Make your entryway stand out with these accent wall ideas.


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Make your entryway stand out with these accent wall ideas.

By emily.bailey

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Entryway accent wall | Schlage

Creating a clearly defined entryway doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Try these feature wall hacks to make walking in the door feel like coming home to a haven.



Do you have a true entryway or is it just an open expanse where shoes collect? Especially if you have an open floorplan, it’s possible that the only thing eye-catching about your foyer is piles of clutter. Rather than showing off your personal style, it just kind of runs over into your living space. And, because there are no definite boundaries, painting and decorating becomes tricky. The good news is that creating a clearly defined entryway doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Try these feature wall hacks to make walking in the door feel like coming home to a haven.

Why you need an accent wall in your entryway

  • My front door opens immediately into my living room and no matter how many hooks and mirrors I hang or console tables I try, the space still looks unfinished.

  • I want to paint, but my open floorplan means that if I start in the entryway, I’d also have to paint the living room and then up the steps and then into the upstairs hallway … there’d be no end.

  • I want to try a new color or pattern, but I’m intimidated by the boldness.

  • I found a wallpaper I love, but I’m on a budget and can’t afford to use it in an entire room.


If any of those sound like you, then an accent wall could be exactly what you need to take your entryway décor to the next level. An accent wall can help create the illusion of a separate space, tricking the mind into thinking you’ve entered a new zone, even when the walls haven’t changed.


And because most entryways are relatively small spaces, they can be the perfect opportunity to try different décor you might not attempt elsewhere in the house. Bold patterns and bright colors can be used in moderation, making them feel less overwhelming. Plus, the smaller space means you’ll likely spend less money on materials, letting you save up or splurge in other areas.


Accent wall ideas that wow with wallpaper

Wallpaper is much more user-friendly than it used to be, which explains its recent resurgence. With more temporary and peel-and-stick options, there’s also less pressure to get it perfect the first time around. And that’s great to hear with all those amazing designs to choose from.

Geometric patterns in bright blue make a strong statement in this entryway by Murphy Deesign. Somewhat surprisingly, despite the pattern, the space isn’t what most would call “busy.” Thanks to the clean white doors and console table and complementary blues in the mirror and umbrella stand, the overall look stays streamlined.


Meg at Baker Blooms has a hard time saying no to a mural wall, but we picked this wallpapered entryway as a reminder that even second entrances – side doors, back doors, one off of a garage – can be beautiful and functional. Coordinating the colors in the wallpaper with the green in the door goes a long way toward keeping a cohesive, intentional style.
This foyer shown on House Beautiful is a great example of how a small space can be the perfect opportunity for a splash of the unusual. The wallpaper, artwork and pillows designate this as an official entryway instead of a nook with a random bench. We can imagine coming home to the bright, fun colors each day.
Even soft patterns can make a difference in your entryway. Krystin Lee’s greige trellis wallpaper provides some visual interest while complementing the traditional style of the home. The understated neutral plays well with the color of the tile flooring and matches the overall décor.

Pleasing paint for accent walls

If your entryway gets lots of natural light, this could be prime location for one of the darker, moodier colors you’ve been meaning to try. Remember, it’s all about balance. Choose a dark accent when you have lighter surrounding walls and bright, airy décor. Or go with something unexpected – coral or turquoise – if everything else is neutral.

Sherwin-Williams paired its Majestic Purple with Natural Linen and Downy in this hallway. The golden pop from that mirror helps to keep the accent wall from feeling overbearing as well.

Still have a fear of commitment? That’s why Hawthorne and Main painted half of one wall in their entryway. Having been burned more than once by over-the-top colors in the past, they choose this green that’s almost a neutral and kept it extra interesting by adding the pattern above and pink table as décor. It might be safe, but it’s definitely also gorgeous.


Painted murals don’t need to be bright yellow to draw your attention. If you prefer a soft sage green or blush pink, use that. A sandy hue could also work. They’ll still pop – just in a more subtle way – against a white wall. The goal isn’t to smack your visitors in the face with your wall color, but to fool their subconscious into realizing, “I’m supposed to do something different here.”


Peony and Honey described this as an “awkward hallway wall” previously, but the soft arch is the perfect backdrop for some simple décor that adds definition to the space.

Find more entryway décor ideas at the Schlage blog. You’ll also find tips to make painting a snap, whether you’re updating doors and trims, walls or even ceilings and floors.