How to fix a squeaky door hinge.


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How to fix a squeaky door hinge.

By emily.bailey

Friday, February 17, 2023

Fix squeaky hinge | Schlage

Fixing a squeaky door hinge is an easy DIY. Block off a bit of time and you can stop a squeaky door with some easy maintenance.



Squeaky door hinges are a common frustration. While the noise itself is a bother, it can become a real nuisance when a squeaky door wakes up your sleeping baby or causes you to lose focus when working from home. Fortunately, fixing a squeaky door hinge is an easy DIY. Block off a bit of time and you can stop a squeaky door with some easy maintenance.
Open front door with list of ways to fix squeaky hinges.

What is the best way to stop squeaky door hinges?

The answer here depends on your specific situation. In many scenarios, all you need is a quick application of lubricant to stop a door from squeaking. How do you lubricate door hinges? You can use either WD-40 or there are other household products you may have more readily available. Lubrication is a temporary fix that will require occasional re-application, but it is the easiest, most cost-effective solution for squeaky door hinges.


If you have old or damaged door hinges that no longer function properly, your best option is going to be replacement. No amount of lubricant can revive a door hinge that has gotten pinched or rusted out. Or, if your current hinges are an outdated finish that doesn’t match the rest of the hardware in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to swap out your hinges for both style and functionality. Luckily, replacing a squeaky door hinge is a simple, relatively inexpensive upgrade that makes a big impact on your home.


There’s a reason dad always kept a can of WD-40 in the garage – it’s perfect for fixing squeaky hinges of all sorts. Rocket Chemical Company created WD-40 to prevent rusting on aerospace technology in the 1950s. “WD” stands for “water displacement,” and it took the three-person team who developed it 40 attempts before finalizing the formula, giving the product its name. Rocket employees started taking the solvent home and using it on avariety of problems – from lubricating hinges and removing bugs from car windshields to removing road tar from cars. More than 75 years later, WD-40’s original formula still does the trick. 


To fix a squeaky door with WD-40, you’ll want to use the smart straw on the side of the WD-40 can for precise application. Before spraying, tap the hinge pin so that it is slightly raised – if it is covered in thick gunk, it’s a good idea to give it a quick clean with a cotton swab. Then, hold a paper towel or rag under the hinge to catch any drips. Positioning the end of the smart straw about an inch away, spray in short bursts along the hinge, making sure to hit the hinge pin and any seams so that the WD-40 can travel down into the hinge itself. To clean up the excess WD-40 on the outside of the hinge, use a damp, soapy cloth or multipurpose cleaner and then buff dry to prevent rust. If you raised the hinge pin, make sure to tap it back down into place before moving on. 


One application should stop a squeaky door for quite a while, but the WD-40 will eventually dry up, necessitating re-application. 

Household items

WD-40 isn’t the only option – there are other temporary fixes for squeaky hinges. Angi has some great tips on household items that will fix a squeaky door.


  • Bar soap - Just rub it on your hinges until they are coated.

  • Petroleum jelly – Remove the pin from your hinge and cover it in petroleum jelly before reinserting.

  • Paraffin candles – Remove the pin from your hinges and rub hot wax onto it before reinserting.

  • Olive oil – Use a cotton swab to apply a little bit on top of your hinges.


When using these common household products, be sure to concentrate on the hinges and avoid contacting doors as much as possible. Clean up any overapplication to prevent a sticky mess.

New hinges

Chances are, you probably haven’t thought much about the style or finish of your hinges, but it’s often the small details that make the biggest impact in tying a room together. Replacing your hinges serves a dual purpose: improve the functionality of your door while also adding beauty and consistency throughout your home. If you just updated your door hardware with a Matte Black finish, swapping your Bright Brass hinges for Matte Black is a small and simple project that makes a big difference. Schlage carries hinges in a variety of finishes to match any décor.

Door hinges - Schlage

See how easy updating your hinges is in our step-by-step instructions and enjoy smooth-swinging, beautiful hinges throughout your home.


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