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    10 things you can do with the Schlage Home app.

    July 23, 2020 7:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, July 23, 2020

    Schlage home app and dog | Schlage

    The free Schlage Home app for Apple iOS and Android is your “remote control”. Here's our list of the top 10 things you can do with it.



    We’re turning 100! Over 10 weeks, Schlage is sharing its favorite top-10 lists. That’s 100 tips, ideas and moments of inspiration so you can enjoy the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage for another 100 years to come.


    Remote access from anywhere is many people’s favorite Schlage smart lock feature. To take advantage of that and be able to monitor and control your lock any time of day no matter where you are, you basically need two things: a WiFi connection and a smartphone app like the Schlage Home app.


    The free Schlage Home app for Apple iOS and Android is your “remote control” if you have a Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt or Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt. If you have a Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt, you will need to use one of our partners’ apps like the Nexia or Samsung SmartThings app.


    Now on to our top-10 list of things you can do with the Schlage Home app.

    Person working in office with dog in lap and looking at Schlage Home app on phone.

    1. Get interactive instructions in the palm of your hand

    Installing a Schlage smart lock is pretty simple, but even we’ll admit that having a step-by-step guide is helpful. The Schlage Home app provides interactive instructions to make adding smart security to your home easier than ever.

    2. Check the status of your lock from anywhere

    Whether you’re already snug in bed or halfway to work, you might need to know if you remembered to lock the door. With the Schlage Home app, you can check the status of your lock from anywhere. And if you did forget to lock up before you left or settled in for the night …

    3. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere

    … you can lock or unlock your door with the push of a button in the Schlage Home app. Of course it adds major convenience when you’re away from home, but remote ability to lock or unlock the door can also give peace of mind in emergency situations. If you have an elderly relative who has trouble remembering to lock up, you can check the status and then switch the deadbolt from your phone when you’re in your own home miles way. Or if you live alone and take a fall, you can unlock the door for emergency responders, even when you can’t get up to let them in.

    4. Create and manage access codes on your smartphone

    The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt holds up to 100 unique access codes, and the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt saves up to 30. Using the app is a great way to create those codes for trusted individuals, program when the codes are active – like Wednesday afternoons only for the cleaning lady – and delete them when they’re no longer needed.

    5. Store codes securely

    When you create many access codes for different individuals, it can be difficult to keep track of those codes. The app can help you securely manage them so that you don’t have to write them down and hope no one finds your list.

    6. Check your battery

    All Schlage smart locks are battery operated, which is great during installation because there’s no hardwiring necessary. But how do you know when you need to replace the batteries? There are actually many ways, but one of them is in the app. You’ll receive a notification when your power is running low, so you have plenty of advanced warning.

    7. Know when your lock is used

    You have two ways to track who is using their access codes and when: the history log and push notifications. If you simply need to see a record of whose code was entered and at what time, the log is for you. For a more active approach, you can designate which codes you receive notifications for and receive an alert in the moment. It’s perfect if you want to be notified when the dog walker arrives or when a caregiver heads out for the day.

    8. Choose or update your settings

    When you install your lock for the first time or if you need to make adjustments as your life changes, the Schlage Home app is where you go to choose a variety of settings. Activate your alarm, change the length of time before your deadbolt will automatically lock, turn on one-touch locking and more, all in the app’s Settings menu.

    9. Confirm firmware updates

    You don’t have to replace your entire lock to take advantage of new technological developments. As long as your lock stays connected to your network, Schlage will push firmware updates to your deadbolt. If you want to verify that you have the latest updates or want to manually initiate those updates, you can do so in the Schlage Home app.

    10. Manage multiple locks

    If you love and trust Schlage smart locks enough to put them on multiple doors, the Schlage Home app can help you manage each of those locks all in one place. Enjoy any of the first nine points whether your locks are on the front door, the back, a vacation rental or all of the above.

    Learn more about the Schlage Home app at If you’re still wondering which lock is right for your family, try out Get Help Deciding Tool. Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll suggest which lock might the best fit for your lifestyle and the technology you like to use.


    Smarten up for back-to-school with this HomeKit smart lock.

    August 12, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, August 12, 2019

     Smarten up for back-to-school with this HomeKit smart lock.

    Smart home technology can help you stay organized, add convenience when life gets hectic and give you peace of mind when it helps keep your family safe and healthy.



    When schedules heat up during back-to-school season, you need everyone and everything running like clockwork. Smart home technology can help you stay organized, add convenience when life gets hectic and give you peace of mind when it helps keep your family safe and healthy. That’s why we recommend the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and HomeKit™ for that first day of school and beyond.
    Girl with backpack unlocking Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

    No key? No problem.

    Home security might not be at the top of your mind when you’re packing lunches and checking homework. But imagine how much simpler those things would be if you weren’t also wondering if you remembered to lock the door. Imagine the comfort you’d find if you knew that your kids were safely at home even when you’re in the office. With smart locks like the Schlage Sense deadbolt, you don’t have to just imagine anymore.


    Keyless convenience – whether you’re unlocking the door with the touchscreen, checking your lock’s status through your smartphone or controlling your lock with voice commands – is not only simple and convenient. It can also improve your home’s security. When you assign a unique access code to trusted individuals, including your kids, there’s no more hoping they don’t lose their spare key. Then, when they use their code to get in after school, you can receive a notification that they’ve arrived home.


    The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt also has a built-in alarm that can alert you via your smartphone, so you know if there’s a disturbance at the door when the kids are home alone. And when you set up the auto-locking feature, gone are the days of wondering if the kids locked up behind them.

    A smart – and secure – way to come home

    The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is compatible with a variety of smart home devices and systems. Pair it with the Schlage Sense™ WiFi Adapter to control access from anywhere using the Schlage® Home app. Or if you have an Apple TV® or want to use your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® to control your lock, you can opt for the HomeKit option.


    Whichever you choose, you get the same basic functionality in your lock. Control your lock, manage settings like auto-lock and the built-in alarm, and view access history remotely with the Schlage Home app. By pairing your Schlage Sense deadbolt with HomeKit you can also make it work in tandem with other HomeKit-enabled devices and use Siri® to lock and unlock or door.


    Additionally, your Schlage Sense lock with HomeKit can be part of those convenient scenes you create. For example, when you activate your “bedtime” scene that connects a range of HomeKit-compatible devices, you can simultaneously lock the door, dim the lights and turn off the television to get everyone ready for bed so they wake up refreshed for another day at school.


    To set up your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with HomeKit, we recommend an Apple TV 4th generation or an iPad with iOS 10.0 or higher. (Find more details and stay up-to-date with the latest requirements at the Apple website.) If you are using an iPad as your HomeKit hub, it must remain powered on at home and connected to WiFi just as your Apple TV would be. Be sure to also set up your Apple TV or iPad with the same iCloud or iTunes account information as your iPhone.


    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    June 18, 2019 9:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019

    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    Take a look at the security behind Schlage electronic and smart locks.



    For those of us in the door hardware industry, smart locks are a no-brainer. They’ve quickly become indispensable in offices, hospitals, hotels, and many other professional locations, but many consumers are still learning about the possibilities that smart locks can offer at home. “Are they really secure?” is a question we hear frequently. Let’s take a look at the security behind Schlage smart locks.
    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt on front door.

    Residential security grading

    The first thing you should know is that a group of industry experts called the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA) set national standards regarding the security level, durability and finish quality of door hardware products. This helps locksmiths, building managers and other professionals ensure that they are using the right hardware in the right places, especially when they have to adhere to local building code requirements.


    To help homeowners make the same decisions about which hardware is best for their home, the BHMA created a set of standards specific to residential door hardware. This includes three categories - Security, Durability and Finish – with rigid criteria for testing hardware to ensure it meets either a C (good), B (better) or A (best) grade in each category. Most Schlage products receive a AAA, which means they have received the best possible grades in Security, Durability and Finish.

    Smart lock security - Residential Door Hardware Grades - Schlage

    So what does all that really mean? It means that all of our products, whether mechanical or electronic, run through all kinds of heavy-duty, intense testing procedures – including hitting it with a sledgehammer really hard. So regardless of what kind of lock you buy, you know you’ll be getting a product that has been tested against the rigorous demands of daily usage. Our Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with Alarm, and Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Lever have all received a grade A in security, the best possible grade to keep your home, and everything inside it, safe.

    What about hackers?

    We’ve all heard about the neighbor’s garage door code getting hacked. The good news is that these days that story is a bit of an urban legend. Some garage door codes were compromised back when the technology was new, but major strides have been made in electronic security since then, making these types of hacks much more difficult to pull off. Basically, if you’re comfortable ordering items from Amazon, you can trust that the connection between your Schlage smart lock and your smartphone is just as secure.


    Besides, blunt-force attacks at your home’s entry points are much more effective than sophisticated electronic methods. The rising popularity of home security systems is putting a dent in traditional break-ins as well, however, making smart locks that integrate with home security systems an increasingly effective solution. Together, they add a layer of electronic security to your home, that allows you to keep better track of who’s coming and going, and when.


    Locks that add extra security without requiring a smart home or security system are also on the rise. The Schlage Encode and Schlage Sense locks are great examples. With multiple options to connect your lock to the cloud, you can receive real-time notifications and view a history of who used the lock and when. There’s also a built-in alarm that sounds when a disturbance is detected at the door or if the wrong code is entered repeatedly.

    Spare keys are a safety faux pas

    There’s an added security element to simply doing away with spare keys and using access codes instead. Codes are easier to control. If a code becomes compromised, simply delete it. There’s no need to rekey or buy new locks because a key has been lost. A lock without a cylinder, like the completely keyless Schlage Touch lock, also eliminates the possibility of picking or bumping because there’s no keyhole for intruders to manipulate.


    As you can see, electronic locks are a smart choice for any home. They can save time, add convenience, and make it safer and easier to share access by eliminating spare keys. Paired with the easy installation and exceptional customer service that Schlage is known for, adding one of our electronic deadbolts or smart locks to your home is an easy step toward a safer, simpler home.


    If you’re not sure which Schlage smart lock is right for you, try our interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.


    Schlage Home app offers handheld convenience for multiple smart locks.

    May 22, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Man viewing the Schlage Home app on his iPhone at the office.

    Unlike mechanical locks where you might need to carry a different set of keys for every door, managing a smart lock doesn’t get more difficult just because you have more than one.



    As smart locks offer more and improved features, they’re becoming increasingly popular options for securing homes of all kinds. And unlike mechanical locks where you might need to carry a different set of keys for every door, managing a smart lock doesn’t get more difficult just because you have more than one. How is this possible? With the Schlage Home app.
    Man viewing the Schlage Home app on his iPhone at the office.

    Why would I have multiple smart locks?

    Schlage smart locks are intelligent solutions for all types of entryways. If you already own one smart lock, you know about the keyless convenience and peace of mind it provides. But whether you’re looking to add more smart security or are just now considering taking the plunge into electronic locks, imagine the combination of possibilities.


    • Multiple locks on the same home, like both the front and back doors, or the front door and garage entry

    • Your parents’ house, perfect for when you’re caring for older family members aging in place

    • A rental property, whether it’s nearby or in another state

    • A private entrance for house-sharing guests at your own home
    Graphic of 3 homes.

    What can the Schlage Home app control?

    The Schlage Home app works with the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt. You can use a single Schlage Home app to set up and control multiple locks, even in multiple locations.

    How do I keep my smart locks organized?

    Using the Schlage Home app, you assign a unique name to each lock during setup. For example, you might choose “Home Front Door,” or “Guest Entrance” if you have a dedicated entryway specifically for home-share guests. It might be “Mom’s Front Door” if you have access to your parents’ home or “Beach House” for your vacation rental.


    Whatever names you choose, we recommend keeping them as easy-to-remember as possible, particularly if you’re managing multiple locks. You don’t want a confusing name to cause you to accidentally change a setting on the wrong deadbolt.

    How do I create or change my smart locks’ names?

    You will be asked to choose and enter the name of your lock during the deadbolt’s setup process with the Schlage Home app. To change it later, choose the lock you would like to update from your Schlage Home app’s main screen. Go to Settings, found by tapping the gear icon in the lower left corner. From the list, select Name, then type in the new identifying title for your deadbolt and select Done.


    There’s so much more you can do with your Schlage Home app, regardless of whether you have one, two or even three locks. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere, create and manage multiple access codes, customize push notifications for when an access code is used or when a disturbance is detected at the door, and change auto-lock timing or other settings. All of this is done simply and conveniently from the palm of your hand.

    How do I access my smart locks from anywhere?

    Because the Schlage Encode lock features built-in WiFi, you can access your lock from anywhere using the Schlage Home app with no need to purchase an additional accessory.


    In order to communicate with the Schlage Sense lock, you’ll need either the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter or, for Apple HomeKit users, an Apple TV/iPad. Use these tips to choose the accessory that’s right for you and control your Schlage Sense deadbolt remotely and conveniently.


    Learn more about the Schlage Home app or use our interactive tool to get help deciding which smart lock is right for you and all the homes where you want the safety, style and simplicity of Schlage.


    How Schlage smart locks stand up to Mother Nature.

    November 26, 2018 10:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    Smart locks - Weatherproof - Schlage

    Are smart locks waterproof? What happens when the power goes out? Here’s what you need to know.



    Smart locks - Weatherproof - Schlage

    Some of us love winter weather, and others are already counting down the days until spring. When the temperatures drop, and the snow and ice hit your door, you want your lock to be ready, even if you aren’t.


    When it comes to holding up to the weather, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, as well as Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Schlage Keypad Deadbolt, are designed to exceed, and have been validated to function, beyond industry certification requirements.


    We do not recommend our smart locks be used on outdoor gates or on doors in which the lock’s interior housing is completely exposed to the elements. However, we consistently work to bring you quality products so that you know you’re getting the convenient features and peace of mind, no matter what elements your house faces.

    Tried and tested

    Your electronic lock’s exterior components, which are often exposed to the harshest elements, are tested against:


    • Extreme temperatures, including icing or freezing conditions (as low as approximately -22 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the lock) and high heat (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit)
    • High humidity and condensing humidity
    • Rain
    • Coastal environment conditions

    Peace of mind

    Additional features provide an extra layer of confidence for when the worst weather strikes.


    • Battery operated: All of Schlage’s keyless locks run on battery power, so if the power goes out, you’re still protected. You won’t be locked out and those who shouldn’t have access to your home won’t gain it just because ice pulled down a power line.
    • Back-lit numbers: Whether the power goes down or the sun has just set early, you’ll never be left fumbling in the dark to unlock your door.
    • Glove-friendly: No need to remove your mittens. Touchscreens and keypads work even if they’re wet from rain and when you’re wearing gloves.

    Protection beyond the weather

    Of course, not all elements are a result of Mother Nature. We know security depends on your lock working in all kinds of conditions. That’s why we also test our smart locks in construction-based environments, such as pressure washing, fluid spills and dust.


    Schlage smart locks are backed by a three-year electronics warranty and a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. With our successful testing, you can be as confident as we are in your security and style year-round, rain or shine, snow or heat.

    To find out if a Schlage smart lock will work well for your home and climate, reach out to us on Facebook or contact our customer support team for help.

    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt now works with Yonomi

    July 12, 2018 12:46 PM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, July 12, 2018

    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt works with Yonomi Smart Home Routines

    The Schlage Sense lock is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Homekit, and now, plays seamlessly with Yonomi.



    The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt is now part of the Plays with Yonomi device family. The Schlage Sense lock joins over 130 connected products, including the Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt, Philips Hue, Honeywell, LIFX, Nest, ecobee, and more. Schlage Sense smart locks are compatible with new or existing Routines on your Yonomi account and add new levels of automation to your devices. Bring your home to life with these beautifully crafted designer locks from Schlage.
    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt - Yonomi - Smart home routines

    Convenience, security, and a design that makes sense

    The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt is among the strongest, most intelligent Bluetooth® enabled locks, with the highest industry rating for security and durability. The Schlage Sense lock is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Homekit, and now, plays seamlessly with Yonomi. The new integration allows users to control their locks as part of Routines with other smart home products within their connected homes.


    With the Schlage Sense deadbolt, you can:

    • Create up to 30 unique access codes so trusted friends and family can enter using their code at the lock’s touchscreen
    • Schedule access codes so guests can only enter when you want them to
    • Use the Wi-Fi Adapter to check on the lock’s status from anywhere, so you never have to wonder if the front door was left unlocked
    • View past activity to see which codes have been used and when

    Adding your Schlage Sense smart lock to Yonomi Routines

    Adding your Schlage Sense locks is easy and works by either adding your locks to existing routines or creating brand new ones. Here’s how to connect your lock to a new routine:


    1. Launch Yonomi, tap on the Routines tab and select +

    2. Tap Add Event + and select Location, swipe right to select I leave home

    3. Tap Add Action + and select the action you'd like executed first

    4. Customize your action by swiping it to predefined options or tapping the text to edit notifications

    5. Continue to add actions in the sequence you'd like them executed

    6. You can also add conditions if you'd like your Routine to run only under certain circumstances (e.g., time of day)

    7. Once you're complete, tap Save in the upper right-hand corner


    Ready to get started? Have Alexa lend you a hand by setting up a Dinner Party Routine.

    Dinner party routines with Yonomi

    Take advantage of Yonomi’s new “Routines within Routines” feature to create the perfect setting for your next dinner party.


    1. Create a  “Dinner Party Lights” Routine:

          a. LIFX lights turn warm for all living room lights

          b. Philips Hue outdoor lights turn on patio lighting to bright

          c. Philips Hue turn on garden spotlights

    2. Create a “Dinner Party” Routine:

          a. Lights are adjusted for Dinner Party Lights routine

          b. Nest adjusts the temperature to 72 degrees

          c. Sonos turns on your favorite party playlist

          d. Front door Schlage Sense deadbolt is unlocked


    Still chopping vegetables in the kitchen when the first guests arrive? Just tell Alexa or Google Assistant to “turn on Dinner Party” and Yonomi will take care of the rest!

    This post first appeared on on July 12, 2018.

    How to get the most out of your Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    May 30, 2018 5:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, May 31, 2018

    Smart Lock - Schlage Sense - Integrations

    Did you know you can pair your Schlage Sense smart lock with additional accessories to get even more convenient features?



    You may wonder how a residential door hardware company would ever think to begin using electronics in their products. We’d encourage you to check out our Company History page, but the bottom line is that Schlage offers electronic locks because they can add an array of conveniences to your day-to-day life.
    Smart Lock - Schlage Sense - Integrations

    Assign each of the kids their own unique access code so you can track when they get home. Set a schedule for the dog walker’s access code so they can only get in when you want them to. Customize settings like built-in alarm and auto-locking to add extra security – no more worrying about the kids forgetting to lock the door behind them. These are all standard features of our Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, but did you know you can pair your Schlage Sense lock with additional accessories to get even more convenient features?

    With all the new technology coming out from major companies like Google, Amazon and Apple, there are a lot of exciting smart home integrations happening with the deadbolt that allow you to customize your experience to your daily needs. We don’t all have kids, and we don’t all need a dog walker. The reason we offer integrations like these with our Schlage Sense lock is so we can offer features that can be customized to your specific lifestyle, whatever that looks like.

    Navigating all the different options can be tricky. The technology involved isn’t really important…what’s important is how it can be useful to you. What other items in your home will it work with, and what are the possible benefits?

    We’ve broken down for you below all the integration possibilities for the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. You can navigate the headings below quickly by answering one simple question: does your household use iOS devices only, a mix of iOS and Android smartphones, or Android only?

    Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter

    The Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter lets you lock and unlock your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt from anywhere with your Android smartphone or your iPhone®. This means any time you can’t remember whether you locked the door behind you, or would like to let a friend in because you’re running late on the way home, you can use the app to check the lock status and lock and unlock with just a tap.


    The adapter is easy to use and takes up minimal space – if you plug it into the bottom outlet, you’ll still have a plug available on top. Just plug the adapter in and use the Schlage Home app to pair it with your deadbolt and connect it to your home WiFi network for anywhere access. The adapter can support up to two Schlage Sense locks at a time, and does not work with Apple HomeKit or Siri voice control.


    In order for anywhere access to stay connected, the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter must stay plugged into power at home, connected to Wi-Fi and in Bluetooth® range (about 40 feet) from the lock.

    Amazon Alexa

    If you pair your Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter with your Schlage Sense lock, you’ll be able to use hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo and Dot. Learn more about Alexa features here.

    Google Assistant

    Similar to Alexa, if you pair your Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter with your Schlage Sense lock, you’ll be able to use hands-free voice control with Google Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home. Learn more about Google Assistant features here.

    Apple TV / HomePod / iPad

    If you love Apple products and your entire household uses iPhone rather than Android, you can program your lock to work with Apple HomeKit. This option won’t allow for any Android compatibility, but it will allow you to pair your lock with other HomeKit-enabled devices to customize your Apple-centric smart home experience. You can also use the lock with the Home app that comes built into the latest iOS.


    If you have an Apple TV or a HomePod, pairing with your Schlage Sense lock will allow you to connect to your lock from anywhere to make sure the door is locked or let a guest in while you’re running late. You can even use an iPad with the latest iOS as a smart home ‘hub’ that pairs with your lock to offer anywhere access, provided the iPad stays plugged in at home where it can connect to your lock through Bluetooth.

    Have more questions about the Schlage Sense lock? Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt now works with Google Assistant

    May 29, 2018 8:22 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 18, 2019

    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt - Google Assistant

    Find out how to setup your Schlage Sense smart lock with Google Assistant and the advanced features you can now unlock with this new integration.



    On the heels of new Amazon Alexa capabilities, at Schlage we’re proving that we aren’t done innovating! In fact, today we’re announcing that the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt now works with Google Assistant. With the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, you can connect your Schlage Sense smart lock with your Google Assistant-enabled devices. This allows you to ask Google Assistant to check the status of your lock and command it to lock hands-free using just your voice. Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.
    Schlage Sense - Google Assistant

    1. Will current Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt models be compatible with Google Assistant?

    Yes. All current Schlage Sense lock models will be compatible with Google Assistant-enabled devices through the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter.

    2. How do I connect my Schlage Sense lock with Google Assistant?

    In order to use the Schlage Sense lock with Google Assistant-enabled devices, users must connect the deadbolt to the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, sold separately. Follow the setup steps within the app to link your Schlage account with your Google Assistant account, then add the Schlage action. Once connected, users will be able to access their lock using voice activation.

    3. Which Google Assistant voice activation commands work with the Schlage Sense lock?

    Google Assistant users can lock and check the status of their Schlage lock. This offers consumers the peace of mind and convenience of knowing their homes are always locked and protected by one of the strongest, most convenient locks on the market.

    4. Which Google Assistant voice activation commands will not work with the Schlage Sense lock?

    Schlage Sense does not support voice-activated commands for unlocking and maintaining user codes. Already trusted in over 40 million homes, Schlage always aims to keep you safe and make life easier and more connected. That’s why we create carefully designed products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life without compromising on security. These two voice commands will be available once the two-factor authentication method supported by Google Assistant is enabled.

    For more information about the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and its capabilities, visit


    Schlage smart locks gain Amazon Alexa voice unlocking.

    May 8, 2018 8:22 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Amazon Alexa - Unlock feature - Schlage Smart Locks

    Schlage smart locks offer superior convenience at your fingertips. And with Amazon Alexa, you don’t even need your hands for some of the best features.



    Schlage smart locks offer superior convenience at your fingertips. And with Amazon Alexa, you don’t even need your hands for some of the best features. Amazon Alexa users can enable voice unlocking functionality for their Schlage smart locks, an enhancement to the locks’ original features, which include verbally locking or checking the status of your door via Alexa-enabled devices.


    At the time of the initial integration between Schlage smart locks and Amazon Alexa, voice unlocking was not available. However, because technology improvements now allow Alexa to authenticate the user’s identity prior to unlocking the door, you can enjoy the feature’s additional convenience and still know you’re getting the superior security you expect from Schlage. Here’s what you need to get started.

    Amazon Alexa - Unlock - Schlage Smart Locks

    1. Which Schlage smart locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa?

    All of Schlage’s smart locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa. In most cases, you will need to connect the devices via an adapter or smart home hub. Only the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, with its built-in WiFi, does not require additional hubs or accessories.


    • Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt: Schlage Sense™ WiFi Adapter (sold separately)

    • Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt, Z-Wave Plus: Samsung Smart Things, Wink, Ring Alarm

    • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Zigbee: Samsung SmartThings, Key by Amazon + Cloud Cam, Amazon Echo Plus

    • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt: No hub required

    2. How does the new voice unlock feature for Amazon Alexa work?

    The unlocking feature is disabled by default for your security. Log in to the Amazon Alexa app and enter your password to enable this feature. Then you will be required to set a four-digit PIN, which must be spoken before Alexa will unlock the door. When you say, “Alexa, unlock the front door,” Alexa will ask for the PIN. If the PIN is correct, Alexa will unlock the door. After three attempts to unlock the door with an incorrect PIN, Alexa will disable the unlocking feature and the door will remain locked. You can re-enable the feature by logging into the Amazon Alexa app and repeating the process.


    Learn what else you can do with Amazon Alexa when you pair it with the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt or Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

    3. What should I do if my spoken PIN is compromised?

    Log in to the Amazon Alexa app to change your PIN as needed. We recommend changing your PIN at regular intervals just as you would a computer password.

    4. Can the unlock feature be used with Amazon Alexa smart home routines?

    Currently, there is no plan to support routines for operations that affect the security of your home (unlock, disarm, open.) However, locking the door can be included in routines.

    7. In which countries will the Amazon Alexa voice unlock feature be enabled?

    This functionality is currently available in the United States only.

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    Why experts like Mike Holmes trust the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

    December 21, 2017 2:30 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, December 22, 2017

    Why experts like Mike Holmes trust the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

    When choosing the best smart home products for your home, quality, security and design all matter.



    Smart home products are quickly being adopted by homeowners everywhere as the appeal for greater convenience and peace of mind takes priority. When choosing the best smart home products for your home, quality, security and design all matter. It's important to choose a product you can depend on to work when you need it from a company you can trust. 


    That's why home remodeling experts like Mike Holmes, trust the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. Whether you're purchasing this smart lock for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you can rest easy knowing that Schlage put the same attention to security and strength as we have for all our products for the past 95 years. See what Mike and his daughter Sherry have to say about their favorite smart lock purchase in the video below.


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