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    Beauty in Strength: If Schlage Locks were Olympians

    July 31, 2012 4:14 PM by admin

    Sunday, November 30, 0002

    Beauty in Strength: If Schlage Locks were Olympians | Schlage

    From Gold Medal Olympians to Schlage Grade 1 Deadbolts, we are constantly reminded there is a certain beauty that can be found in strength.


    From Gold Medal Olympians to Schlage Grade 1 Deadbolts, we are constantly reminded there is a certain beauty that can be found in strength. The hours olympians spend training, the sacrifices they make each day to perfect their talent and the strong mental attitude they cultivate is what makes them both successful and beautiful. The same rigorous concepts and high standards apply to creating and perfecting the Schlage Grade 1 deadbolt,Decorative Collections and Electronic Keypad Locks.


    We went straight to the source to get the inside scoop on how Schlage products are tested, developed and perfected. Bill Dorner, Manager of Global Reliability & Compliance Testing, is as passionate about the Olympics as he is about Schlage product quality and he had some excellent insights on how the testing of our premium home security products compares to the training of Olympians.


    Like weightlifters, Schlage locks demonstrate Strength. Our products are subjected to pushing forces, pulling forces, and twisting torques not only during development, but also during regular BHMA certification tests, and even Ongoing Reliability Tests (ORT) in the factory. This way Schlage assures that its products maintain peak performance, just like a highly trained athlete.

    Like marathon runners, Schlage locks demonstrate EnduranceResidential locks are designed to exceed 400,000 cycles for Grade 2 or 200,000 cycles for Grade 3.Residential deadbolts can exceed 100,000 cycles for Grade 3 all the way up to 250,000 cycles and beyond for Grade 1. By designing and monitoring our products for cycle endurance, Schlage assures customer satisfaction for the long haul.
    Like all Olympic athletes, Schlage locks must perform regardless of Adverse Conditions. Product finishes are proven to resist exposure to corrosive salt fog, sunlight, condensation, abrasion, and even harsh chemicals. Schlage‚Äôs electronic products are tested under extreme environmental conditions, and, like an Olympian, they persevere and perform.
    While Schlage has been 'training' for over 90 years, we continue to look for ways we can improve our design, function and service. And we'd love your feedback! To share your story or give your feedback! Comment below!

    - Laura W.

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    How to Stay Safe and Secure This Summer

    July 20, 2012 3:54 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, July 20, 2012

    How to Stay Safe and Secure This Summer | Schlage

    Don't let summertime equal more crime!


    Don't let summertime equal more crime!

    (ARA) - You may be wishing for sandy beaches or a mountain getaway about now. As Americans make plans to escape for a few days this summer, criminals view these vacations as a season of opportunity.

    Crime doesn't take a vacation. In fact, it surges during the summer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports an overwhelming 10 percent increase in crime overall, with an 18 percent increase of home break-ins during the summer. So what can you do to protect your home? Here are a few quick and inexpensive tips to keep your family safe.

    1. Install a first line of defense for your home

    Most homes are targeted by a simple selection process. A burglar chooses a home with easy access, excellent cover and good escape routes. But they will usually bypass a home if it requires too much effort or poses too much risk, such as a home security system with audible siren or horn. Security systems can be pricey and invasive. However, Schlage's Alarmed Lock is an affordable first line of defense for your home. An alarm sounds the moment there is activity at the door. Specifically engineered to detect vibration and motion at first contact, this alarmed lock gives homeowners peace of mind right at the front or back door. For more information on Alarmed Lock, visit alarm.schlage.com .

    2. Don't let your home be an easy target.

    Burglars are most likely to break in when it is clear a homeowner is away. Interior and exterior lighting is necessary to show signs of activity. Installing a system that allows you to control lighting while you're traveling is a great way to deter a break-in. Nexia Home Intelligence helps homeowners control not only their lights but also locks, video cameras, Trane ComfortLink II thermostat control, shades and more, all from a Web-enabled laptop, smartphone or tablet.

    3. Get to know your neighbors

    Neighbors can be your eyes and ears when you're not around. Agree to keep an eye on each others' homes. While on vacation, have them pick up mail, newspapers, packages and trash. Communicating with your neighbors is a simple way to prevent a burglar targeting your home due to inactivity. So don't be shy - they will appreciate the extra safety, too.

    4. Get involved in anti-crime efforts

    Beyond just getting to know your next-door neighbor, you can actually band together to protect the entire neighborhood in a more active way. As America's most trusted name in security, Schlage has teamed up with the Neighborhood Watch program to support their like-minded desire to protect America's neighborhoods. Schlage has donated 400 Alarmed Locks in a 40-city safety blitz to mark the Neighborhood Watch's 40th anniversary.
    "Celebrating this way is just one of the ways to further remind citizens about the power of watch groups," says Chris Tutko, director of National Neighborhood Watch - USAonWatch and a former chief of police. "Thanks to Schlage for partnering with us to get the word out about home safety."

    For more information on NSA programs and Neighborhood Watch visit www.usaonwatch.org and www.sheriffs.org .

    5. Don't leave behind keys

    It's tempting to leave keys behind for relatives or friends while you're out of town but that fake rock you bought doesn't fool anyone, especially the burglar. Leaving a hidden key is essentially extending an invitation to burglars. Don't be so hospitable. Install a keypad lock instead of the usual deadbolt, like Schlage's Electronic Keypad. This keyless device allows homeowners to use codes to get in and out. You can change the code multiple times to customize it for anyone who needs to stop by while you are out including contractors, delivery people, cleaning services and pet sitters. The Electronic Keypad is an inexpensive, simple to install solution to keeping your home safe.

    Following these easy and affordable steps will give you peace of mind for you and your family during the warm summer months and allow you to truly leave your worries at the door while you are gone.