5 HomeKit-compatible devices you’ll want for your home.


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5 HomeKit-compatible devices you’ll want for your home.

By emily.bailey

Monday, February 10, 2020

HomeKit-compatible smart home devices | Schlage

Here are a few HomeKit-compatible devices you might not have considered for making your home smarter and life less stressful.



When you set up Apple HomeKit™, it’s because you want to connect your smart devices and make them easier to control. (And because you’re a brand loyalist.) There are the basics everyone talks about, like compatible thermostats and lights you can turn on and off with Siri®. Here are a few other HomeKit-friendly devices you might not have considered for making your home smarter and life less stressful.
HomeKit-compatible devices

1. Nanoleaf

If you haven’t heard of Nanoleaf, it’s worth a look. This smart lighting is touch-activated, offers remote control and can be incorporated into your favorite scenes. It’s customizable from a style perspective as well. Sold as individual canvas blocks, you can mount them in various shapes and designs. Want art work that also sets a mood for dinner parties? Create artistic lighting in your dining room. Looking for something whimsical and interactive for the kids? Place panels in the shape of their favorite animal on their bedroom wall. We’re not saying Nanoleaf is a necessity, but it looks pretty fun.

2. Arlo Pro

The HomeKit-compatible Arlo Pro is a step toward improving security in your smart home. It’s a battery-operated, wireless security camera with audio. Use the Arlo app to keep an eye on pets, kids and other activity in and around your home. The Arlo Pro is also weather-resistant, making it great for outdoor security monitoring, and comes with night vision and motion sensors.

3. Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

Schlage’s go-to electronic lock for those with HomeKit, the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt puts convenience at your fingertips and provides peace of mind. The Schlage Sense lock is compatible with HomeKit straight out of the box, at which point you can control the lock with the Apple Home app, create scenes and use Siri when you’re within Bluetooth range. To make sure the door is locked or unlock it from anywhere for trusted friends and family, all simply from your smartphone, you’ll want to connect the deadbolt with an Apple TV®, iPad® or HomePod®.


Learn more about the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt at Schlage.com or see how to get the most out of your HomeKit-friendly lock on our blog.

4. Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Air quality is a growing concern in many cities, especially if you have kids. The Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor can detect volatile organic compounds – emissions that come from everything from cleaning chemicals to cooking vapors and even humans – and lets you know when to turn on an air purifier or take other steps to cleanse the air. It also detects humidity and temperature, which can affect your health. If you like the Even Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor, the company produces a number of other smart HomeKit-compatible devices, including window contact sensors and irrigation controllers.

5. FIBARO Flood Sensor

It’s not unreasonable to worry about flooding in the basement, but what about other areas of the home? The FIBARO Flood Sensor can also detect leaks under sinks or near the washer, and, because of its HomeKit-compatibility, it’ll send a notification when you need it most.


Some of these products were reviewed on the podcast, Home: On. You can catch the full podcast at the Digital Media Zone.



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