Guide to the best types of door knobs for every room.


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Guide to the best types of door knobs for every room.

By emily.bailey

Friday, March 29, 2019

Types of door knobs | Schlage

With this guide Schlage makes it simple to bring security and style to your home.



By choosing the right types of door knobs, you can capture a surprising amount of convenience and elegance for such a small detail. With this guide, not to mention its expansive collection of door hardware, Schlage makes it simple to bring security and style to your home.

Bed & Bath Privacy Door Knobs

Door knobs for bedroom bathroom privacy doors.

Give yourself some extra privacy with a locking bed & bath door knob.

  • Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices and otehr interior rooms requiring basic security and privacy.
  • Locks by pushing in or turning the privacy button, unlocks by turning the knob.
  • Schlage bed & bath locks come with emergency pin key for easy unlocking.

Hall & Closet Passage Door Knobs

Door knobs for hallway closet passage doors.

Install convenience with non-locking door knobs in passageways or on closets.

  • Ideal for hallways, closets, kitchen pantries, laundry rooms and other spaces where locking is not necessary.
  • Always unlocked for ease of entry.
  • Can be paired with a smart lock or keyless deadbolt on exterior doors or with non-turning knob for the interiors of smaller closets.

Non-turning inactive Door Knobs

Non-turning, inactive door knobs for small closets and double doors.

Find great style with non-turning door knobs on interior doors where only a door pull or decorative trim is needed.

  • Also known as dummy or inactive door knob.
  • Works best on small closets, interior French doors and in other entryways where neither locking nor latching is needed.
  • Decorative door pull without a lock makes it easy to open the door just by pushing or pulling.

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

Keyed entry door knobs for exterior, locking doors.

Increase your security with a keyed entry knob for exterior doors and other areas requiring additional peace of mind.

  • Optimal for exterior doors such as front entryways or patio doors as well as large storage areas, basements or areas where extra security is desired.
  • Unlocks when door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly and conveniently as well as re-enter easily.
  • Use a key from the outside or manually rotate the interior turn button to lock and unlock.

Combined Interior Door Knobs

Schlage Custom combined interior door knobs for both privacy and passage doors.

Your home should evolve with the needs of your family, so Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware features combined interior door knobs, making it easy for your locks to adapt to your changing lifestyle. You get both Hall & Closet and Bed & Bath functionality in a single lock.

  • Lock adapts to the ever-changing life of the room – from nursery to bedroom to office and back again without ever taking the lock off the door
  • No more miscounting doors – with both functions in the same lock, it’s easier to take home exactly what you need
  • Simply insert the locking pin on the interior side of the lock to change from passage to privacy

Style is in the details

No matter which type of door knob you choose, you can be confident in the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage. Our door knobs:

  • Come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the look of any home
  • Install easily with just a screwdriver
  • Adjust to fit all standard door preparations, so there’s no need to drill new bore holes or replace a door just to install your new knob
  • Are graded best in Residential Security, Durability and Finish
  • Come with a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty


For even more help choosing the right door knobs for your home, visit our product selector tool on To view the full resolution infographic, click here.


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