Faux mantelpieces that deliver real holiday warmth.


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Faux mantelpieces that deliver real holiday warmth.

By emily.bailey

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Faux mantelpiece ideas | Schlage

Here is a simple three-step process and tons of inspiration to help you create a faux mantelpiece in your home, whether it’s for the holidays, another season or any random Wednesday.



Your kids are asking how Santa will deliver presents if you don’t have a chimney. (Answer: Tell them you gave him an access code to your Schlage smart lock.) Your question is where you’re going to hang the stockings with care when you don’t have a mantelpiece. Here is a simple three-step process and tons of inspiration to help you create a faux mantelpiece in your home, whether it’s for the holidays, another season or any random Wednesday.
Moody Christmas decor.

Step 1: Choose your frame

Some common options for a faux mantel are floating shelves, the frame of a traditional fireplace mantelpiece and built-ins cabinets that give the illusion of a hearth. There’s also fabric or an upcycled headboard. See what we’re talking about with some of these examples.

Shades of Blue Interiors shows how simple and charming a floating shelf or row of coat hooks can be. Don’t think you have to put those hooks in a foyer, either. They’ll fit wherever you want the holiday joy.
Whether you build your own fireplace frame or find one in a salvage yard, this option gives you the illusion of a hearth without the maintenance. Rogue Engineer shares full plans to make your own on their website.
Stylish and functional, Ana White shows you how to make a faux fireplace with hidden built-in cabinets on the side. The mantel is perfect for holiday stockings, but the shelving never goes out of season.
We love how salvaged wood creates this rustic faux fireplace. It’s definitely a conversational piece.
More storage? Yes, please. Handmade Haven shows you how to make your own, from the mantel all the way down to that deep drawer.
A few strips of leather and a branch is all you need for this mantel. Sure, you can’t display your collection of nutcrackers on it, but there’s something attractive about the minimalist and natural look. You can even hang this everything from Command hooks, perfect for when you want something less permanent.

Step 2: Pick an insert

When you aren’t burning wood in your “fireplace,” you can put whatever you want in the hearth. It doesn’t have to be an electric fire – unless you’re craving the warmth – so get creative. Stick with a flame theme and display beautiful candles or go earthy with plants.

This before-and-after mantle bookshelf from Design Sponge is ideal for any time of year. During the holidays, go crazy and display ALL the snow globes. In summer, make it family vacation photos. Or, of course, fill it with books.
Any time you’re considering rustic or farmhouse décor, you can’t go wrong by consulting Joanna Gaines. This insert of flower baskets is a nice alternative to regular potted plants sitting on the floor. And think how simple it would be to transform the holidays with poinsettias and red ribbons instead of daisies and pink.
A chalkboard lets you have any kind of fire you want, and you never have to worry about the kids or pets hurting themselves. Caught in Grace perfectly shows how this option lets you have some fun with a hand-drawn holiday “fire” or keep it classic with a literal blank slate.
Let’s be honest. Liz Marie’s doggo is a highlight here for us. But if you love the vintage or distressed look, especially when capturing the nostalgia of Christmas, this might be the one for you, too.
A holiday-themed fireplace insert that isn’t greenery or candles? Alice Wingerden turned hers into an Advent calendar with little more than Command hooks, wire and some tiny clothes pins. Stylish, simple and, for many families, meaningful.

Step 3: Finish with décor

At holiday time, how to decorate might be obvious: stockings, wreaths, miniature trees, seasonal candles. At other times of the year, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is a great place to show off your beautiful family photos, display unique artwork or give people a taste of your unique style.

A wreath over the mantel is pretty traditional. We won’t knock it, but From My Front Porch to Yours gives this treatment of wreaths a unique twist.
Here’s an example of how you can style a floating shelf as a faux mantel. Hooks below hold up the single strand of garland, but the star of the show is really up top. It’s the perfect platform for displaying your favorite holiday décor.
What makes this mantel decor from Sustain My Craft Habit unique is that everything is homemade. A greeting card holder made out of an old frame, upcycled sweater stockings, wine cork stars, driftwood trees … all handcrafted with love for a rustic look personalized to your family.
If you were wondering how you were supposed to decorate a piano top as a Christmas mantel, this one’s for you. The dark piano is the perfect backdrop for those white stockings.
This gold sunburst has more of a modern vibe and complements the colors in the candlesticks and nutcrackers. The accessories Coco Kelley used trend toward minimalism and are accentuated by the monochromatic scheme.

The holiday season is filled with family tradition. There’s also no better time to use your home to tell the story of who you are. Pay homage to your heritage while also showing what makes you unique with inspiration from Schlage Pinterest.