When high security should be top of mind.


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When high security should be top of mind.

By emily.bailey

Friday, August 7, 2020

Home security | Schlage

Securing your home should be simple, convenient and dependable. Here are a few easy-to-execute ideas that will increase your home security no matter the time of day, year or phase of life.



Security should always be at the top of your priority list, but that doesn’t mean it has to weigh on your mind every minute of every day. Whether whisking away on a family vacation, keeping an eye on things when your kids are home alone or simply locking up for the night, securing your home should be simple, convenient and dependable. Peace of mind is about more than keeping your family safe. It’s also about freeing you to live the life you want. Here are a few easy-to-execute ideas that will increase your home security no matter the time of day, year or phase of life.
Blue Craftsman style home with exterior lights on.

Always: Keep tabs on the door

A strong deadbolt, whether mechanical or smart, can only do so much. If your door is weak, warped or cracked, you run the risk of uninvited “guests.” The same goes for your door frame. Sidelights, glass doors and sliding patio doors are prime opportunities for adding security as well, as they tend to be the most inadequately reinforced points in your home security.

Day: Activate smart alarms

Installing a smart alarm is a great way to receive alerts any time unusual activity is detected at home, whether you’re at work, running the carpool or out on a quick errand. You can choose for a third party to monitor your alarm for a monthly fee or avoid the fee altogether by having alerts sent directly to you. Just install motion detectors around windows and doors to trigger the alert. With coordinating cameras, you can check in to see what set off the alarm and decide if a call to your local law enforcement is needed.

Night: Light the home

A dark home can signal that you’re away. Create the illusion that the home is occupied by installing smart lighting and motion sensors that turn on and off at random intervals. Also consider outdoor lighting like porch lamps or motion-activated garage lights. A well-lit home is one of the first deterrents would-be intruders look for.

Holidays: Set up surveillance

Along with a well-lit home, visible cameras can make criminals pass your home by. You can also opt for a smart solution that includes 24/7 monitoring, allowing you to check what is going on at your home no matter where you are. Cameras work any time of year, but you might find them especially comforting during Christmas at Grandma’s or while lounging on the beach. Find more security tips for vacation time on our blog.

Lifetime: Install smart locks

Great for any time of day, smart locks can also provide peace of mind for any time of life. Install one on your own home and never wonder if the kids lost the spare key and are locked out after school. Or give one to older relatives. You can check in on them without having to carry your own spare, see via an app if they remembered to lock up even if you aren’t close by or unlock the door from anywhere in the unfortunate event emergency personnel need to access the house. To find the smart lock that’s right for you and your family, try our interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.


For even more on equipping a safe and secure home, check out the Home Security tips at the Schlage blog.



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