How to choose a front door paint color.


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How to choose a front door paint color.

By emily.bailey

Friday, June 18, 2021

Front door paint colors | Schlage

Here's our list of best paint colors for front doors, plus what hues might improve your qi and match your personality.



Choosing a paint color for your front door is often easier said than done. With so many options available, the process of narrowing down your choices can be overwhelming. One thing's for sure. At the end of the day, the color you choose should reflect your style and personality.


The good news is that there are a number of tips and tricks to help you choose the right color for you. You can start with coordinating your front door to your home’s exterior paint color. You might also let feng shui guide you, choose based on your enneagram type or take a just-for-fun quiz like this one from HGTV (we got green, maybe because we really want to travel to Ireland?). Keep reading for our list of best paint colors for front doors, plus what hues might improve your qi and match your personality.

Mid-Century modern California home with yellow front door.

Classic neutrals

Were you expecting all eye-popping bold paint colors? We’ll get to those. But don’t be fooled into thinking that classic neutral paint colors – black, white, gray – can’t do wonders for your curb appeal, too. They’re classic for a reason. No matter the style of your home, from traditional to modern and everywhere in between, a neutral paint color can be a beautiful choice. Plus, they tend to work regardless of your home’s exterior paint color.

You might go with one of these neutrals if you have a west- or north-facing door and want to improve your entryway’s feng shui. Black is thought to attract positive energy, but avoid it for west-facing doors as it conflicts with the metal element. For fans of the enneagram test, Reformers (Type 1) and Achievers (Type 3) will especially love gray neutrals.


Green is one of the most popular colors for front doors. The good news is that you have free rein to choose from the entire spectrum, from rich emerald to pale mint to earthy brown. More traditional homes may want to play it conservatively, choosing something like Benjamin Moore’s Martha’s Vineyard. For a more contemporary or daring look, consider their Fresh Lime.


Green is connected to the idea of new beginnings, which makes it a strong choice for east-facing doors if you’re trying to improve your feng shui and for enneagram’s Investigators (Type 5). It’s all about growth, renewal and innovation.


The world is your oyster when it comes to the right shade of blue for your front door. Like green, this azure hue can range from light powder blue to a dark navy and everywhere in between. It can be rich and luxurious like a cobalt or fun and funky like teal or turquoise.


One thing to pay special attention to with blue paint colors is the undertones. green versus grey undertones. For a more earthy feel, choose a paint color with green undertones like you might find in the Caribbean. For something closer to a classic neutral, Benjamin Moore’s Airway (we love their sample tool) with its grey undertones would be ideal.
Choose blue for good feng shui on north-facing doors. According to The Spruce, “dark blue can be helpful in supporting an intention to deepen your skillfulness.” To match your door color to your enneagram type, choose blue if you’re an Individualist (Type 4) or Peacemaker (Type 9). Peacemakers might be especially drawn to those blues with green or nature-inspired undertones.


Purple is considered a very regal color, but most purple doors are described like food. Darker colors such as plum and grape can balance that feeling of playfulness – a purple door isn’t all that common, after all – with sophistication. For something a little lighter, which would pair better with a dark exterior, look for a purple with grey undertones such as lilac and some lavenders.


South-facing doors want purple paint for good feng shui. It corresponds to the fire element, so the farther you get from earth tones, the better. Enneagram’s Helpers (Type 2) also crave purple, especially those in the lilac family, which can be soothing and feed their empathetic nature.


This fire element color is not for the faint of heart. That being said, it doesn’t have to be all sunshine and lemons. Try a yellow front door with more of a buttery or straw-colored tone for something that is as subtle as it is cheerful. A yellow door will also pair beautifully if the rest of your home’s exterior is white or blue, giving the whole house a light and airy vibe.


Again, yellow is ideal for south-facing doors. However, if you go with a lighter hue, it can also work for those facing west. If you’re looking to bring stability and grounding to your home and family, go with yellow. Loyalists (Type 6) will appreciate a yellow door for the color’s uplifting and supportive quality.


You can paint your front door a bright cherry red … or not. Sometimes the deciding factor is the color of the rest of your home’s exterior. A bold pop can be ideal if the rest of your home is more neutral – white or sage, for example. But if you want something more subdued, lean toward those with brown, earthy undertones or terra cotta.


Once again, it’s all about south-facing doors if you want to improve your feng shui with red. In fact, red is the most auspicious color in feng shui. It’s believed that its bright color attracts positive energy and opportunities. If you’re a Challenger (Type 8), go with one of those reddish-brown shades.


Last but not least is pink. It’s been a favorite color among the bold in recent years, particularly in Mid-Century Modern and Bohemian Modern design. It can range from light bubble gum pink to a rich berry. Coral is popular to offset blues of coastal décor. If you like the idea of pink but are concerned it might be a bit too much, pay close attention to complementary colors. Pair your new paint color with Matte Black door hardware or lush green landscaping, which work to tone down the vibrancy without overshadowing the playful style.


Red, orange, pink – they’re all part of the same family, so once again, try this on a south-facing door to improve your feng shui. And if you’re an Enthusiast (Type 7), choose a pink with orange undertones.

Once you’ve decided on a color for your front door, it’s time to get to work. This is one simple DIY project that will make a big impact. Use Schlage’s guide to learn how to paint a door. And if you’re still searching for inspiration, find us on Instagram and Pinterest.