Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects You Can Be Proud Of


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Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects You Can Be Proud Of

By emily.bailey

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects You Can Be Proud Of | Schlage

Here are a few of the best curb appeal projects that are wallet-friendly and product instant results.


Curb Appeal - it's what your neighbors see daily, what your guests see first, what helps sell your home to potential buyers and what welcomes you home from a long day at the office. During DIY season, Curb Appeal projects are among the professionals' favorites. They are often quick, easy and can be done with a few bucks. Before undertaking a new Curb Appeal project, be sure to consider the style and feel of your home to ensure a cohesive look that transitions naturally from the outside to the inside. Also, be sure to take note of how much time and budget you have to complete your home improvement projects.
Here are a few of the best curb appeal projects that are wallet-friendly and product instant results.
1. Paint your front door, trim or shutters. Paint. We always start with paint. Paint is both low-cost and high-impact. A fresh coat of paint in a bright or complimentary shade can go a long way. Painting (and all the prep and cleanup that goes along with it) can be time-consuming depending on how much you plan on painting, so plan on this project taking the better part of a day. (Psst! Before painting your front door, be sure to check out these front door painting tips!)
2. Upgrade door hardware, address numbers and kickplates. This is another project that is low-cost and high-impact. Replacing outdated, builder-grade and dingy hardware with a fresh, high quality, handlset in a style that compliments your home's look and feel will change the way you feel about walking through the front door. Additionally, the crisp and shiny hardware act as jewelry for your home's curb appeal, tying the whole look together. Time spent on this project is an hour at most, perfect for the busy family that only has time to complete one project per weekend. And speaking of those busy families, be sure to check out the new electronic/keyless locks on the market. Keyless locks are crazy convenient, easy to install (no special wiring or need for an electrician), and mean there are no keys to lose, hide or forget!

* Pro Tip: Be sure to choose a BHMA Grade 2 or higher deadbolt for your front door. Grade 1 locks offer the highest level of residential security on the market. Why would you want to protect your home and family with a poorly rated lock anyway? We knew you were smarter than that.


3. Upgrade your mailbox. DIY Network says: "It doesn't matter if you have a regular mailbox by the road or if you have a box mounted to your house for mail, adding a new and upgraded mailbox can make your home feel upgraded, which adds curb appeal to it. You can find a new mailbox for your house from anywhere from $10-$100. When you install your mailbox, make sure that you are following the regulations that are set forth in the city that you live in. If you have a simple mailbox mounted on your house, this home improvement project should take less than an hour to complete. If you have a full-size mailbox at the road, plan for at least 2 hours or so to complete the home improvement project."


4. Plant something - trees, bushes, flowers. Planting some color is one of the most common and easiest ways to add immediate curb appeal. Before planting anything, be sure to understand the plant's unique set of light and water needs. Also, take the time to understand how big it will get as that could affect where in your front yard it gets planted. Depending on what you plant and how much you want to take on at one time, this project could take an entire day/weekend.
5. Accessorize! Flower boxes, planters, pots, door decor, flags, sculptures, porch furniture, large stones, fountains - we could go on forever! Your possibilities are really endless here. Look for new uses for things you currently have lying around the house or in storage. You might be surprised at what can be repurposed to amp up your curb appeal.



What are your favorite ways to amp up your home's curb appeal? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook!