Simple style swaps for a winter pick-me-up.


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Simple style swaps for a winter pick-me-up.

By emily.bailey

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter decor - Schlage

Even the best of us get the post-holiday blues. If you’re experiencing a case of the winter doldrums, here are some décor ideas to perk up your day.



Winter Decor - Schlage
Even the best of us get the post-holiday blues. If you’re experiencing a case of the winter doldrums, here are some décor ideas to perk up your day.

Light it up

For many, winter is lacking in light. Change your lightbulbs and look for circadian rhythm lighting and LEDs that simulate natural light. Research has shown that paying attention to your circadian rhythm can positively impact your sleeping patterns, not to mention help you feel more alert during the day and improve emotional health.


Also think about mirrors that can reflect light and make spaces, especially small ones, feel larger.

Live it up

Some plants can survive the cold. Find hearty botanicals that add color and life to your home. For colder climates, you might consider anthurium, which has flowers that come in a variety of colors, Chinese evergreen or spider plants indoors. Some outdoor options include ornamental kale and cabbage, winter jasmine with its dainty-looking yet resilient yellow flowers, and plants like holly or cotoneaster with bright berries that contrast with the drabness of the season.

Clean it up

Who said spring cleaning had to be in April? If you still have holiday decorations out, do a bit of sorting before you put everything in the box. Keep only your favorites and donate or toss any that didn’t actually make it in your décor this year. If you didn’t display them this winter, you probably won’t next winter, either.


Did your kids receive new toys for Christmas? Maybe you treated yourself to some new clothes. Donate items you no longer need. You’ll find a great amount of satisfaction in those organized closets and added space, not to mention someone in need will appreciate your generosity as well.


Holiday feasts, while delicious, can seriously do a number on your healthy habits. Give your fridge a makeover and restock your “normal” foods. Getting back into a routine of healthful meals might do you good, both physically and mentally.

Spruce it up

Once you have everything clean and organized, maybe you want to take it a step further. Pick a room, or a few, and create a new look. You don’t have to go all out, especially if holiday gifts were hard on your budget. Something as simple as updating your door knobs or levers can make a big impact without the commitment of repainting or laying new flooring. You might be surprised how Schlage door hardware can elevate the look of any room.

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