Home security steps you should take before the holidays.


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Home security steps you should take before the holidays.

By emily.bailey

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Home Security Steps You Should Take Before the Holidays

Don't let holiday travels leave your home vulnerable. Take these steps to increase home security during this busy season.



The holiday season seems to arrive faster and faster with each passing year. One minute you’re handing out Halloween candy, and the next it’s December and you’re traveling to visit friends and family or hosting guests at your home. Here are a few home security steps you should take this holiday season so you can enjoy carefree time with those you love most.

Install a home monitoring system

Home monitoring systems can range from 24/7 surveillance by a third party to a DIY setup that you manage on your own. Deciding which is best for you depends on your budget and the level of control you wish to have over your system. With most systems going wireless, even the newest homeowner can easily install motion and entry detectors around windows and doors and an audible alarm to alert the home security provider of a potential breach.

Consider smart home devices for surveillance

You can even take your home monitoring system a step further by installing smart home devices that allow you to check in no matter where you are in the world. Install security cameras that give you the option of seeing what's going on at your home just by looking at your smart phone. There are also smart devices for your front door, garage doors and lights that can all work together to make your home looks occupied or alert you of any unusual activity.

Go keyless for convenience

Consider installing a keyless lock to make it easy for guests or house sitters to come and go. Just assign a designated 4-digit code and don't worry about someone losing - or the wrong person finding - a spare key. If you want even more control over access to your home, consider a smart lock that integrates with your home automation system for remote access. See which smart lock is best for you with our Get Help Deciding tool.

Make your home look occupied

There's nothing more enticing to a home intruder than a home that appears to be vacant. Triggers that signal this include mail piled up by the front door or a house that remains dark during all hours of the day. Ask your post office to hold your mail until you return or a nearby friend to collect it each day. If you installed a smart lock, you can assign a code so they can place your mail inside and check on any plants or pets. Also consider smart lighting that will turn on and off at different times of the day to give the appearance that someone is home. If it is expected to snow while you're away, arrange for someone to clear your sidewalks and driveway.

Install motion sensor lighting

The best way to deter intruders is to keep the exterior of your home well-lit. Motion sensor lighting can both alert others that someone may be nearby and make the intruder turn away. Some lights can even stay on 24/7 but illuminate brighter when someone walks by.

Keep valuables away from windows

Burglars prefer to get in and out of a house as quickly as possible to avoid being caught. Having a clear view of a valuable item will make your home a target. Keep valuables out of sight, and install blinds or curtains for even more protection.

What extra steps do you take to make sure your home is safe and secure? Share your best tips with us on Facebook.

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