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It’s that time of year when we eagerly look forward to what’s next. That includes building trends of the future. Here are three areas with a predicted upswing in new housing and renovations.

1. Go green


People will increasingly look for construction materials and homes that not only avoid harming the environment but also make the planet a better place for the future. That can include everything from improving the environmental impact of the construction itself to maintenance and day-to-day living. Choosing sustainable materials – toxin-free cabinetry, self-healing asphalt, bricks made from cigarette butts – and incorporating energy-efficient solutions – reusing sink water in the toilet, taking advantage of natural light – are at the top of the list.

And according to Architect Magazine, consumers will reward companies that “not only work and produce sustain-ably, but who recognize ways to pay those processes and outcomes forward, and share them with other builders, developers, manufacturers.”

2. Slow Living


There are some aspects of Slow Living that dovetail with sustainability, namely the trend toward repurposing materials and incorporating nature in the home. The foundation of Slow Living, however, is design that promotes personal wellness and encourages connections with other people. Dining areas become communal areas, for example, space not only for food prep and eating, but also for giving friends and family a place to gather. Slow Living also leans toward minimalist style, giving consumers space for meditation that is free of technological distractions, as well as other design elements inspired by the homemade or artisanal.

How can door hardware help you achieve Slow Living? When the goal is to create designs that impact personal well-being – no easy task – success is in the details. Schlage door hardware’s style and finish options for door knobs, levers and trims can help create the environment homeowners crave.

3. Blurred Reality


Architect Magazine calls it Fantasy IRL (In Real Life). Homeowners will increasingly look for the real and the virtual to merge so that they have even more digital experiences. Oftentimes this in the name of play and escapism, but not always. The Home Improvement Research Institute identifies home wellness, which that can be enhanced through technology, as a hot topic for 2019. Circadian rhythm lighting, for example, simulates natural light and is thought to affect sleep patterns, daytime alertness, and emotional health and well-being.

Smart locks play an important role when consumers are increasingly technology-driven. The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt can both be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone and, when paired with a smart hub, can also be incorporated into a larger smart home ecosystem. A smart lock is one small way to give homeowners the levels of convenience they have grown to expect in both the single-family as well as multi-family and apartment sectors.


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