13 ideas for decorating with snowmen this winter.


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13 ideas for decorating with snowmen this winter.

By emily.bailey

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Snowman decor | Schlage

These DIY snowman ideas will help you enjoy the season no matter what Mother Nature’s mood is.



Too cold to play outside? Too warm to have actual snow? These DIY snowman ideas will help you enjoy the season no matter what Mother Nature’s mood is. There’s a little something for everyone, from the upcycler and the curb appeal pro to the kiddos and everyone in between. It’s time to cue Bing and Rosemary, and let it snow!
Black and white holiday mantel with black snowman decor.

Because snow is just upcycled water

Tin can snowman

Save your cans from soup, vegetables or the Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. Then paint them white, add a face and in no time, you’ll have the simplest snowman container. Fill it with candy canes, use it as a pencil holder to make your child’s desk more festive or store wooden spoons and other utensils in it to liven up your kitchen counter.

Creamer bottle snowmen

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! You can recycle your creamer bottles and turn them into a snowman … or an entire snow family, depending on how much java you drink. This tutorial uses felt and other fabrics to give the snowmen some personality, but you could just as easily use paint, spare buttons or other unused household items.

Bottlecap snowman ornament

Don’t toss the caps from vintage soda or more adult beverages. Instead, string them together and decorate them for some refreshing décor. If you have enough bottlecaps, you might make one that represents each member of your family or group of friends.

Wine cork snowman

And while we’re talking upcycling from drink containers, turn your wine corks into a snowman face that will warm up any gathering.

For a warm winter welcome

Snowman wreath

Why stop with one wreath when you can have three? Stack the wreaths to make a snowman for your front door or any expansive wall space, indoors or out. This DIY can get quite large if you want it to. Connect the wreaths with zip ties and add a hat, scarf, lights or anything else to bring your snowman to life. Store-bought greenery or grapevine wreaths work equally well.

Ornament wall décor

Purge some of those extra glass ball ornaments or pick some up at the store for a sparkly snowman you can hang on the wall. The only other materials you need are superglue and whatever details you want to add your personal touch. This one is great as wall decoration or to use instead of a traditional winter wreath.

Snowman porch post

Skip the garland this year and transform your porch post into a snowman. We admit this really only works if your posts are already white, but if you love the idea, we think you should go for it regardless. Simply use the post as your base for a snowman face, hat, scarf and any other finishing touches that welcome guests with a smile.

For when the kids have had their fill of sledding

Clothespin snowmen

A wooden clothespin easily becomes a multipurpose snowman. Display them as décor standing up on a table, just because they’re cute, put them to use holding your kids’ artwork or clip them to a branch as tree ornaments. These clothespin snowmen are as simple as a tiny pom nose, drawn-on eyes and smile, and a piece of yarn as a scarf.

Shovel snowman

We were inspired by Craft Bits’ shovel-turned-snowman for the front porch but thought it would be extra adorable in miniature (because most things are). Repurpose your kids’ small beach shovel to display on their bedside table, over the mantelpiece or even on a tree. We could see these being an easy craft for a kids’ holiday party, too.

String art snowman

It’s a classic for a reason. Use a balloon, string and glue to keep the kids happy and occupied, while you get some homemade holiday décor out of the deal. Muy Ingenioso has a helpful Spanish-language how-to video, or you can find instructions in English from Daily Dose of DIY.

More ideas for long winter nights

DIY wooden snowmen

We love this one because you can scale it however you want. This tutorial shows how to use wood slices to make an adorable snowman for your tabletop or mantle. And while they used wood scraps from the great outdoors, you can also buy the slices at a craft store. Want something bigger? Use logs, purchased or from your fireplace woodpile, for a DIY log snowman. Its size would be perfect for a front porch or entryway. Or go smaller with this tree slice snowman ornament.

Snowman globe

We think you’ll appreciate this one particularly if you’re an East Coaster transplanted to a warmer climate. A Mason jar snow globe will have you feeling right at home. Add your personal touch by giving your snowman some woodland friends, a forest to live in or mini twinkle lights to brighten those cold winter nights. If you’re thinking, “This is great, but it would be better if I could eat it,” try this ice box cake snow globe dessert from The Decorated Cookie.

Snowman coaster

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just don’t want the kids’ drinks to leave a ring on the coffee table, this snowman coaster craft is as seasonal as it is practical. Most of this DIY is done with fabric glue, but you could easily turn it into a simple holiday sewing project if that’s more your style.

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