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    New Schlage Custom™ Handlesets extend the possibilities of stylish entry design.

    August 27, 2018 6:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, August 27, 2018

    Schlage Custom - Stylish Entry - Handlesets

    The bold look of our latest ¾ handlesets allow homeowners to create the perfect first impression for their home with exterior locks that set the standard for safety, simplicity and style.



    Personalization and flexibility. These two concepts are turning up time and again in design blogs and articles as people look to elevate the style of their homes. The bold look of our latest ¾ handlesets allow homeowners to create the perfect first impression for their home with exterior locks that set the standard for safety, simplicity and style.


    Some color trends (the rose gold thing) are on the way out while others (brown is back) are on the way in. Bright, expressive colors are also popular, with Ultra Violet, of all things, taking center stage as Pantone’s Color of The Year. Styles, colors and character are changing from room to room as people express their own personal style and strive to “embrace natural character and authentic textures in their home” according to Leigh Spicher, design director for a leading home builder.


    Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware and the newly introduced ¾ handleset provide a unique opportunity, offering a breadth of products that perfectly suit today’s focus on flexibility, style and functionality.

    Stylish Entry - 3/4 Handlesets - Schlage Custom

    The name says it all

    One system. Endless possibilities. Whether replacing outdated or broken locks, remodeling a single room or simply adding new, decorative details, Schlage Custom Door Hardware makes personalizing a single room–or an entire home–as simple as can be.


    A screwdriver and an allen wrench are all it takes to customize the style, finish and even functionality of any door lock. It’s that easy. A wide range of designer-inspired knobs, levers, complementary trims and long-lasting and lustrous finishes help make for the ultimate first impression when Schlage Custom handlesets greet visitors at the front door. And brand new ¾ handleset designs, launching this month, add even more possibilities. The distinctive ¾ trim from the grip to the deadbolt creates a stylish, architectural look that is unmistakable and will literally give your entrance door a makeover.

    Schlage Custom 3/4 Handlesets

    Flexibility in function

    Design flexibility is just the beginning. Inside the home, Schlage Custom Door Hardware works for a hall or closet door as easily as it does on a locking bedroom or bathroom door. If a homeowner wants to add the ability to lock the door, they simply insert the included locking pin. Without any additional tools, and in just a moment, they can add or remove the locking pin to suit the needs of any room at any moment.

    Well suited for style, performance and value

    “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” This has never been more true than with Schlage Custom Door Hardware.


    Regardless of function, regardless of style preferences, the sky is the limit whether a homeowner is looking for a coordinated look throughout their home or wants to mix and match styles on different doors. They can even mix and match styles and finishes on both sides of the same door depending upon what they’ve chosen for a specific room’s décor – from traditional to transitional to contemporary and beyond.


    The innovative core of Schlage Custom allows for a range of options, allowing for a quick, convenient style update without having to remove the whole lock. And Schlage’s premium design won’t break the bank, delivering a custom designer look that installs in minutes. And at an affordable price.

    Schlage Custom 3/4 Handlesets

    According to Ted Roberts, the Style and Design Chief at Schlage’s parent-company Allegion, “Today’s home styles call for flexibility, simplicity, premium style and value. It’s no surprise that these have been principles upon which Schlage was founded almost 100 years ago and that we continue to deliver upon, today.”


    Schlage Custom Door Hardware was designed with both form and function in mind. Explore the possibilities at Schlage.com and purchase online at amazon.com and build.com and coming soon to homedepot.com and lowes.com. Enjoy the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage.

    A magical front porch that won't make your money disappear.

    August 24, 2018 9:32 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, August 24, 2018

    Budget front porch decor - Schlage

    From creative touch-up painting and stylish yet affordable furniture ideas to easy, colorful porch decorations and new door hardware, here are ten ways to turn your front porch into something pretty special.



    Ted Roberts, the Style and Design Chief at Allegion, is fond of saying that [your front porch] is the “ultimate first impression.” So we’ve scoured Pinterest for DIY ideas that can help make that first impression a great one. We are delighted to present this magical list of 10 simple, DIY tips for transforming your front porch that, all together, would only cost between $500 - $1,000, total. Abracadabra!


    From creative touch-up painting and stylish yet affordable furniture ideas to easy, colorful porch decorations and new door hardware, here are ten ways to turn your front porch into something pretty special. For a lot less than you think.

    Budget front porch makeover - Schlage

    1. Think color

    From a quick touchup of trim and little details to repainting your front door or bringing some patterned color to those wooden floors, there’s a lot you can do with a quart or two of indoor/outdoor paint. Around $20 a quart.

    2. Knock Knock

    Replacing your front door hardware with Schlage door hardware opens a world of possibilities, both practically and aesthetically. Enjoy a range of products, styles and finishes that reflect your unique taste. All for $100 - $300!

    Budget curb appeal - Door hardware - Schlage

    3. A Breath of Fresh Air

    An outdoor ceiling fan is a classic fixture that will also help you beat the heat. It can add comfort, style and enhance curb appeal – all for less than $200.

    4. Welcome

    Provide a personal greeting with the quintessential welcome mat. Explore, express your unique sense of style, personalize your space and help make your guests feel at home. Between $10 and $50.

    5. Have A Seat

    Wicker chairs and accent tables. The classic rocking chair. The timeless porch swing. Invite folks to come sit a spell and enjoy some hospitality. Spend a little on seating. Spend a little more time together.

    6. One To Grow On

    Colorful, easy-to-maintain potted plants are a quick and convenient way to transform your front porch in an instant. For around $50, you’re covered for the season in beautiful, fragrant flora.

    Budget-friendly front porches - Schlage

    7. A Flash of Inspiration

    Brighten your porch with hanging fixtures, string lights, lanterns and more. There’s nothing quite like the warm, welcoming glow of a porch light on a summer night. And it can be yours for less than $100.

    8. Simple touches

    Look around, from your pantry and your basement to your closet or your garage, and uncover little touches that can liven up your front porch. A wooden bowl of lemons or a rose floating in a water goblet are free yet priceless.

    9. Details, Details, Details

    When was the last time you replaced your mailbox? Your house numbers? Your door knocker? It’s amazing how many simple style additions you can make. And for less than $50. Presto, change-o!

    10. Something Up Your Sleeve

    Don’t forget those little landscaping touches. Increase your curb appeal with path lighting, easy-to-care-for perennials, simple lawn ornamentation, a bird feeder or bird bath. Small investments can bring a big return.

    Budget front porches - Schlage
    A little imagination, some spare time and some spare cash. When it comes to turning your front porch into a neighborhood showplace, that’ll pretty much do the trick. Your front porch sets the tone for your entire home. Make a statement with the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage.

    A big idea? Ted talks tiny houses and how best to secure them.

    August 17, 2018 6:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, August 16, 2018

    Ted Talks - Tiny Homes - Schlage

    How can one downsize to what is essential and important, live happily and comfortably on a budget all while serving as a steward of the environment?



    Ted Talks - Tiny Houses - Schlage

    The Tiny House movement can be credibly traced back to Henry David Thoreau, his 1843 Walden Pond experiment (and the book that came of it) as well as the $28 dollars he spent to build what amounted to one of the first true “tiny houses.” It was 150 square feet and featured a fireplace, a table, a desk and three chairs. Its purpose? To see if a person can eschew the trappings of luxury and live happily and comfortably with less. For less.


    Today’s tiny house is a little bigger – around 400 square feet on average – and often includes a kitchen and bathroom. But the general concept, re-introduced in 1997 and exploding today, remains the same. How can one downsize to what is essential and important, live happily and comfortably on a budget all while serving as a steward of the environment?


    To get a unique perspective on the phenomenon, we asked Ted Roberts, the Style and Design Chief at Allegion, to share some thoughts on tiny living and how a tiny home and its owner can benefit from the Schlage door hardware products that Ted helps design.

    Q&A with Ted Roberts

    Q. Why invest in the latest Schlage door hardware when part of the motivation for building a tiny home is saving money?

    A. “Just because it’s tiny doesn’t make it any less of a house. In fact, these homeowners have downsized to the point that they’re only really keeping their most prized, most valuable possessions.”


    “It may be counter-intuitive, but they actually need the better locks. From a security standpoint, there’s less between themselves and the outside world than you’d find in your typical 2,600-square-foot home. In the final analysis, how can someone afford not to have the best locks possible for their tiny house? You’ve got maybe an entrance or two and maybe an interior door, so why not get the best lock you possibly can to secure what’s important to you?”

    Tiny Homes - Schlage

    Q. Would you say that cost, then, is the main driver behind the tiny living phenomenon?

    A.“It’s one of them, for certain. The average cost of a tiny home is only around $20,000. But when you look at the costs and then factor in everything else, it’s really more than just saving money. Tiny living helps to reduce one’s carbon footprint. What’s more, the lifestyle really requires you to take stock of what’s important and make some significant decisions about where and how you want to live. It’s a little house, but it involves some pretty big thinking.”

    Q. Who is buying and building these tiny homes?

    A. “Believe it or not, 2 out of 5 tiny homes is owned by someone over 50 years old. Owners of tiny homes are individualists looking for something different; some fun in their lives. They’re principled, emotionally engaged, they know what they want and they go and get it. There’s a measure of pride and ownership building a home and a lifestyle like this. It’s like joining a club, of sorts, where tiny homeowners find a measure of identity and self-actualization through the investments and the decisions they make to embrace tiny living.”

    “Identifying with folks like this is an important part of who we are and what we do. That hasn’t changed for us since Walter Schlage started the company in 1920. This allows us to design products for a typical home, door hardware specially made for really demanding commercial applications or, in this case, stylish and secure door hardware that fits perfectly with the style and performance needs of the tiny home.”

    Q. As a style influencer, what are some challenges you’d anticipate an owner of a tiny home might face selecting the right door hardware?

    A. “It’s not the hardware that’s the challenge. All of our products are refined for user experience, aesthetics, quality – all without sacrificing security. And that’s regardless of application. For the owner of a tiny home, it really is a matter of finding products that fit the style and character of their house. That’s as true of the appliances they choose as it is of their door locks. These aren’t just boxes. This isn’t camping. These aren’t trailers. I liken them to those quaint motor court cottages that were popular in the 20’s and 30’s and they range in style from rustic to Victorian to ultra-modern. So, it’s important that we provide flexible styles and finishes that complement these homes, just as we would any home. And we do, along with the security and convenience people expect from Schlage.”

    Tiny Home - Security - Schlage

    Q. Anything else a tiny living homeowner needs to prepare for, security-wise?

    A. “There are a lot of important possessions that you would normally keep in a garage or shed at home that you wouldn’t have room for in a typical tiny house. Bicycles. Motorcycles. Utility and recreational vehicles. Your lawnmower. Your grill. Our sister company, Kryptonite, is known for its specialty locks and offers a wide selection of smart, serious security solutions. We have your tiny home secured, inside and out.”


    “If you’re thinking about opening your home to guests, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Think it through from every angle. And prepare yourself and your home for the tremendous responsibility you’re taking on, as well as for the tremendous opportunity. Take advantage of the latest smart home technologies to ensure a great experience for you and your guests. And look to Schlage to provide the style, simplicity and security you’ll need, plus the peace of mind that can only come from a brand that’s this experienced and trusted.”

    Q. With tiny homes often available as vacation rentals on Airbnb and similar platforms, are there any special security considerations?

    A. “Home hosting is huge right now and it only makes sense that the tiny house and home hosting phenomenon would intersect at some point. Again, a tiny house is still a house, so security, convenience, affordability and style play just as important a role in determining one’s selection of door hardware. For instance, a Schlage programmable electronic lock or a smart lock would be ideal for the exterior doors. You get the convenience of an easily changeable and assignable code versus having to provide a key for your rental properties. And with smart locks, you’re providing the added benefits of managing home access using your smartphone. That goes for whatever size home you’re renting.”

    Tiny home - Smart lock - Schlage

    Image and quote from Matt and Melina of @ourtinybeachhouse, minimalist DIYers who use Schlage locks.

    Q. Do you see yourself living in a tiny house at some point?

    A. “The simplicity, the style, the reduction of complications in one’s life – these have a real appeal to me. It’s just that by the time I made room for my more than 1,000 books on architecture and architectural design and all my art supplies, it would no longer be a tiny house!”

    Whatever the motivation behind your interest in tiny living, you can look to Schlage to provide the safety, simplicity and style you’ll need plus the peace of mind that can only come from a brand backed by almost 100 years of experience and trust.