Spruce up your entryway with these easy DIY projects.


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Spruce up your entryway with these easy DIY projects.

By emily.bailey

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Spruce up your entryway with these easy DIY projects. | Schlage

Create the perfect entryway with these easy and affordable DIY projects.



Although it may be the smallest area of your home, your entryway deserves the same attention to detail you give to any other room. A functional entryway will keep your life organized and wow your guests each time they step through the door. To help you follow the seven must-follow rules of a welcoming entryway, we gathered up our favorite DIY entryway projects. You’re sure to get the look you want for a price that's even better.

1. Fake it to make it with hooks and crates

Staying organized is easiest to do when you have a designated place for everything. If you have a limited amount of space or have to fake an entryway, this DIY project from Jenna Burger Design is perfect for you!

2. Upholster a bench with ease

If you consider yourself a DIY beginner, this project from Ana White is for you. Build your own custom upholstered bench in just one day and start wowing your guests with your style.

3. Turn a coat closet into an organized niche

Has your hall closet become a catch-all rather than a functional storage space that truly makes life easier? Make it work for you by turning it in to a beautiful entryway nook with this closet hack from Hooked on Houses.

4. Create a central command center

A wall organizer with chalkboard is the perfect place to stash small items and keep an eye on the calendar for the whole family. The file folder helps you keep track of homework, mail and other paperwork. And the IKEA bookshelf? Use it however it fits your life best, whether it’s as a shoe rack, a place to display knickknacks or something else entirely. Simple as That shows us how it’s done.

5. Be beautiful and functional

For those of us who are still feeling the Modern Farmhouse love, this one’s for you. Galvanized tubs help keep everyone organized, while the decorative touches contribute to the overall style of the room. Cherished Bliss used a giant chalkboard for looks, but you could easily make it a command center or use that wall space for coat hooks or floating shelves instead.

6. Build your own stylish console table

This DIY fretwork console table is the perfect modern touch to a more traditional entryway. Get all the details on materials and process in this tutorial from View Along the Way.

7. Banish boring boot trays

Keep your floors clean and skip the salty stains from snowy boots with this creative and eco-friendly boot tray. Wine corks glued to a custom-made tray not only look good, but the material will help absorb moisture and stop puddles before they happen. Cheers to Earnest Home Co. for the idea!

8. Go big with panels

We love this for an open floor plan! The entryway footprint itself is fairly small, but because it immediately opens to an expansive room with high ceilings, most foyer décor would look out of proportion. Home Mix built panels just right for the large wall, and the hooks keep it functional.



Find more DIY projects for your entryway, and every other room in your home, at the Schlage blog.





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