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    10 things the Schlage Connect® lock can do with a Samsung SmartThings hub.

    July 09, 2021 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, July 8, 2021

    10 things the Schlage Connect™ lock can do with a Samsung SmartThings hub

    Whether you're shopping for the right smart home system or want to choose the best lock for your Samsung SmartThings setup, here are 10 smart lock features you could take advantage of.



    One of the best ways to get security and advanced features in a Schlage smart lock is by pairing it with a compatible home automation system. The Z-wave Plus-enabled Schlage Connect® Smart Deadbolt works with most Z-Wave smart home hubs, including Samsung SmartThings. Only when you pair your lock with a hub like SmartThings can you control the lock from anywhere, freeing you from the hassles of lost keys, getting locked out and hiding a spare where anyone can find it.


    Here are 10 tasks made possible when you pair your Schlage Connect smart lock with a Samsung SmartThings hub.

    Z-wave smart lock - Schlage Connect - Samsung SmartThings

    1. Remote accessibility

    Gone are the days of worrying whether you left the door unlocked when you headed out for the day. Simply check the status of your lock through the SmartThings app. If the deadbolt is unlocked, lock it via the app, no matter where you are, without the need to turn around and go home.

    2. Smart home routines

    SmartThings allows you to create routines that are triggered by a single action. A goodnight routine, for example, locks the doors, closes the garage and turns off all electronics with a single command. A vacation routine could, again, lock all your doors and adjust the thermostat. Setting up automation with other smart devices is fast and easy since you can do everything directly from your smartphone.

    3. Create unique access codes

    Use the SmartThings app to quickly create a code for a family member or trusted friend and disable it when it is no longer needed. You can also receive alerts from SmartThings when your Schlage Connect deadbolt is unlocked with one of the access codes, so you always know who is coming and going. You can still manage codes at the lock’s touchscreen without SmartThings, but the hub gives you the next level of flexibility and convenience for controlling access remotely.

    4. Easily share access codes with visitors via SMS

    Once you’ve assigned a new access code to a visitor in the SmartThings app, you can conveniently share that code via SMS. No need for you to leave the app and no need for temporary users to download anything new to gain access.

    5. Rename or delete an access code

    Can’t find your programming guide or instructions? That’s not a problem because SmartThings allows you to edit and delete access codes all through the app instead of the touchscreen.

    6. One convenient place to check the status of all your locks

    If you have more than one smart lock installed – at home on the front and garage entrance doors, a vacation house or an AirBnB property – SmartThings allows you to conveniently check the status of each lock in a single app.

    7. Lock all smart locks in one click

    Did you leave all your doors unlocked? (You know how forgetful kids can be.) You don’t have to command each Schlage Connect deadbolt to lock one at a time. SmartThings allows you to lock them all with a single tap.

    8. Track access codes for multiple locks in one place

    Keeping track of all active access codes, whether you have one lock or several, is simple. Easily view which family members and friends have access to which locks all in the SmartThings app.

    9. Receive updates on lock activity

    SmartThings offers more peace of mind with your Schlage Connect lock by letting you know precisely when your lock was manually locked or unlocked, if it was unlocked using a code, and when a code was updated or deleted.

    10. Pair your smart lock with Amazon Alexa

    Add even more convenience to your home automation set-up by pairing an Alexa-enabled device with Samsung SmartThings. Easily check the status of your deadbolt or command it to lock or unlock by asking Alexa.

    Once you’ve installed your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt on your door, pairing with the SmartThings hub is quick and easy. Get full instructions on how to connect here. If you have any questions along the way, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


    5 simple steps for better security with the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt.

    November 22, 2020 by emily.bailey

    Sunday, November 22, 2020

    Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt | Schlage

    Here are five steps for installing your new lock, setting it up for remote access with a home automation hub and making it a better part of your daily life.



    We want to show you just how simple it is to add the Schlage Connect lock to your smart home. Here are five steps for installing your new lock, setting it up for remote access with a home automation hub and making it a better part of your daily life.
    Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt on blue front door.

    How to install and set up your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

    1. Install the deadbolt.

    The first couple of steps are all about actually putting the lock on your door. First things first. Schlage locks are designed to fit on standard pre-drilled doors, and one way we do that is by making the backset of the deadbolt adjustable. After you’ve removed the existing deadbolt, you’ll adjust the bolt length to fit your backset, insert it into the door and screw it into place. You’ll also install the reinforcement plate onto the door frame. For more details and to see animations that guide you through these steps, try our interactive instructions.

    2. Install the touchscreen.

    At this point, you’re going to install what you probably think of as the actual smart lock. Install the touchscreen to the exterior side of the door, making sure that the cable passes through under the latch assembly – what you did in step 1 – and that the bolt is retracted, or flush with the door.


    The support plate should then be screwed to the interior side of the door. This is the component that the lock’s interior assembly will attach to. Again, be sure the cable passes through the opening at the bottom of the plate so that you can connect it to the interior assembly and press it into the panel. Next, attach the interior assembly of the lock to the support plate, remove the battery cover to secure a final screw and insert the batteries.


    You’ve now installed your lock. Our interactive instructions can help with these steps, too. Notice that there was no hardwiring required since it’s battery operated and you don’t need to call an electrician. That’s what we call the simplicity of Schlage.

    3. Program your lock

    Press the Schlage button at the top of the touchscreen and enter the default four-digit user code, found both in your installation instructions and on the back of the interior assembly. Your lock will then perform a set-up routine during which you’ll see a series of blinking lights on the touchscreen.


    Next, you’ll want to test your deadbolt to make sure it turns smoothly and the bolt doesn’t rub or stick against any portion of the door or frame. Standing inside your home, close the door and rotate the thumbturn several times. If the bolt drags, adjust the strike as needed.


    To test the touchscreen, go outside, taking a key with you so you don’t get locked out, and close the door. Press the Schlage button to lock the door. Press the Schlage button again and enter the four-digit user code to confirm that the door unlocks.


    Finally, you can create user access codes, up to 30 for trusted friends and family. To do this, press the Schlage button at the top of the touchscreen and enter the six-digit programming code, found in your Quick Start Guide or under the lock’s battery cover. Press 1 to add a new code, followed by the user code you’d like to create. Once you’ve entered the access code a second time to confirm it, a green check will light on the touchscreen to indicate success.


    You can also add and delete codes via an app associated with your home automation hub after you’ve paired the devices. More on this to come.


    If you have trouble with any of these steps, visit our How-To Center for FAQs, helpful videos and more troubleshooting tips.

    4. Sync with a smart home automation hub.

    To access your lock remotely from your phone or with voice commands, you’ll need to sync it with a compatible smart home hub. The most common hubs for the Schlage Connect lock are Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Nexia and Wink.


    Review the instructions or app* that came with your hub to add your smart lock. If the hub requires a DSK code to add the lock, you can find it on the label on the support plate or in the Schlage Connect Quick Start Guide.


    *Note that only the hub’s app will work with the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt. You cannot use the Schlage Home app with the Schlage Connect lock.


    Once you’ve paired the devices, you can lock and unlock your deadbolt from anywhere, manage access codes, get alerts when a code is used or check the status of the lock, all from an app. Functionality may differ depending on which hub you use, so check with the hub manufacturer for specific capabilities. Find more compatible partners at our Works With page.

    5. Set up your smart home.

    Once you have your lock installed and connected to a hub, you can start to include it in your smart home in other ways. If you’re using the Samsung SmartThings, Nexia or Wink hub, you can also use Alexa to control your lock. To use voice commands through Google Assistant, you’ll need a Nexia hub. It’s one of the easiest ways to check your lock’s status and lock the door if you forgot, all without lifting a finger.


    With some third-party hubs, you can also make your Schlage lock part of a routine or scene. So when you say, “Alexa, time for bed,” you’ll trigger a chain of events that might adjust the lights and temperature in your home, turn on relaxing music and lock the door, along with whatever other actions you program.


    The added convenience and simplicity of a smart lock and other connected devices are what attract many people to the idea of a smart home in the first place. It’s not just about gimmicks and fun, although smart devices can certainly be entertaining. When you take the time to customize your devices to fit your lifestyle, you’ll soon wonder how you lived so long without them.

    See which hardware is the perfect fit for your tastes by trying our interactive Style Selector. Or find more details about our smart locks at


    Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt plus Ring Alarm add up for a perfect score.

    August 05, 2019 by emily.bailey

    Monday, August 5, 2019

    Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt plus Ring Alarm add up for a perfect score.

    It might seem strange to put a smart lock on your back-to-school shopping list, but when you see how it can make the first day back and beyond easier, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.



    No. 2 pencils, glue, notebooks, smart lock. It might seem strange to put a smart lock on your back-to-school shopping list, but when you see how it can make the first day back and beyond easier, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Here’s how you can make the grade with a Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and Ring Alarm.

    Girl with backpack unlocking Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

    Keyless convenience at their fingertips

    With the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, and our other electronic locks, you enjoy new levels of keyless convenience without sacrificing security. That’s because you have the power to create and manage up to 30 unique access codes for trusted family and friends, including your kids, carpool moms and more.


    Don’t want to risk your kids losing a spare? This is your solution. They simply unlock the door at the touchscreen with their access code. And when you use a compatible app with the Schlage Connect lock, you can receive notifications when they use that code, so you always know when they get home from school. They never get locked out, and you don’t have to worry about who found the lost key or leave work early to let them in.


    Ring in the school year

    The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt works with a variety of other devices in your home to added convenience and peace of mind. And because we have Schlage Connect locks that work with Zigbee and Z-Wave networks, there’s a secure solution for nearly any home.


    One of the newest integrations lets you pair the Z-Wave-certified Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Ring Alarm. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere, manage access codes and get those alerts we mentioned when a code is entered, all from the Ring App. The app also lets you check your lock’s battery level.


    Because the Schlage Connect lock and Ring Alarm work on a Z-Wave ecosystem, they can become part of a greater strategy to improve the security and safety of your home. The Ring Alarm Base Station is compatible with select carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, flood and freeze censors, and motion and contact censors. Don’t forget about voice control, either. Ring also works with Amazon Alexa, so you can simply ask Alexa if your door is locked and tell her to lock or unlock it for you.


    Easy installation. Simple setup.

    You don’t have to be a genius to upgrade your smart home. All you need to install your Schlage smart lock is a few minutes and a screwdriver. The lock is battery-operated, so there’s no wiring and no need to call a handyman. And synchronizing it with your Ring Alarm is simple as well. Just follow the instructions in the Ring App as it walks you through pairing your devices.


    Learn more about the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt or find out if this is the right lock for your home and family with the interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.


    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    June 18, 2019 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019

    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    Take a look at the security behind Schlage electronic and smart locks.



    For those of us in the door hardware industry, smart locks are a no-brainer. They’ve quickly become indispensable in offices, hospitals, hotels, and many other professional locations, but many consumers are still learning about the possibilities that smart locks can offer at home. “Are they really secure?” is a question we hear frequently. Let’s take a look at the security behind Schlage smart locks.
    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt on front door.

    Residential security grading

    The first thing you should know is that a group of industry experts called the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA) set national standards regarding the security level, durability and finish quality of door hardware products. This helps locksmiths, building managers and other professionals ensure that they are using the right hardware in the right places, especially when they have to adhere to local building code requirements.


    To help homeowners make the same decisions about which hardware is best for their home, the BHMA created a set of standards specific to residential door hardware. This includes three categories - Security, Durability and Finish – with rigid criteria for testing hardware to ensure it meets either a C (good), B (better) or A (best) grade in each category. Most Schlage products receive a AAA, which means they have received the best possible grades in Security, Durability and Finish.

    Smart lock security - Residential Door Hardware Grades - Schlage

    So what does all that really mean? It means that all of our products, whether mechanical or electronic, run through all kinds of heavy-duty, intense testing procedures – including hitting it with a sledgehammer really hard. So regardless of what kind of lock you buy, you know you’ll be getting a product that has been tested against the rigorous demands of daily usage. Our Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with Alarm, and Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Lever have all received a grade A in security, the best possible grade to keep your home, and everything inside it, safe.

    What about hackers?

    We’ve all heard about the neighbor’s garage door code getting hacked. The good news is that these days that story is a bit of an urban legend. Some garage door codes were compromised back when the technology was new, but major strides have been made in electronic security since then, making these types of hacks much more difficult to pull off. Basically, if you’re comfortable ordering items from Amazon, you can trust that the connection between your Schlage smart lock and your smartphone is just as secure.


    Besides, blunt-force attacks at your home’s entry points are much more effective than sophisticated electronic methods. The rising popularity of home security systems is putting a dent in traditional break-ins as well, however, making smart locks that integrate with home security systems an increasingly effective solution. Together, they add a layer of electronic security to your home, that allows you to keep better track of who’s coming and going, and when.


    Locks that add extra security without requiring a smart home or security system are also on the rise. The Schlage Encode and Schlage Sense locks are great examples. With multiple options to connect your lock to the cloud, you can receive real-time notifications and view a history of who used the lock and when. There’s also a built-in alarm that sounds when a disturbance is detected at the door or if the wrong code is entered repeatedly.

    Spare keys are a safety faux pas

    There’s an added security element to simply doing away with spare keys and using access codes instead. Codes are easier to control. If a code becomes compromised, simply delete it. There’s no need to rekey or buy new locks because a key has been lost. A lock without a cylinder, like the completely keyless Schlage Touch lock, also eliminates the possibility of picking or bumping because there’s no keyhole for intruders to manipulate.


    As you can see, electronic locks are a smart choice for any home. They can save time, add convenience, and make it safer and easier to share access by eliminating spare keys. Paired with the easy installation and exceptional customer service that Schlage is known for, adding one of our electronic deadbolts or smart locks to your home is an easy step toward a safer, simpler home.


    If you’re not sure which Schlage smart lock is right for you, try our interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.


    Schlage and Ring. Making smart home security even smarter.

    January 18, 2019 by emily.bailey

    Friday, January 18, 2019

    Schlage Connect - Ring Alarm - Smart Lock

    If you’re looking to make your home more secure affordably and conveniently, we have good news for you.



    Schlage Connect - Ring Alarm
    If you’re looking to make your home more secure affordably and conveniently, we have good news for you. Schlage, together with the home security innovators at Ring, is giving you the ability to monitor your home 24/7 from just about anywhere using your smartphone. Say hello to a new wave of DIY smart home security.

    Convenience on your doorstep

    Schlage and Ring are leading the way with cross-compatible technologies that work together seamlessly to address home security challenges. The Ring Alarm Base Station operates on a Z-Wave mesh network. That means that the Z-Wave-certified Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and the Ring Alarm work on a single, integrated network, simplifying the process of making smart homes more secure and convenient.


    How can synching Ring Alarm with your Z-Wave enabled, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt add convenience and security to your life? After pairing the devices, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere, add or remove access codes, and get alerts when a code is entered, all from one spot – the Ring App. You can also check your lock’s battery level via the Ring App.


    Ring Alarm, with its Z-Wave ecosystem and cloud-based app, is currently compatible with a range of in-home devices taking home security customization to another level. Including the Schlage Connect, you can also pair your Ring Alarm Base Station with compatible carbon dioxide and smoke detectors, flood and freeze censors, and motion and contact censors. If you’re looking for the added convenience of voice activation, Ring also works with Amazon Alexa. Now you can simply ask Alexa if your door is locked, or ask her to lock or unlock it for you.


    Simply secure

    The possibilities of a secure smart home are growing rapidly, but don’t let this intimidate you. Adding these security capabilities to your home is simple, especially with Schlage’s easy installation. Schlage smart locks are designed to fit standard doors without the need to drill additional holes and can be installed with just a screwdriver. Because they’re battery operated, there’s also no need for wiring or to call an electrician.


    Setup is just as convenient with quick and easy system synchronization between the Schlage Connect smart deadbolt and your Ring Alarm. Simply follow the instructions in the Ring App to pair your devices.

    Bring it home

    Do you already have a Z-Wave-compatible Schlage Connect smart lock and want to add it to a new Ring Alarm? Do you already have a Ring Alarm system and are interested in adding a smart lock to improve the security of your home? Maybe you’re starting your DIY project from scratch and are looking to add both? Visit our product pages to learn more about the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and find a retailer near you.

    While Schlage Connect Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus are popular choices to pair with Ring Alarm, any of our Z-Wave-connected products will work with the home security system. This includes Schlage keypad levers, which also make a great option for the entryway from your garage to your house, extending your Ring of Security even further. Learn more about these and other Schlage smart locks at

    How Schlage smart locks stand up to Mother Nature.

    November 26, 2018 by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    Smart locks - Weatherproof - Schlage

    Are smart locks waterproof? What happens when the power goes out? Here’s what you need to know.



    Smart locks - Weatherproof - Schlage

    Some of us love winter weather, and others are already counting down the days until spring. When the temperatures drop, and the snow and ice hit your door, you want your lock to be ready, even if you aren’t.


    When it comes to holding up to the weather, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, as well as Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Schlage Keypad Deadbolt, are designed to exceed, and have been validated to function, beyond industry certification requirements.


    We do not recommend our smart locks be used on outdoor gates or on doors in which the lock’s interior housing is completely exposed to the elements. However, we consistently work to bring you quality products so that you know you’re getting the convenient features and peace of mind, no matter what elements your house faces.

    Tried and tested

    Your electronic lock’s exterior components, which are often exposed to the harshest elements, are tested against:


    • Extreme temperatures, including icing or freezing conditions (as low as approximately -22 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the lock) and high heat (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit)
    • High humidity and condensing humidity
    • Rain
    • Coastal environment conditions

    Peace of mind

    Additional features provide an extra layer of confidence for when the worst weather strikes.


    • Battery operated: All of Schlage’s keyless locks run on battery power, so if the power goes out, you’re still protected. You won’t be locked out and those who shouldn’t have access to your home won’t gain it just because ice pulled down a power line.
    • Back-lit numbers: Whether the power goes down or the sun has just set early, you’ll never be left fumbling in the dark to unlock your door.
    • Glove-friendly: No need to remove your mittens. Touchscreens and keypads work even if they’re wet from rain and when you’re wearing gloves.

    Protection beyond the weather

    Of course, not all elements are a result of Mother Nature. We know security depends on your lock working in all kinds of conditions. That’s why we also test our smart locks in construction-based environments, such as pressure washing, fluid spills and dust.


    Schlage smart locks are backed by a three-year electronics warranty and a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. With our successful testing, you can be as confident as we are in your security and style year-round, rain or shine, snow or heat.

    To find out if a Schlage smart lock will work well for your home and climate, reach out to us on Facebook or contact our customer support team for help.

    Schlage Connect™ smart lock features you can take advantage of with Wink.

    October 26, 2018 by emily.bailey

    Friday, October 26, 2018

    Schlage Connect - Wink

    With easy installation and programming right at your fingertips, this smart lock provides utility out of the box but when paired with a compatible smart home hub, you can unlock even more convenient and advanced security features.



    Smart lock - Wink - Schlage Connect
    Powered by Z-Wave® technology, the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt is a versatile smart lock that works with most smart home and alarm systems, including Wink. With easy installation and programming right at your fingertips, this smart lock provides utility out of the box but when paired with a compatible smart home hub, you can unlock even more convenient and advanced security features. Here are eight features you can expect when you pair your Schlage Connect lock with a Wink smart home hub.

    1. Remote access

    Lock or unlock your door no matter where you are in the world. Because the Schlage Connect is powered by Z-wave, you need to pair it with a smart home hub, like Wink, to extend communication with your home’s wi-fi. This allows you to communicate with your lock via the Wink app when you are remote.

    2. Receive alerts

    Get instant notifications whenever the door is unlocked. Whether it’s peace of mind knowing your kids arrived home on time or keeping tabs on your housekeeper, alerts keep you in-the-know on who’s coming and going from your home throughout the day.

    3. Control built-in alarm

    Enable or disable the Schlage Connect’s built-in alarm when activity is detected at the door . Instead of changing your alarm settings through the lock itself, Wink makes it even easier to have full control of all the features Schlage Connect has to offer.

    4. Easy programming

    Add, delete and name user codes from the Wink app. Instead of manually keeping track of all the codes you’ve activated for your lock, Wink makes it simple to get a glimpse of all programmed access codes and allows you to deactivate or change them as needed.

    5. Set reminders

    Wink can also give you a reminder to remove codes when they are no longer needed . You will still need to go through the steps to delete the access code through the app but reminders give you peace of mind that you won’t forget a code that is no longer needed after a certain period of time making it even easier to manage and maintain multiple codes.

    6. Connect your smart lock with other products

    Smart homes are most convenient when all your products are working together. If you have other devices connected to your Wink hub, you can set up a Robot so that one action triggers a series of others – like unlocking your front door after 6pm turns the light in your entryway on. Just note that for optimal security, you cannot use the Robot to unlock your deadbolt. Follow the Wink blog to stay up-to-date with added features and get inspired for new smart home routines.

    7. Create shortcuts

    Both iOS and Android users can enable Wink widgets on their phone to access smart home scenes through the notification center (iPhone) or home screen (Android). This makes it easy to trigger an automation series you use often, like a Goodnight shortcut to power down all your smart devices and lock your doors.

    8. Pair your Schlage Connect with Amazon Alexa

    Command your Schlage Connect to lock or unlock or check the status of your lock when you pair your Schlage Connect with Amazon Alexa via Wink. Get all the details on what Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa can do here.

    To make this all work, you’ll just need a Wink Hub or Wink Hub 2, Wi-Fi connection and an iOS or Android smartphone device. Visit to learn how to pair your smart lock with the Wink smart home hub and be sure to reach out to use on Facebook or Twitter with any questions.

    Schlage smart locks gain Amazon Alexa voice unlocking.

    May 08, 2018 by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Amazon Alexa - Unlock feature - Schlage Smart Locks

    Schlage smart locks offer superior convenience at your fingertips. And with Amazon Alexa, you don’t even need your hands for some of the best features.



    Schlage smart locks offer superior convenience at your fingertips. And with Amazon Alexa, you don’t even need your hands for some of the best features. Amazon Alexa users can enable voice unlocking functionality for their Schlage smart locks, an enhancement to the locks’ original features, which include verbally locking or checking the status of your door via Alexa-enabled devices.


    At the time of the initial integration between Schlage smart locks and Amazon Alexa, voice unlocking was not available. However, because technology improvements now allow Alexa to authenticate the user’s identity prior to unlocking the door, you can enjoy the feature’s additional convenience and still know you’re getting the superior security you expect from Schlage. Here’s what you need to get started.

    Amazon Alexa - Unlock - Schlage Smart Locks

    1. Which Schlage smart locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa?

    All of Schlage’s smart locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa. In most cases, you will need to connect the devices via an adapter or smart home hub. Only the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, with its built-in WiFi, does not require additional hubs or accessories.


    • Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt: Schlage Sense™ WiFi Adapter (sold separately)

    • Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt, Z-Wave Plus: Samsung Smart Things, Wink, Ring Alarm

    • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Zigbee: Samsung SmartThings, Key by Amazon + Cloud Cam, Amazon Echo Plus

    • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt: No hub required

    2. How does the new voice unlock feature for Amazon Alexa work?

    The unlocking feature is disabled by default for your security. Log in to the Amazon Alexa app and enter your password to enable this feature. Then you will be required to set a four-digit PIN, which must be spoken before Alexa will unlock the door. When you say, “Alexa, unlock the front door,” Alexa will ask for the PIN. If the PIN is correct, Alexa will unlock the door. After three attempts to unlock the door with an incorrect PIN, Alexa will disable the unlocking feature and the door will remain locked. You can re-enable the feature by logging into the Amazon Alexa app and repeating the process.


    Learn what else you can do with Amazon Alexa when you pair it with the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt or Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

    3. What should I do if my spoken PIN is compromised?

    Log in to the Amazon Alexa app to change your PIN as needed. We recommend changing your PIN at regular intervals just as you would a computer password.

    4. Can the unlock feature be used with Amazon Alexa smart home routines?

    Currently, there is no plan to support routines for operations that affect the security of your home (unlock, disarm, open.) However, locking the door can be included in routines.

    7. In which countries will the Amazon Alexa voice unlock feature be enabled?

    This functionality is currently available in the United States only.

    Ready to outfit your home with one of Schlage's smartest locks yet? Visit to learn more  and use our Get Help Deciding Tool to find the lock that’s right for you. If you have any questions as you set up your new smart home tech, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter for help.


    Smart lock pre-installation checklist

    September 25, 2017 by emily.bailey

    Monday, September 25, 2017

    5 things you must consider before installing a smart lock

    Make sure your smart lock installation goes as smoothly as possible by following these 5 steps first.



    Smart locks are the perfect way to add a little more convenience and security to your home. With a smart lock from Schlage, you can choose to enter your home with a custom code you define, a mechanical key or your phone (depending on the lock you choose).


    Installing a new smart lock is a project that any skill-level can take on with just a screwdriver and a few minutes out of your day. Before you get started, it's important to note these five things to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

    Smart locks - Installation - Schlage

    Download the app

    If you are installing the Schlage SenseTM Smart Deadbolt, be sure to download the free, Schlage SenseTM app before you begin installing your lock. The app has great step-by-step instructions so you can quickly install the lock and pair your smartphone seamlessly. You can also access other valuable information and helpful resources that allow you to take advantage of all the lock's capabilities and future updates.


    Before you download, make sure your smartphone is up-to-date with the latest software version. You can check this by accessing your phone's settings and looking under "General" or "About".

    Make sure your door is properly aligned

    Because the bolt on your smart lock is extended automatically, it's important that the door and jamb are properly aligned. You can check this by testing your current lock. You'll want to answer yes to each of these questions:

    Can you lock your door without pushing, pulling or lifting the door?

    Does your door alignment stay the same no matter how hot or cold the weather may get?

    When the door is closed, is there space for the deadbolt to extend 1" into the frame when locked?

    Check your door measurements

    All of Schlage's smart locks are designed to fit any standard, pre-drilled door. To double-check that your door will be compatible, you can find a quick look at standard door dimensions for deadbolt installation here. If your door is thicker than the standard 1-3/4", you may need to purchase a thick door kit which will extend the lock's capabilities to 2-1/4". You can contact our customer support team at 888.805.9837 for assistance.

    Wait to install the batteries

    To make sure your lock is properly paired to any smart hubs or phones, it's best to wait to install the batteries when instructed to do so. This ensures that nothing interferes with the auto-handing process of the lock and properly initiates the setup sequence that is needed after the lock is installed. If you do make a mistake or miss a step, you can simply perform a factory reset to start over.

    Choose a coordinating handleset

    Don't forget to complete the look by pairing a coordinating handleset, knob or lever. You'll need to consider which function will work best with your lifestyle. Do you want to make sure you can easily come and go without a mechanical key? Choose a Hall & Closet (Passage) function so you're never accidentally locked out. Keep in mind that if you keep a keyed knob or lever, you'll still have to manage mutliple mechanical keys for household members and guests. For handlesets, we offer a lower half, front entry handle that easily suites with the style of your smart lock.

    You can find complete video tutorials for installing each of our smart locks by visiting our How-to-Center.

    12 times a keyless electronic deadbolt looked fantastic on a front door

    August 04, 2017 by emily.bailey

    Friday, August 4, 2017

    12 times a keyless electronic deadbolt looked fantastic on a front door

    Let these beautiful front doors inspire you to add a little more tech to your home.



    When choosing and installing keyless locks, ditching the key doesn't mean ditching style, too. Our customers have some of the most beautiful homes so we gathered up real world photos on Instagram to help inspire your next makeover and give you the courage to add a little tech to your front door! Tell us: Which look is your favorite? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for plenty of inspiration!