10 more first home ornaments you should make this weekend


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10 more first home ornaments you should make this weekend

By emily.bailey

Friday, December 18, 2015

10 More First Home Ornaments You Should Make This Weekend

Check out these ten, adorable first home - or apartment, business, etc. - key ornaments for this weekend's craft activity or a last minute gift.



If you liked the memorable key ornament we shared the other day, here's a collection of our favorite ways to take an ordinary item and make it special. Whether you're scrambling for the perfect gift with meaning, just moved in to a new home or have some downtime for crafting during the holiday break, consider making this sentimental ornament for a small reminder of where you've been so far.

1. In my own style

It doesn't take much to make this ornament. With just a piece of cardstock and a couple of embellishments, Diane of In My Own Style created an ornament that will be special for years to come. 

DIY - Christmas Ornament - First House Key

2. Unoriginal mom

Here's a unique twist to that idea from Meredith of Unoriginal Mom. We love how her Christmas tree tells a story with each sentimental ornament she's made.

3. The gilbertson family

Salt dough ornaments are quick and easy to make and the options for creativity are endless! This is the perfect project you can sit down with your kids to accomplish on a Saturday afternoon. 

DIY - Holiday ornament - First house

4. This old house

Maybe you're one of the many families that has moved a LOT through the years. Take some inspiration from this skeleton key DIY and create your own memorable key snowflake ornament. 

DIY ornament - First house key - Christmas ideas

5. That's what we did

For an even simpler take, try molding your key into your favorite color of clay. Check out this easy tutorial here

DIY ornament - First house key -
 Clay ornament

6. One artsy mama

Here's another variation of the clay molded key from Amy of One Artsy Mama. We're loving her choice of ribbon and metal stamped banner. 

First house key - DIY Christmas - Clay ornament

7. Pleasure in simple things

Make your key ornament even easier by simply attaching it to something that already exists like this IKEA heart. You don't have to be crafty to make an ordinary key adorable. 

DIY - First home key - Christmas ornament

8. This idyllic life

If you enjoy intricate details, try painting a replica of your home on the key. 

DIY ornament - First home - Key ornament

9. Crafts by Amanda

It doesn't get much cuter than these snowman keys! If you have kids, let each personalize their own for an even more special touch.

11. Unlock Schlage

And just in case you missed our tutorial, find out how you can make a glitter key with photo.

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