15 home improvement projects that deliver glam décor.


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15 home improvement projects that deliver glam décor.

By emily.bailey

Monday, October 19, 2020

Glam decor | Schlage

Adding a little glitz and glamour to your home decor doesn’t require a Hollywood-sized budget. Here are 15 of our favorite glam decor DIY projects to help you live like a celebrity without breaking the bank.



Adding a little glitz and glamour to your home decor doesn’t require a Hollywood-sized budget. Here are 15 of our favorite glam decor DIY projects to help you live like a celebrity without breaking the bank. All you need are some gleaming metallics – look to golds and silvers – rich colors and luxurious fabrics.
Glitz and glam living room decor.

1. Ikea dresser hack » Homey oh my

It would be easy for a dresser from Ikea to look humdrum, but what really sets this one apart is the gold pulls and corners. The extra detail is reminiscent of the opulent Art Deco period and balances nicely with the gold-toned lamp and accessories, pulling everything together.

2. Mirrored Vanity » Handmade Haven

Anything that reflects light with a bit of drama is the right fit for your glam décor. Ashely at Handmade Haven transformed a table that had seen better days into a mirrored vanity as beautiful she is. All it took was silver spray paint, mirrors from the home improvement store and some glass knobs that she glued to the drawer. We can hardly believe it’s the same piece of furniture.

3. Gem mirror » A Beautiful Mess

If you love the mirrored look, you have almost endless possibilities. The DIYers at A Beautiful Mess totally had us fooled with this one. Rather than overlaying a frame on the glass, they painted detailing, using contact paper as a stencil of sorts.

4. Mirrored dresser » The Tamara Blog

What could easily be $1,000 or more purchased new from the store comes in at much lower cost with a little DIY skill. New paint, new glass and new drawer pulls turn this run-of-the-mill dresser into a statement piece at just a fraction of the cost.

5. Swarovski crystal towel bar » Houzz

It’s the little, unexpected touches that sometimes make the biggest impact. Case in point: This towel bar with crystal embellishment. Pair it with other glam bathroom accessories like gold or glass containers for soaps and toiletries, and every day will feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

6. DIY tufted headboard » Jeweled Interiors

Tufted, or gathered, fabric is a hallmark of glamorous Art Deco style. You’ll often see it on couches and chairs, and Jeweled Interiors shows a stunning option with this DIY headboard. To really sell the look, choose velvet or a similar fabric in a deep color like this rust, peacock blue or emerald green.

7. DIY faux marble tabletop » Change With Us

Few things give the impression of luxe quite like marble. You don’t need a huge budget to capture this look, though. This blogger used an Ikea coffee table and some marble contact paper for a project that is equal parts quick, easy and glamorous.

8. Acrylic shelves » Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

To really get the chic Hollywood Regency feel, you’ll want glass and gold, or at least the illusion of it. Think of all those flashy chandeliers of the rich and famous. These handy DIYers combined high style with a dose of functionality by adding spray-painted brackets to acrylic shelves, then made a message board to match. In My Own Style pulled off a similar side table makeover using a TV tray table, of all things.

9. Glam barn door » Designs by Jeana

A glamorous barn door might sound like an oxymoron, but Jeana proves it’s not only real, but also gorgeous and simple to boot. Just as making a hollow core door look expensive on a budget requires a bit of creativity and elbow grease, adding mirrored panels to an existing barn door can give any room extra pizzazz. Paired with that glitzy overhead light and you’ve got style that looks like a million bucks.

10. Simple lampshade hack » Once again, My Dear Irene

Glam and understated don’t typically go together, but this is one exception that definitely works. Instead of covering every last detail in gold, this DIYer lined the inside of her lampshade with a shimmery wrapping paper. Talk about an easy way to change a room’s ambiance.

11. Dorothy Draper nightstand » Marcus Design

Dorothy Draper was an interior designer of the 1930s, known for being “anti-minimalist.” So when Nancy from Marcus Designs had the kind of plain dresser you might expect in a budget rental, it needed some help for a true glam transformation. The dark background makes the gold accents really pop with a stylish dose of drama.

12. Ceiling light revamp » The Painted Hive

Tulip-shaped glass chandelier shades were popular at one time, but most of us can agree that they aren’t exactly today’s definition of glam décor. The Painted Hive replaced those shades with a more contemporary one, added some beaded details and, in their words, went from “tired old-fashioned drab to chic Parisian fab.”

13. Bar cart makeover » Art is Beauty

When we think of the original Art Deco era, we often think of dolled-up ladies and tuxedoed men at glamorous parties. So it makes sense that you’d want a chic bar cart inspired by that same atmosphere. A new paint job and gold embellishments give new life to this cart. It’ll be hard not to host a great soiree.

14. Vinyl artwork » Signed by Tina

If you’re a believer that artwork is for more than just looking at, you might fall in love with this fish scale-inspired wall hanging. Perhaps a tedious project – the DIYer cut out about 400 vinyl circles – it’s certainly as eye-catching as it is fun to touch. You can even play with different colors or vinyl and types of lighting to create the glamorous and dramatic effect you want.

15. Campaign style side tables » Juniper Home

So many of us have had these little square tables at some point in our lives. While they’re entirely functional, they’re nothing to write home about when it comes to style. All this DIYer did was tap on brass corners to make them look more expensive and sophisticated than should be possible.

Learn more about Hollywood Regency style and how to get the look in your home with our design guide. It’s full of tips for bringing the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood to your modern home. You can also find more décor inspiration on Pinterest.