Porch puppies: Dog-friendly porch ideas for all your furry friends.


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Porch puppies: Dog-friendly porch ideas for all your furry friends.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dogs at front door | Schlage

Man’s best friend deserves the ultimate porch this summer. Here are 10 ideas to keep your porch puppies happy, healthy and oh-so-stylish when you’re enjoying your outdoor living space together.



Man’s best friend deserves the ultimate porch this summer. Here are 10 ideas to keep Fido, Spike and Fluffy happy, healthy and oh-so-stylish when you’re enjoying your outdoor living space together.

Chill spots for hot dogs

Keep your pup cool when the temperatures rise by making sure she has a shade tree or other cover to keep her out of the sun. A pool also not only keeps her cool but adds some extra playtime as well. Inflatable options are available if you’re short on space or want something less permanent.


Don’t forget the classic doghouse either, which is great for protecting her from summer sun and spring showers. Channel your inner barkitect, check out these unique doghouses and make Snoopy proud.

Water stops for thirsty dogs

You know your dog always needs good, fresh water. This is especially important when he’s romping about in the yard during the summer. Make sure you have an easily accessible water station for him to refuel in between play rounds. This flower pot water bowl is so much simpler than sending Timmy down the well to get Lassie a drink.

Furniture for Fido

When it’s time to relax, give him someplace comfy to lay. If you choose cushions, make sure fabrics are suitable for the outdoors to avoid mildew and fading. You can even strut your DIY stuff with this homemade option from This Old House. Stylish enough for Lady, comfy enough for the Tramp.

Doors for doggos

The original Dutch doors were made for animals. The top half opens to let cooling breezes into the home, while the bottom closes to keep out animals. Those animals were typically livestock in the early days, but it works with doggos, too. Install a Dutch door to keep them out – or in – your home.


Doggy doors are hugely convenient, but it’s important that the they don’t compromise the overall safety of your home. For starters, don’t install your doggy door on an entryway visible from the street, and choose one that’s the smallest possible size for your pet to help deter intruders from squeezing through it themselves. Also, consider a pet door that locks. Some electronic versions are activated to unlock only when a chip in your dog’s collar is nearby. That gives you security and Toto access even when you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Smart locks for easy walks

While you’re thinking about doors, consider a smart lock. We don’t expect Fluffy to remember his own user code, but his dog walker certainly can. With Schlage smart locks, you can create multiple user codes and track when those codes are used. It’s the perfect convenient and safe solution when you have to rely on someone else for walks. And don’t forget to tell your dog walker where you keep the Scooby Snacks.

Gates for good boys

Do you have an escape artist on your hands? Keeping them fenced in or contained on a deck can be a challenge, but it is possible to keep your dog safe and your yard stylish. If you want your pup to stay on the deck, try this baby gate upgrade that is also customizable to his size and level of sneakiness.


Wooden fences can be a beautiful privacy feature for your yard with the added benefit of making it difficult for your dog to see something enticing on the other side. Also consider options that are hard for her to climb (so no chain link), tall enough to prevent Marmaduke from leaping over and with slats narrow enough to keep tiny Slinky Dog from slipping through. River rocks around the base of the fence can dissuade some dogs from digging, which not only keeps your yard looking sharp, but it might help keep them from burrowing under the fence. (Maybe. That Hairy Houdini is tricky.)

Safe plants for pups

If your pup likes to chew and eat everything in sight – Labrador owners know what we’re talking about – then make sure your garden is full of pet-friendly plants. Stick to native plant species in your area, but you can start by looking into daylilies, purple basil, African daisies, snapdragons and other greenery recommended by the ASPCA.


And don’t forget pet-friendly pesticides when keeping your yard lush. Even if you don’t have a chewer, they’ll be walking on the grass and you might not want some of those chemicals on their feet. Rin Tin Tin was all about safety, so you know he’d approve.

Landscape for paw protection

When the temperatures heat up, so does the ground. If you have concrete, stones and gravel, that can mean that puppy’s paws will be feeling the heat, too. Grass instead of materials that conduct heat and plenty of shade will help keep toasty toes to a minimum. Petey and all your rascals will be thankful.

Convenient cleaning for muddy mayhem

Looking for a bigger project? Install a dog wash – or even just a handy spigot near your door – for cleaning muddy feet. Getting into, and sometimes getting you out of, a bit of trouble can be dirty work, right, Balto?

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