs does Schlage Connect work with?


The Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices via Wink and Samsung SmartThings hubs.


For more information about the Schlage Connect’s integration with Amazon Alexa, visit schlage.com to view our press release. 

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Does the Amazon Echo Dot work or do you need the full size Echo for this to integrate?
why don't you allow me to unlock the door with Alexa using a special code. August allows for unlocking, If I can see whos at the door with my camera and want to let them in, why is Schlage blocking me from using alexa doing. this. I already regret my purchase. Why not also provide the ability to ask what the lock status is. Alexa is the door locked? or Alexa what is the status of the door. The choice should be mine not yours. You could even require two codes.

And by the way the answers above are lame evasions.. They are deflecting and not really answering the questions.
If users try to make "comments" or "suggestions" about what NEEDS to be improved, then Schlage just deletes all the comments. Typical of how TERRIBLE Schlage is at customer service and taking care of users/customers.

As a customer, I'm extremely frustrated/angry at how poorly these Schlage locks work with Alexa (they don't work) and you can't even check your battery status and can't even unlock your door with Alexa!

Of the "SIX COMMENTS" made by other users (talking about how the Schlage locks don't work with Alexa) it seems that Schlage just keeps deleting ALL the users comments... (over and over and over) because Schlage doesn't want users to know the TRUTH about how their door locks don't work with Alexa.

As users we should have the option to "enable" Alexa to unlock our Schlage locks. I understand that Schlage doesn't want users using Alexa, and Schlage doesn't think we should have the ability to use Alexa with Schlage locks, but as a user... I want (and demand) these features.

I want to be able to set times/schedule (between 7AM to 6:30PM) where I can use Alexa to say "Alexa, unlock the Front Door" and Alexa will just respond with "ok" and unlock the door.

That was my whole purpose of purchasing these Schlage locks, was so they would work with Alexa. Unfortunately they don't work, and if you want a lock that WILL unlock the door (using Alexa) you are forced to go with an "August" door lock from a company called "August".

I do like Schlage locks, and wish that Schlage engineers did a better job with the Alexa integration, and added the ability to have an "Alexa Pin Code" so you can enter a six or eight digit "Alexa pin code" to lock or unlock your Schlage lock (using Alexa). That way you can say "Alexa, unlock the front door" and Alexa would respond with "What is the pin code?" Then you say the six or eight digit code, and Alexa will say "ok" and unlock the front door.

It's very easy to do, and unfortunately Schlage engineers just haven't taken the time to create a "finished product" that actually works well (with Alexa, and Ring.com, and Wink or Wink Hub 2, or SmartThings).

Schlage refuses to listen to customers, and instead feel that "they know best" and don't care what users actually want. It's unfortunate, and for this reason... I'll be returning my Schlage locks back to the store for a full refund, and looking for other locks (like "August") that actually DO WORK with Alexa, and DO UNLOCK THE DOOR LOCK (August door locks) and they truly know how to do a proper "Alexa integration".

Schlage tries to "falsify" their inability to design things correctly, by trying to say "security", yada, yada. It's complete nonsense, because whether you use a four-digit keypad on your garage door opener, or four or six digit code to unlock your front door, it's no different then just having/enabling an extra "Alexa Pin Code" to unlock your front door.

I just want the ability to use Alexa to remotely lock and UNLOCK my front door, so I can leave my door locked (during the day) and then just use Alexa to unlock my door (as needed) so I don't have to walk downstairs (in a large home) and can remotely let users in, by simply using Alexa (while inside my home).

Another big "shortfall" is the inability to use the Ring.com App to "unlock" my Schlage door locks. When someone walks near the front of my house, or near my front door (or back door, or patio door) my Ring Video Doorbell Pro's "alert" me (via notification) that someone is near my front door (before they even ring my doorbell) and then when they push the doorbell, I'm able to talk (and see them), and have a two-way conversation with them.

If it's someone that I know (and that I want to let inside my home), I want the ability to push the "Unlock Door" button (from the Ring.com App) and unlock the door. I also want the ability to "trigger alarm" if it's someone that I don't want near my door.

If the motion sensor "trips" and signals me, and I can see someone suspicious at my front door (remotely) then I want the ability to "trigger alarm" and set off my Schlage Door Lock alarm/siren, so that I can "scare" away the intruder, and set off the Schlage Door Lock alarm/siren (through my Ring.com App).

I use and depend on these Schlage locks for security and convenience, and right now it's NOT convenient if I can't unlock my door locks (remotely) with Alexa (while I'm in the house) and Schlage needs to add this feature (it can be DISABLED BY DEFAULT) but they should give users the ability to "enable" this feature (even if they want to "advise against it" but still give users the CHOICE and ABILITY to use Alexa to unlock their Schlage door locks.

Also give users the ability to add a "Six-digit" or "Eight Digit" Alexa Pin Code (for Schlage locks) that is ONLY for Alexa voice commands (and will NOT work on unlocking the outdoor keypad/lock) but can ONLY be used for Alexa voice commands to unlock the door lock.

That way users can use Alexa and say "Alexa unlock the front door" and Alexa will respond with "What is the pin code?" and then the user says the 6 digit pin code, and Alexa says "Ok" and unlocks the front door.

A pin code is PLENTY secure to ensure that someone that is inside the house is authorized to unlock the door. I just want the ability to LOCK and UNLOCK my doors (via Alexa) and unfortunately Schlage Connect door locks still can't seem to do this, and Schlage can't seem to get it fixed or "get it right".

August already has this ability, and if you want to use Alexa to lock or unlock your door locks, then you need to use an August door lock, not Schlage. Until Schlage starts LISTENING to it's customers, it will always be rated very poorly, and if you look at C-Net and all other reviews, it always shows AUGUST as being the NUMBER ONE door lock, and Schlage is not even recommended because it doesn't work well with Alexa, or home automation systems.

The ability to CHECK BATTERY STATUS (via Alexa) and the ability to UNLOCK THE DOOR LOCK (via Alexa) are the two MAJOR things that are wrong/broken with these Schlage door locks/products. Schlage should have taken the time to add a completely separate "Alexa Pin Number" (that is separate from any other pin codes) and can ONLY be used with Alexa to unlock the door lock.

This is a feature that needs to be added/fixed, and until this is fixed/corrected, it is NOT ok to say that this "works with Alexa" because it does not.

This is simply NOT TRUE: "Schlage’s focus continues to be ensuring that the power of unlocking a home or checking battery status remains in consumers' hands directly". NOT TRUE! As a consumer, I am DEMANDING that I have the ability to UNLOCK my door using Alexa!

I shouldn't have to buy a different product (August door lock) just because I want to unlock my door using Alexa. As a consumer, it seems that I can only "speak with my wallet" and purchase August products, because Schlage REFUSES to listen to it's customers and consumers!

The only thing I can do is RETURN MY SCHLAGE LOCKS back to the store for a FULL REFUND, and go buy an August door lock, because at least with August I can unlock my door locks using Alexa.

Schlage really needs to stop "sweeping things under the rug" and needs to LISTEN TO CONSUMERS, and implement the features that CONSUMERS DEMAND and WANT the most.

It doesn't mean DELETE users/consumers/customers comments, or hang up on them, or refuse customer support... because that is what Schlage currently does... and Schlage needs to get this FIXED, and implement a six-digit (or eight-digit) Alexa Pin Code, so that it can be used to use Alexa to unlock the Schlage door locks. (This can be "DISABLED" by default, but users should have the ability to "override" this and "enable" the ability for Alexa to unlock the door lock).

Let customers DECIDE what they want Alexa (and their Schlage door locks) to be able to do! As a consumer/customer, I want the ability to use Alexa to unlock my Schlage door locks!!

Take the time to add two things:
1) A "security schedule" (times where Alexa can UNLOCK the door lock" and the ability to set times and days of the week, such as Monday through Friday from 7AM - 6:30PM, Alexa can be used to unlock the Schlage Door Locks).

2) Add the ability for a separate six-digit or eight-digit "Alexa Pin Code" (or Schlage Pin Code) that works with Alexa, so that when I ask Alexa... "Alexa unlock the front door" then Alexa can respond with "What is the pin code?"

Then the customer can say the six-digit or eight-digit pin code, and Alexa will say "Ok" and unlock the Schlage door lock.

That is how it should and MUST be done, so that users can enjoy using their Alexa to automate their home, and automate their door locks. I should have the ability to change my "Alexa Pin Code" whenever I want (via the Wink App, or Ring.com App, or Schlage App, or even via Alexa).

Make it EASY for customers to use Schlage products with their home automation systems (Wink, Wink Relay, Wink Hub 2, and Ring.com Video Doorbell Pro, etc.)

I wish that Schlage would begin to LISTEN TO CONSUMERS and DO WHAT CONSUMERS are asking for!! Listen to your customers, and this is what customers/consumers WANT (and DEMAND). So please pay attention, write this down, and do it!! Stop IGNORING customers, and IGNORING what customers want!!

Schlage STOP deleting our comments, and LISTEN TO US!!

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