Celebrating 100-year-old homes with the style of Schlage.


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Celebrating 100-year-old homes with the style of Schlage.

By emily.bailey

Monday, October 5, 2020

Schlage door locks on 100 year old homes | Schlage

In honor of Schlage’s 100th anniversary, we asked these 5 homeowners to show us how they used Schlage on their own homes, all of which date back to 1920 or earlier.



Restoring historic homes to their former glory is a labor of love. And we love what these Instagrammers have done with their golden oldies. In honor of Schlage’s 100th anniversary, we asked each of them to show us how they used Schlage on their own homes, all of which date back to 1920 or earlier. It’s safe to say that these renovations are the perfect blend of history, innovation and beauty.
Schlage door locks on 100 year old homes.

Historic Firehouse Renovation » @AnthonyCarrino

Renovating an old house is one thing. Converting an historic firehouse into your dream home is on another level. To pull off that kind of transformation, you need quality craftsmanship, not only in the structure itself, but also in every accessory, fixture and detail. We love how Anthony Carrino has worked Schlage door hardware into his renovation.


The glass Alexandria door knob with Collins trim in Satin Brass finish is about as classic as they come. They truly pop for an eye-catching look against the dark door, yet, because it’s true to the period of the 100-year-old house and coordinates with other brass elements like the fireman’s pole, lighting and wallpaper, this combination feels right at home.


Why Schlage? "Schlage was an easy choice for my historic firehouse renovation because I was able to select period correct hardware with updated trims that allowed me to perfectly blend my old and new style, combined with the technology of a feature rich smart lock for my main entry that, for once, didn’t make me compromise on aesthetic or functionality. Put all of this together with Schlage’s attention to quality and detail and that’s why we choose their hardware for our home."

Restoring a Brooklyn Brownstone » @BrownstoneBoys

Jordan and Barry knew that they had to get the interior door knobs just right if they were going to stay true to their historic Brownstone home, so they chose the traditional Schlage Plymouth knob for the hallway closet. The shape and curve of the simple knob is reminiscent of door hardware from the turn of the century and is a beautiful complement to the vintage glass knob on the nearby bathroom door. It’s a great example of how your hardware doesn’t have to match to be gorgeous.


We also couldn’t be more thrilled with how the Matte Black finish accomplishes so many style goals. The Brownstone Boys chose it for its modern touch, and still it blends well with other, more classic, elements in the home. Without looking drab or dated, the knobs’ dark finish is still the perfect complement to traditional 1890s features like the front stoop ironwork and black-and-white bathroom floor tile.


Why Schlage? "The interior knobs are one of the features that really helped marinate the design of classic and modern. They have an affordable style knob to fit into any design. With their 100-year anniversary, Schlage has been a trusted brand for years on any size renovation project. They’re our go-to for historical home renovations in Brooklyn. Happy Anniversary, Schlage! Here’s to another 100 years."

Chicago Shaker Shakeup » @DIYPlaybook

Like a lot of our partners, Casey from DIY Playbook didn’t think just about the interior when updating her historic family home. She also proved that you can maintain a charming exterior without sacrificing security and smart technology.


The Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century handleset hits all the right notes. The clean lines keep with the style of the 100-year-old home, while the Matte Black finish unobtrusively coordinates with other porch features like the mailbox and light fixtures. And on top of it all, Casey and her family are getting the strength and durability they’ve come to expect from Schlage.


Check DIY Playbook out on Instagram and you’ll see how Casey kept the timeless look going throughout her home’s interior, too. The Schlage Bowery knob with Grayson trim in Matte Black finish is as stunning on the nursery door is it is on the bathroom.


Why Schlage? "Our home was built in 1921 here in Chicago. When we bought it, we wanted to keep the charm, while infusing our own personality into each room. We decided to go with the Bowery Knob with Grayson Trim for all of our interior doors and we love the modern look of the knobs paired with our shaker-style doors. As for our front door, we opted for the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. Not only does it look stunning on our front door, but it keeps our home safe and secure even from afar! Schlage is our go-to hardware brand for our 100-year-old house because we know their products will last another 100 years."

Smart and timely update » @prettyhandygirl

Brittany Bailey, AKA Pretty Handy Girl, shows all the greatest things about the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt. Not only does it look great on that bright green door – we love the contrast of the modern color with the more traditional Aged Bronze finish – but the convenience of the electronic lock is also something that she enjoys every day. Brittany, who’s also a general contractor, doesn’t have to worry about getting locked out or hassle with keys when walking with her pup. People have sought to protect their homes and peace of mind throughout history, and now we get to experience it in real life today.


Inside the house, the glass Schlage Custom™ Hobson knob helps Brittany capture traditional beauty with an updated flair. Because Hobson is less ornate than most other glass door knobs, there’s an unexpected hint at the contemporary as well. And when it’s paired with the Matte Black Century trim like Brittany did on this bathroom door, it’s easy to see how that sharp contrast helps keep it classic and modern all at once.


Why Schlage? “As most contractors know, it's their own home that is last to get updated. This week, I finally installed the Schlage Smart Connect deadbolt on our entryway door. With two teenage boys in the home, they've accidentally locked themselves out more times than...well, more times than they put the empty chip bag back in the pantry.


“Finally, they won't be locked out anymore. And our dog, Bandit, appreciates that I have one less thing to carry on our walks (meaning I have more room for treats in my pocket!)"

Charming Rental Remodel » @YellowBrickHome

Great curb appeal is never a bad idea, especially when you’re managing a rental property. Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home are updating this Two Flat in Chicago for that very purpose, so appealing to potential renters and giving them assurance that where they’re staying is safe, clean and comfortable is key to successful business.


We love how Yellow Brick Home has used the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Century handleset and a bold red door to make their rental property stand out from the competition. No doubt they’ll have repeat customers with this kind of attention to detail.


White and black was such a popular color combination in vintage bathrooms. Just think of all that tile flooring. That same vibe can be created in other ways today, though, and that’s exactly what our DIYers did in this updated bathroom with a Schlage Bowery knob and Greyson trim in Matte Black finish. The style of the door hardware is understated traditionalism, but the contrasting finish against the white door is what adds real pop to the look.


Why Schlage? “During the renovation of our 130-year-old Chicago Two Flat (which will eventually be a rental property), we knew one thing was for sure, and it was that we’d be installing smart locks on the front and back doors! We’ve trusted Schlage products for years on our own home, so it was an easy decision to choose the Schlage Encode in a handsome matte black finish for the Two Flat. We love that we can program codes for renters, family and pet sitters, but my favorite feature is the auto-lock after a few minutes. No more wondering if you remembered to lock the door on your way out, and no more keys!"


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